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    • Oct 26, 2018
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    LeanFire XT by Force Factor

    Liars and thieves!

    Overall Experience:

    I hope that you are reading this BEFORE you accept the "so-called" trial they have because they WILL absolutely charge you BEFORE your scheduled date.

    I had absolutely no idea they had already charged my card until I called in to cancel to avoid being charged on the date they stated I would be charged, on which was 10/29. So I call in on 10/26, three days ahead of time, which is plenty of time to cancel, and I'm told that they just charged me $74.95 today. And I was told that I would be charged on 10/26 and that I must have mistaken the 6 for a 9, but they can cancel it going forward, and I'll get a refund when I send in the bottle they have already shipped (supposedly). But you see, I have not received an email stating that another bottle has been shipped, and an email was sent to me the day they shipped the trial bottle, so I know nothing has gone out as of yet, so they could easily still cancel the crap and refund me my entire $74.95 that they STOLE!

    But no, the representative will tell you that they can only give you 60% of your money back now, or you will just have to wait until the next bottle arrives and send it back for a full refund, meaning you will have to wait several weeks if not a month for your money back because like I said, that bottle was NOT shipped to me today, and if you're anything like me, who happens to live on a budget, I don't have that kind of time to wait. I have kids I have to feed, and my rent is due to keep a roof over their heads, but I am the one who is having to bend over and take it because they charged me early!

    SO, I ask for a supervisor and I said, "It was stated that I would not be charged until 10/29 and I want a refund since you charged me on 10/26 and the supervisor's exact words were, "Well, that's not going to happen because this is an 18-day trial and if you count 18 days from the day you signed up for the trial then that would actually put you at 10/24." So I'm like, then why was I told 10/29, and she basically called me a liar saying that I wasn't told that and she refused to help me whatsoever! In fact she hung up on me.

    This is a supervisor representing this company! This company has to be a joke and out to do nothing but rip people off! It's supposed to give you energy, but yet my husband took one and fell asleep an hour later, so again, nothing but liars and thieves! Please save yourself the heartache and the money and DON'T make the same mistake I did!

    Plus how can you say it's an 18-day trial and start the trial before you even ship the product? That's not a FULL 18-day period the consumer is getting to actually take the product. It's just all a lie and a way to steal from people, and then once they have your money, there is nothing you can do about it because they have supervisors like that working for them who will just say too bad, you're not getting a refund, and you're not canceling either, and then hang up on you.

    So, now I guess I get to go and cancel my card and get a new one too, on top of losing $75 for nothing when I did what I was supposed to and called in plenty enough of time to cancel my trial before I was supposed to be charged. That is not right, and I hope someone figures out how to shut this company down before they are able to take advantage of too many more people.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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