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    • Jun 23, 2018
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    Peculiar personal body reactions

    Overall Experience:

    I purchased my bottle of Slimvance from a local GNC in West Jordan, Utah. I was promised, "Amazing belly fat burning results once this thermogenic was added to my daily regimen."

    I personally was not that impressed! I've actually gained belly fat, which is the opposite of what this product is supposed to do right? Then again, I gained cup sizes in my breasts also! A peculiar and weird side effect! I understand everyone's experience is different and I don't think what happened to me will happen to anyone else necessarily.

    When I started, I wasn't exactly overweight either! I was weighing at 125 lbs, wanting to get back down to 110 lbs because I gained a little belly due to work stress! I started Slimvance thinking okay, this plus diet and exercise will help shed the 15 lbs of unwanted belly fat! Instead, I gained fat in my belly and breasts! For a short while it felt like a pregnancy, but that is impossible since my tubal ligation in 2013. Slimvance was the only new thing introduced to my diet! I did complete the full 30 days by the way!

    Within 15 days I had gotten to 140 lbs and stayed there until finishing the bottle. I held out thinking maybe results would change and I hate not finishing what I start! So I held out and luckily the belly fat gained was completely overshadowed by the newfound cleavage by breasts obtained, by taking Slimvance. I have a 5'3", average build body. I am now a full 34C, and before Slimvance, I was a small 34B! Luckily I lost 10 lbs in my belly after I stopped using the product. That took seven days on its own!

    I now have started a new product but I do hope that I don't lose the boobs I gained! All in all, I am confused by my bodies reaction to the product. I never got the jitters and it says not to add caffeine or niacin drinks like Redbull, but I had tried it to see if my body would feel any kind of energy or react in any way like it was supposed to, but I didn't feel a thing! Keep in mind I am the type of person who has been drinking coffee for years! So there you go. I felt my peculiar reaction to the product really needed to get out there.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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