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    • Jul 18, 2018
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    Meaningful Beauty

    Consumers beware! Meaningful Beauty charges without permission.

    Overall Experience:

    Please read my complaint I sent in below to give you all an understanding of the company you're dealing with! This is my story...

    On Friday, 7/6, I contacted you all via online chat and specifically stated that $47.74 was pending on my credit card that was NOT AUTHORIZED BY ME and that I wanted the subscription CANCELLED EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! The original purchase back in May was a Mother’s Day gift and it was to end there. I didn’t request for an automatic monthly renewal, which I had very blatantly stated when the first order was placed. I also told the customer service rep to STOP ANY FUTURE ORDERS (including the one that was pending) and to IMMEDIATELY REDUND MY CC! I am a single mother and CANNOT AFFORD THIS! I was told “ok I will take care of that now”. Today, while at the grocery store with my 4yr old my CC was declined!!! Embarrassing to say the least but HEARTBREAKING to try and explain this to my toddler! Now, Bc MEANINGFUL BEAUTY, DID NOT HONOR MY SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE the order was pushed through, not only have you caused an upset within my small family BUT MY ACCT is now overdrawn by $82.74 ($47.74 plus $35 overdraft fee). I AM LIVID!!!!! I want this fixed NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all owe me $82.74! This is your fault and the only reason it’s overdrawn is Bc your transaction went through, against my instruction. I took a screenshot of the acct so you could see what damage has been done. You are responsible for the overdraft fee as well. If you would have done what you agreed to do, this wouldn’t have happened!! I am furious! And before you give me some shallow explanation and try to flip this around on me the consumer, make sure you can explain it to my toddler when he ask why you took our money and he couldn’t get his cereal!!!! REFUND MY CC CARD NOW!!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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