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    • Aug 10, 2018
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    Flex Belt

    Flex Belt user for three months

    Overall Experience:

    A little background, I'm a 47-year-old male who has severe back and knee problems in both legs. Exercise is near impossible for me due to extreme pain. I bought the Flex Belt about three months ago. I use as directed (1x/d) for about a month. You need to adjust the intensity to fit your level. You should feel your abs the rest of the day or you didn't use high enough setting.

    After the first 30 days, I went to a second. I added in jump rope and a walk in the evening while wearing for the second time for that day. Now be realistic here, you won't see 6-pack abs. But my stomach is tighter, doesn't stick out as far either. My GF noticed at night while laying on my side my stomach is tight without me flexing. This is three months in, using two times daily. Added to slight exercise, it works pretty well.

    Some back pain has subsided with the stronger abs. That's really what you should expect, stronger and harder abs, but NOT a 6-pack unless you diet and eat 100% correct. I hope this helps some of you decide!

    Remember, harder, tighter, and stronger, but not bodybuilder look.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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