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    • Aug 18, 2018
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    My experience with Ipsy

    Overall Experience:

    I don't understand why so many are having this issue. I've been with Ipsy since May of last year. I never had to sign up and be on a waitlist.

    Within the year of having Ipsy, I've received one broken product, which I emailed their support after reading on their page what to do if you don't receive an item or receive a broken item. They were quick to email me back and sent out a new one very quickly. I've also had two bags not arrive on the time they said it would one last year and on a few months ago and emailed them again. Again they quickly emailed back and sent out a replacement bag, no questions asked. Both times I ended up receiving a replacement bag and later my original bag, so I ended up with two.

    Ipsy's bag timing is a little late. I got my bags the last week of each month for the longest time and the date was not guaranteed. I moved in December and now get them on the 10th every month.

    I've not always been happy with my bags. But there have only been two times where I looked at the size and thought "what the heck." I started Ipsy last year because I had no makeup. And didn't have the funds to be buying a bunch of it. I have now a very large collection of makeup all from my Ipsy bags. Lots of full sizes as well as good sized samples. I suppose if people are huge makeup people and are using it every day then the sample sizes are probably not going to last long at all. But I don't use makeup every day. Actually, even when I do most of the time, it's just a light eyeshadow and mascara. Unless I'm taking pictures for Facebook, I don't use much at all. I've received three small mascara samples, and those have lasted me for a year and I'm still using two of them, LOL.

    I've put my bag on pause for a total of three months. They never charged me. Also completely canceled for one month. I never had any issues.

    Now they do push you to share and to invite. I've never invited anyone. I just ignore their asking.

    As for sharing, you earn points which you can redeem for full sized extra products each time you review. If you share your review to Facebook or Twitter, you get more points. Simple thing to do is put your Facebook post with the review so only you can see it. Twitter I don't use so I don't know. Or after you post it to Facebook, just go into your app and delete it. I personally do not care about sharing my reviews. I don't think my friends and family really care either.

    I really like my Ipsy bags each month. Yes, there are duds. But I have grown my makeup collection from non-existent to abundant. I've been able to experiment with products and learn what I like.

    I am 28 years old and the majority of my life I've rarely worn makeup. Usually just a lippie and a sheer eyeshadow. Never experimented either. Now I love makeup. I have a good amount to choose from.

    And the biggest thing is I don't have much money. I don't buy myself things. I suppose I have a minimalist outlook. Even when my bf tells me to take his card to buy myself something nice, my brain puts need over want so I end up buying something we need in the house, or if I don't need something I get something our furbabies need or my bf needs. I come home with what I get, and my bf's face palms every time, LOL.

    Ipsy is the only thing I get myself each month that I do not need. And I look forward to getting my pink parcel in the mail.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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