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    • Oct 5, 2018
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    Take your business elsewhere

    Overall Experience:

    I was loving being a seller on Tradesy in the beginning. I think back then they were only taking 9% and sending you the free mailing supplies. Then, it went to 14.9%, then the shipping got shady. You'd get less profit if you used their mailing supplies. I sold a skirt for like $33 and ended up with like $12 or something because they took their commission AND money for the mailing supplies.

    I started changing my listings to "use your own" packaging. That upped my cut a little more, at first. Then, I guess they figured out people would put in a lower selling price and a higher shipping amount to get around paying them so much commission, so they started taking their commission off the selling price AND whatever you expect to pay in shipping. There's NO WAY they should be taking a commission out of YOUR shipping costs!

    You used to get paid as soon as USPS scanned your item. I understand that probably bit them, but now, they make you wait almost a MONTH to get your money. They get their money, the buyer gets their item, and you just wait for your money.

    To add insult to injury, they charge a 2.9% fee to transfer to your bank! No other selling site charges that. They claim it's for security, but that's crap. It's to dissuade you from taking your money out vs. spending it on the site.

    It's not like they're DOING anything to earn this commission. It's not like Poshmark where there's a feed and constantly getting your stuff in front of people. It just sits until someone is looking for that particular item. They're not helping you get more followers or buyers, and if you include the 2.9% bank transfer fee, their commission is outrageous.

    I'd resisted selling on Poshmark because their commission is 20%. I stuck with Tradesy because there was a huge difference between even 14.9% and 20%. Now, I'm slowly taking all my items off Tradesy and have moved most to Poshmark because at least they get way more traffic and charge 0% to transfer to the bank. It's much more interactive. I still have to wait for money if the buyer doesn't "accept" their shipment right away, but the most you wait is 3 days vs. 3-4 weeks.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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