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    • Jun 26, 2018
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    Terrible company

    Terrible company. Don't be sucked into the first purchase or any for that matter.

    I have been a customer for over a year and let a few credits go on (which is my money, not actual credit) to only find even if the item is reduced to everyone (even emailed me that they were reduced), you still have to pay full price.

    So for example. They say a credit is $35.00 of your own money taken from your bank. Shoes advertised at $37.00 reduced to $22.40 on promotions. To use what you have already paid in you have to pay the full price as you're using your paid on money credit. $35.00 is $35.00, so why should they be able to do that? Take $22.40 off $35.00...scammers!

    And even if they use the phase a credit is for one pair of shoes, why then does it make you pay the extra towards price? They are selling these shoes to everyone (even me if I pay out to them again) for $22.40 but want me to pay my $35.00 credit then and an extra $2.00 on top.

    If one credit is for a pair of shoes then why the extra charge towards them if they can't go down on my own saved up monies why can they go up!

    I hope this makes sense in the text to people.

    Basically, they don't look after there VIPs and customers; it's all a chase for new ones and even when they have your money they try to drain more from you and you sit there feeling done over. You will never benefit from being a customer of this company.

    Why would anyone want to pay $37.00 for a pair of shoes that they can see in front of them they are selling for either $7.95/$22.40. They actually show you how they are ripping you off.

    Don't get sucked in and avoid.

    I'm at with 3 lots of $35.00 on my account, and I can't spend it without paying out more money. I put the credits there for when I wanted to treat myself but didn't have the money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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