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    • Sep 3, 2018
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    Seller considering leaving

    Overall Experience:

    I have been selling on Storenvy for about four years now. There are a lot of problems with this company. When I signed up, this was a completely free place to sell over time, and that has changed greatly, so that not only I receive additional fees, my customers are charged between $.99 and $3.99 per transaction by Storenvy.

    They also snipe my regular customers using their automated email service. The reason this matters to me because a customer that I made through social media may purchase from me again based on an official Storenvy email, at which time Storenvy takes a whopping 10% out of my pocket calling it a "marketplace sale," which is very misleading. As things change, they are making thousands of dollars off of my customers and me alone with very little improvement to their site.

    Their shipping labels are through a third party (who upcharges the rates) and does not allow me to print labels for international orders OR print two labels for a single transaction, in case a customer orders items that ship separately. These labels have to be purchased individually, are then emailed to me, they must be downloaded and printed one at a time. This is far from efficient and has been the system for years. And still, there is no app for the buyer or sellers, and very few tools that benefit me.

    The worst thing of all, Storenvy sometimes loses orders placed at my store. I will receive the money from a customer, the item will be removed from my inventory, but NO record of the purchase! I look over my finances closely and find this at least once a year. If I were to miss it, this customer would never receive their item because I would not know that it sold, nor would I have any of their personal information. This is also a problem for my own record-keeping.

    I contacted Storenvy about this once a couple of years ago, and I was told the employee that handles this was in a terrible motorcycle accident. This is terrible but still seems like a very unprofessional reply in my opinion. I am currently looking to leave Storenvy shortly, and feel other sellers should do the same and quit lining the pockets of these slackers. Seeing the reviews here, I also see this marketplace has been tainted by irresponsible shop owners, this is not good for those of us that work hard to please our customers.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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