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    • Jul 22, 2018
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    Dexcom G6

    To the Dexcom board of directors

    Overall Experience:

    It is Monday evening. My Dexcom CGM transmitter is telling me I need to replace my sensor in 3:16:02 hours. It will start setting off alarms periodically, counting down until my CGM quits working because I have no replacement sensors. I dread this and can do nothing about it.

    It's the second time in a row that Dexcom has failed to provide me with sensors when I need them. From now on, each time I reorder, it will be with uncertainty - will Dexcom get it right THIS time?

    I have just filed a formal complaint with Medicare.

    I was so happy when Medicare finally approved the CGM as covered durable medical equipment. Almost immediately upon receiving my kit, it changed my life. Now I can avoid dangerous and unpredictable lows that were causing me to fear being alone or going too far from home. I feel more confident and independent - except when Dexcom fails to provide me with sensors and I am back to guessing insulin dosages off static periodic testing.

    Right from the first, working with Dexcom was confusing. I would get redundant phone calls and emails when I didn't need help and no response or impossibly long waits on the phone when I did need it. Supplies come in elaborate and wasteful packaging way too large for what's inside - clearly no one at Dexcom cares about the environment! Even my billing was a mess - I never got any bills until after I had called and left emails numerous times an finally got my "reorder specialist" (who I didn't even know existed until a month ago) to refer my question to an account specialist.

    My June 4, 2018 order was the first that was messed up. I ordered sensors online in plenty of time. A few days before my sensor ran out I received a large package that contained only a tiny box of test strips. Panicked, I called the next day and dealt with the long wait times, frustrating selection menus, etc. After several calls trying different menu options, I got through to someone who had no explanation for why I didn't have the sensors. She said she'd order some. For three business days. I pointed out I would be running out on Friday. After pressing her, she agreed to have them overnighted. Which didn't happen. So I had to call in a panic again on Friday when my sensor had stopped Thursday night. When I got through to someone, they told me that expediting hadn't happened, oops, so sorry. But they' be here in three business days. It was a weekend when I was alone in my home. I was fearful and uncertain until the sensors finally came late Tuesday. During this, I learned I had a "reorder specialist" and chose to reorder by phone, since online ordering had been unreliable.

    I had five weeks worth of sensors. I used the last one last Monday. The previous week my "reorder specialist" had called me and confirmed I needed more sensors and he would put in the order. I realized on Thursday that they hadn't come. Panicked again. I called JOEL (the "ro") on Friday. Oh, quality control stopped the order because they needed an update from my doctor. Why didn't anyone contact me? Well, it's not his job. I then called my doctor's office. They assured me that no one from Dexcom had contacted them about my order. I called Joel back. Well, he told me, Dexcom HAD called and then they called again today, but no one answered. That's nonsense, I told him. This is a large University of Colorado Hospital Endocrinology clinic and they answer their phone. After pressuring him, he agreed to have them called again and said he'd let me know the result. Of course, I heard nothing. So I called him and he told me that yes, Dexcom was now going to ship me the sensors. But I need them Monday. Well, too bad, it's three business days and the orders have come down from management that there will be no expediting without the patient paying for it. (Which Medicare has told me since is wrong if the error is on the part of the supplier.)

    So now my transmitter is counting down until soon it will be of no use to me for several days. The person I talked to at Medicare called this "unprofessional" on Dexcom's part. She wanted to provide me with another supplier, but of course, there IS no other supplier.

    Which, I suppose, is Dexcom's reason for being so polite but indifferent to the needs of its clients. I see that Dexcom has a D- rating from the Better Business Burea. I also see that there are many negative reviews of Dexcom on any relevant consumer site.

    Those who are on the Board of Directors should have some idea of how business works. Right now you have the best CGM on the market and exclusive access to Medicare participants. How long will that last? You must know that we who use your CGM feel zero customer loyalty due to our treatment at your hands. The minute somebody else builds a better mousetrap, we mice will be heading to that new piece of cheese. Do your stockholders know this?

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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