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    • Apr 18, 2019
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    Overall Experience:

    4/13/19 I just received a call from a rep before 1, who couldn't pronounce Glucophage, even after I said it 4 times. She says they can't get it and suggests the drug I'm allergic to! These people are going to kill someone. A pharmacist named Amy came on the phone and talked to me, saying that they saw my review and wonders if I want to find a different pharmacy. She repeatedly excuses the rep for suggesting they fill a drug I'm allergic to because "they aren't trained." They aren't trained to read notes? They aren't trained to see "Drug allergy?" I told her I don't care if it's the janitor. If they are dealing with customers and initiating anything dealing with a person's drugs - THEY NEED TO READ NOTES! I'm shocked and horrified.

    If you have had a bad experience with this pharmacy, as so many have, please Google the Board of Pharmacy in your state and file an online complaint to have this investigated. You should also file a complaint with the BBB. Make sure you write reviews on all available sites reviewing this company. You may be saving someone's life! I have multiple learning disabilities and I thank God that I'm able to function enough to confront these things and say what is wrong. There are many disabled and elderly people who are not cognizant enough to catch these things, or speak for themselves. You have got to be their voice. Your terrible experience with this company needs to be investigated by the proper regulatory agencies.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Apr 12, 2019

    Endless mistakes, carelessness - DANGEROUS pharmacy!

    What a terrible company. Every single month there is a new error with my meds, and this could be life-threatening for some people! Some times pills are missing from the packets. Other times they've sent me for drugs I've informed them I'm no longer taking. But they won't read the notes to see that I'm no longer taking it. Worse, they are in the packs and I accidentally take them, which could be harmful. The notes tell the representatives not to call me until 1 because I suffer from migraines in the mornings. Of course they never bother to read the notes! I recently received a shipment with the name brand drug that I have to take replaced with a generic. I am allergic to the generic and have severe symptoms when taking it. I was outraged. The notes specify at least a dozen times that I cannot take the generic and to never give me anything but the name brand. THEY NEVER READ THE NOTES! And that is very, very dangerous. After working with a pharmacist over the course of a couple of days, she guaranteed it would never happen again, as she was listing it as a drug allergy. And then what happens? The very next day I'm getting a call from a representative (at 10 am) and being told they can't get that drug but will be happy to give me the generic. HE DIDN'T READ THE NOTES! Today I get another call at 10 am and I said, "The notes say not to call me until after 1. Please read the notes before you call me" and hung up.

    Do not use this pharmacy if you have life-threatening illnesses. I am absolutely certain they are eventually going to kill someone by making these brainless, careless and senseless mistakes. As bad as Walgreens was - they never endangered my health or safety in all the decades I've been with them. The only positives are the convenience of the pill packs (if you can ever get just one order correct). And the very professional, courteous, and helpful manner that every, single person I've dealt with has shown me. They take your ranting in stride. Believe me, they probably have a LOT of experience with angry customers.

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    • Oct 30, 2018
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    Unbelievable harassment. Unethical company.

    Overall Experience:

    Well I'm pissed. I've used HomeAdvisor in the past and have had the consistent experience that they just crap out results that almost never match the project you are using. I've never been able to use any of their recommendations, so I've gladly stopped using their service.

    Today I was looking for sprinkler blowouts and clicked on one of my Google results. It happened to be HomeAdvisor. And they were recommending plumbers. I instantly hit the back button, after about 4 seconds on their site. I instantly get several emails from them, thanking me for using them in my plumbing search. I unsubscribe AGAIN, hoping it will finally be the end of my contact with this horrible company. INSTANTLY I get an email from homeyou saying,

    "Hi (removed), Thank you for your request for Plumbing Work in (removed). Our trusted partner HomeAdvisor will match you with top local pros for your project. By using this service, you are bound to HomeAdvisor T&C's and Privacy Policy. Thank you for using our service,

    The homeyou team."

    How does unsubscribing from a company give them permission to start harassing you from their "trusted partner" site? Then I start getting phone calls and messages from HomeAdvisor. I call them back and tell them if they contact me again, I'm going to report them for fraud. I block the number. Then I start receiving all these calls and emails from local plumbers that I DID NOT give permission to have my contact information and NEVER REQUESTED requested! What on Earth happened to privacy of information and ethical conduct?

    Someone, please get this company, and all of its subsidiaries, to stop harassing me!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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