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    • Jul 7, 2018
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    Total waste of money

    My negative experiences with this site echo the other reviews on here. I just recently quit AnastasiaDate as of about March of 2018, as well as their sister site AsianDate. I would like to report that their fee structure for using the site(s) has changed since this article was written. You now only have four credit purchase selections of $20, $80, $160 and I believe the highest is $500. I do not recall the prices for each level but I believe that is about the same for each credit level.

    What they have done, which I feel is a rip-off, is now they have implemented a membership fee of $15.99 per month just to have the privilege of purchasing credits. There are a few perks with this membership, but almost all were useless to me. If your membership did expire, you could still use your credits you purchased, but could not see how many credits you had left. They also rip you off by charging six credits per minute for cam-share.

    Due to some great financial downturns since 2010, I considered myself as being fairly poor, so I was very cautious in making purchases and using the credits. I had some similar negative experiences on both sites, and only had one good experience with one lady on AnastasiaDate.

    Her name was Tatyana and she was a farm girl from Moldova. Unlike many other ladies, she seemed very real in our conversations. I sent her long letters and she seemed to reply to most of what I told her about, but with very short letters (even though I asked her to send a long letter back). This is one of the red flags I have about this site. She did, however, send real pictures of herself doing something, or of her and a member of her family. If these photos were fake and staged for this site, they were believable. Anyway, after several letters back and forth, I asked her to leave this site and contact me personally. She refused on the grounds that she did not believe we could continue the conversation as she did not speak or read English very well, even though she listed her English skills as intermediate. Red flag number two. I even told her that I could use a free translation site and send her letters in both English and translated for her to read. So my final message to her was if she did not want to leave this site and join me, then it was goodbye.

    I left the site shortly after that.

    I would also mention that they have ways of charging you credits even though you never meant to spend them if you click on the wrong thing. Sometimes I would click on the chat pictures to view the ladies profile and end up being charged for a chat, even though I never did chat with her. This is another rip-off. I complained about it and got some of my credits restored, but not all of them.

    The only thing good I can say about this site is their profile structure. Most of the time, all the information that I am looking for about each lady, is on their profile and it is easy to use. This site has other sister sites like AmoLatina and ArabianDate along with maybe a couple of others, that have changed their structure and are much more unfavorable to use, as you would have to waste credits to find the information you need to make decisions.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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