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    • Jun 5, 2018
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    Meaningful Beauty

    Mostly good product and experiences

    I've been a customer for almost a year now. Regarding the products, they worked better than OK, but, not as fantastically as they purported. I will continue to use them, as they're better than the Olay Regenerist system I was using.

    When I called to order my initial kit, I'd researched it online first after seeing it on TV for months. I also quizzed the customer service agent (sounded like he was in India!) regarding recurring shipments and their costs. I mean, really...really...who doesn't ask these kinds of questions?! It's a no-brainer! Even if I hadn't done my due diligence, I would (and did) ask a lot of questions and clarifications of the customer service guy. He tried to double talk me, quickly, but I made him slow down and repeat everything. Those of you who didn't, look in the mirror, you're far too trusting and assumed a lot without verifying you were on the same page as they were (which you obviously weren't).

    I do feel badly for you all that have commented about extra charges (you pay in three monthly installments) as well as those of you who unknowingly received your recurring shipment and charges to their card. You learned a costly lesson, but, you now know how to avoid it in the future.

    Yes, I do believe the company was a bit more than slick in their conversations with you, but, you were also party to those phone calls. With me, at least, the customer service agents had to summarize all the info at the end of every call (where they spoke very fast!). This is where I asked them to slow down and repeat clearly for me. All misunderstandings were then addressed and fixed. Not to mention, I had the name of the person I was speaking with each time!

    I wish you all the best of luck, and sincerely hope that I didn't just screw up my good luck with them!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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    • Sep 9, 2018

      Cheryl K.

      I made it VERY clear to the customer service rep when I ordered the five-piece set, that it and ONLY it, was what I wanted to order and not monthly or every three months order, notwithstanding her efforts to convince me that it would save me money. The initial pricing being locked-in for future orders. I want to try the product before committing to being a continuing customer, so while it was very kind of her to try and save me money, I responded, I want ONLY the order advertised on TV.

      I'm Canadian so the pricing was $49.95, not $39.95, plus no free shipping and handling, but $6.95 for it. I was quoted a total price of $64.34, including federal taxes of $7.40. The rep was named Ella and she confirmed she was in the Philippines when I asked her, recognizing her accent. Automatic renewal every 90 days came up in the conversation numerous times and was clearly declined by me, also numerous times. My point is that knowing the order reps name and location, clearly and repeatedly refusing that option, receiving the total price broken down at my request, and a customer care phone number in the event of, or problems.

      After reading the reviews from others here, I'm not convinced that I won't fall victim to what others have experienced. There are at least four telephone numbers for this business, can any or all of them be reached if wishing to cancel? From what I've read here, all the information, phone numbers, the agent's name and transparently clear instructions against automatic renewal, this company will do exactly as they wish, leaving the customer holding the bill and trying to resolve the recurring expenses on their credit card.

      According to the reviews, all the information I've outlined here and what others have reported, it sounds like frustration and greedy hands on my credit card might be my future with this company. At one point during my phone purchase, when the salesperson began offering two more products for $10. I told her that I was about to cancel my order because what should have been a simple transaction, was becoming complicated fast. I went ahead with the order, and because of your reviews I have a better idea on how to protect my interests, (calling to cancel the day product has been received, for instance) and learned a lesson-read the reviews BEFORE ordering.

      Thanks to all who shared their experiences here. Many products advertised on TV indicate payment must be made in US or Canadian dollars. There was no indication that $39.95 would become $49.95 in Canada, and only US orders shipped free and are $6.99 for shipping and handling for Canadians and that the three-product bonus would be a two-product bonus for Canadians. This should have been clearly indicated during the ad, shown on channels Canadians get. Why would they chance to eliminate the large Canadian market by being truthful in the ad, when phone ordering allows their reps to up-sell more product.

      I haven't tried the product, but doubt it, unless the product is magic and miraculous, I will be doing business with them in future due to their questionable ethics, deliberate ambiguity, and hard sell by a customer service rep, who called me ma'am throughout the conversation. It's not relevant, but I HATE being called ma'am. Wish me luck and good luck to us all. In truth, I'm feeling a bit like a sucker who just got played and I don't like it. I was told I would receive my order within ten business days. I wonder how much damage can be done to my credit card while I'm waiting?

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