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    • Jun 21, 2018
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    Should have known better

    Overall Experience:

    I really should have known better with this but saw some boots on a friend that looked nice, so I thought I would give it a try. What a nightmare!

    The product quality is horrendous; you can get better shoes at Payless for less money! After seeing that, I tried to cancel, but you have to call to cancel, cannot do it on the site, so after being on hold I had to hang up, so I skipped the month and planned to cancel later.

    The next month I forgot, my own fault, so I decided to order something to use the credit, turns out sales are only available AFTER you spend your "member credit" so I ordered one overpriced pair of sandals. Once again, I tried to cancel and even checked before the 5th to make sure I had no account, but no! I was charged again! I called to cancel for real and was told my credit would no longer be available so I should order and then cancel after.

    My order was $29.95 + $9.95 = $39.90 to use up the $39.95 but no, I can't use the credit for under $39.95 exactly. The good news is, I had used PayPal, and I had previously canceled on the PayPal end, so the payment declined. I have now copied my chat with the agent and plan on calling every day until I am certain they won't try to charge me.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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