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    • Jun 27, 2018
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    Dexcom G6

    The worst experience ever

    Overall Experience:

    I’m having a hard time getting my supply. I really want to know if there is another company which makes or sell a similar product. They are inhuman people who choose to gamble over people’s health.

    I tried to get a transmitter two weeks ago. On my call with a customer service representative, I was told the availability of G6, and I was eligible to upgrade to G6. I told him I had only a week battery life on my G5. He said I would be ok, and the only thing they needed was a new prescription from my doctor. He said he would get it the next day. I agreed.

    I had waited for a week, but they hadn’t sent it. I called Dexcom again to check the status. A customer representative by the name of Andrew told me nothing happened on the order. He added that no one made a request for the prescription. Finally, he assured me he would expedite the process. I asked him if there was anything I could do from my side. He told me to call my doctor's office to have them send the prescription to Dexcom directly to expedite the process. I called my doctor’s office to provide the required doc. The next day I got an email from Dexcom saying they were in the process to get the referral from the doctor’s office.

    I called Dexcom on 06/20/2018 to check the status. After a long hold, I had got a chance to talk to a customer representative named Hector (102271). I told him what I was told in the last two calls, and asked for the status. He put me on hold for more than 13 minutes to tell me they had got the referral but the supply (G6) required a 30 days sugar reading (log sheet). I asked why I was not told in my first two calls. I also added I had always used the continues glucose monitoring (CGM) and uploaded my readings on Dexcom clarity. I also stated the question should have been to check if I use Dexcom clarity. Because it is super easy to upload the reading. He insisted they wanted 30-day logs. I asked to talk to a supervisor, but he told me I would be told the same thing, and didn’t want to transfer me to a supervisor.

    Then I gave up on the G6 and I asked for G5. He said that was easy for him to process it. He said I would be staying on the G5 until December 2018 which is six months. I told him how badly I wanted it because my commute is long, and managing my sugar is a very critical thing for me. I use the transmitter to better control my sugar for safety too. I do not get the product for free. I paid a lot of money through my insurance, but still, it is very hard to get it on time. It is a critical medical supply, not a luxury product. They should meet customer expectation 100% because their line of business is health care, and it needs maximum attention and follow-up.

    I haven’t received it yet! It has been two weeks, and counting.

    For anyone out there, do you know any other company which sells a similar product? If you do, please let me know. I am seriously considering to switch.

    Thank you.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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