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    • Sep 4, 2018
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    LeanFire XT by Force Factor

    Work in me!

    Overall Experience:

    I am 50 years old. To take these pills, you first have to constantly exercise every time you consume them, not have any heart problems, not have nervous systems problems, eat very healthy, suspend dinner, eat nothing after 7 pm, no junk food or features, nothing that contains caffeine, and these pills will work and burn fat if you do all this. Good! This is not miraculous if you take it and do not make an effort to control your appetite and you not do everything I told you first. You will not see results and you could have tachycardia, beware!! The metabolism changes, so careful!

    You have to focus on exercise, it makes you choleric, and you have control. I am addicted to these type of pills and learned to control myself and to think that if I take them I have to do exercise, it works in me. I have energy in everything I do awake with more concentration. I do not forget things, it is also important to mention that we all have a different metabolism, I gained weight when I got married, I was waist size 28, and I went up to waist size 34. My doctor told me that I had high cholesterol, and I need to suspend high-fat foods, but I also did not feel the same energy and started to research weight loss pills. I started taking them, I lost weight and I have incredible energy as 20 years old boy. I went back to my normal waist, and now I am 29 or 30. I feel very good about myself, as I am more healthy and my cholesterol has disappeared.

    Many do not mention what happens to them at the beginning, it was not easy to control the new thing that happened when I was taking these type of pills, but I have a lot of control of not exceeding what is recommended. I'm not getting angry, and I'm not taking them for no reason, anything that contains caffeine. It has been already 16 years that I have taken these type of pills. The new ones that come to the market, I have my doctor check periodically, and everything is fine, thanks to God!

    LeanFire Force Factor works very well in me, I am a person who tells the truth about my experience, and despite that, I have lost weight. For many years, I stay the same size, and I have no side effects. So be careful if you do not exercise and do not eat healthy, if you have heart problems, nerve problems or high blood pressure, do not take them. As I told you, it is not miraculous, you have to put the willpower and you will see results.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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