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    • Aug 14, 2018
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    Kinobody is in the sales business, not the fitness business

    Overall Experience:

    Kinobody seems to focus spending probably 90% of its yearly budget on sales videos, sales pitches, graphic media, an attractive website, and about 10% of its budget on creating a working fitness program.

    In fact, after purchasing the packet, you are left unsure of whether or not you even have the product. Their system pushes you to buy three other programs before even showing you the product that you paid for. They direct you immediately back into more sales pitches.

    If you can finally figure out how to get to the program, you will spend a measly half hour reading through the entire program; only to realize they supply you with a couple of really common workouts that you can learn from going to the gym and watching someone for 20 minutes. The majority of the writing seeks to disparage other programs, and then not offer a more effective alternative.

    You will spend two hours of frustration, searching for the actual program, only to realize that this one limp chapter of a couple of workouts that you looked at eight times during your search actually is the entire thing. Enjoy doing the same two days split for the next three months.

    They pretend like they are offering more options in exercises and movements by showing a list of alternative workouts, but they do not detail which of the normal lifts they are supposed to replace. You will see these alternate workouts and think "I would really like to do this one or that one, how do I implement them into the program?" It doesn't tell you how.

    I read through the whole thing before finishing a cup of coffee and immediately wanted my money back. But after reading reviews, I soon discovered that their money back guarantee is yet another sales pitch and that it is an incredible hassle to get the refund. I decided my time is worth more than that and just became comfortable with the fact that I lost that money.

    The worst part? As someone who has worked out regularly for 12 years, I can tell you that if you follow this program, yes, your biceps and chest will probably grow, so Kinobody gets to pretend like they are effective. However, I can also tell you that if you go outside and lift a rock over your head 20 times a day, you're going to grow muscle. Kinobody fails at optimizing growth potential by providing a full comprehensive program for peole who want to ge the most of their workouts.

    Well done Kinobody, I hope you're all millionaires with 100% profit and 0% product value. Add the money I sent you to the pile.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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