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    • Aug 18, 2018
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    Elite Singles

    Fake scam site, they all are!

    You can't do ANYTHING unless you pay, and it costs a LOT! I'd say 99% of the "profiles" are fake and are made and used by the corporates employee to send men fake messages to string them along and keep them paying!

    You will never chat with any real women on that website! The one or two real profiles were the hideous looking beasts who think they are worthy of a wealthy, good-looking, highly skilled, and very talented man! Don't ever waste your time with their fake scam site!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jun 26, 2018
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    Pocket Hose Ultra

    Worst hose ever!

    I got an expandable Pocket Hose for Christmas 2017 from a neighbor friend. I only used it twice in March, both times briefly!

    I used it maybe a total of four times in April, and it has already started leaking at about every two feet or so along the entire yellow stripe that is printed on the outside of this crappy hose.

    Today I went to water my lawn and after about 5 minutes in it just popped! About a 3-foot section of it just popped! After looking at it, you can see the inside is just some thin, cheaply crafted rubberized tubing and made quite poorly!

    We have gone through quite a few hoses on our families property over the 46 years we have owned and lived here, and this was the first one that has ever just popped!

    And NO! We have NOT abused it, never left the water turned on, always drained all the water out of it, disconnected it and placed it in a nice, clean bucket to keep it stored in and put it inside after each use, the bucket also to made it easier to carry around!

    It NEVER shrunk down to its original size after the first use and always stayed a bit stretched out and longer than how it came!

    We'd say it IS a big SCAM! Don't EVER buy the Pocket Hose! It IS pure GARBAGE!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Aug 18, 2018
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    Gorilla Glue

    Not so great at all!

    I have used (or tried to use) Gorilla Glue several times, and I can and will say that this stuff is not that good at all!! First of all, as it dries, it swells up a bit, didn't expect that to happen the first time I used it, so you must use it sparingly. It also does not keep it's "grip" very long!

    I spent $8 for just a tiny bottle of Gorilla Glue to glue two things back together, one was for two small wood pieces of mom's nic-nac, and the other was a ceramic handle on a small, lightweight sugar bowl. Both came back apart in no time at all, even after following directions very carefully and waiting days for the glue to really cure and harden!

    The next time I went to use the very small $8 bottle only a couple days later, the entire bottles contents was all dried up and hardened inside the bottle, so it apparently has a very short shelf life once you open it!

    So, I bought another bottle to glue four things; all four things came back apart! Gorilla Glue is not worth the ridiculous price they charge for such tiny little bottles since it does NOT hold at all! They should give me back my hard earned money! ($8 x 2 plus tax =$18!)

    I will NEVER buy their garbage ever again, and will just stick to the cheap $1 tubes of "super glue!"

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Sep 12, 2018
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    Complete liars and nothing but garbage!

    I had a Netflix account, it was AWFUL! They do NOT have any REAL movies on there, just D-list crap films and terrible old TV shows and crummy shows they have made for themselves and over promote. They keep on raising the prices and give you very little.

    The service LOVES to cut every movie off, no matter which device I try to watch a film with and have EVERY type of device to watch Netflix with - iPad, iPod, Android smartphone, Smart TV, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Laptop, Desktop computer, and NONE of them play a film from end to end, ALWAYS some "error" or "server disconnect!" I got fed up with it and got rid of it!

    I guess you have to be a 10 to 25-year-old sissy millennial sheeple to find Netflix worthwhile, NOBODY in my household was happy with it, so I canceled it, and of course, they try to talk you out of canceling and try to upsell you more GARBAGE! I actually got one "agent" or "customer care rep" (nonsense names and titles they call their phone drones!) to admit that if you want to see the real blockbuster films, you have to pay $21.99 per month for the snail mail DVD service! We tried that a few years ago, it was AWFUL! Two out of ten discs would not show up and they would try to charge ME $175.99 for discs I NEVER EVEN RECEIVED! And nine out of ten discs that would actually show up were in total UNPLAYABLE condition!

    Save your money and AVOID Netflix at all cost! It sucked so bad!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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