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    • Nov 26, 2018
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    Arthrozene works...able to delay hand surgery!

    Overall Experience:

    I'll begin by saying that my Basel joint in my right hand was bone on bone. But I didn't need a picture to tell me...the pain was shocking. I couldn't even put on underwear, brush my teeth, open the cat's canned food...in short, any use of my right hand (my dominant hand) left me sometimes, gasping for air, due to the sharp jolts of pain. I'm a musician and a writer and the impact to my work was adding to my stress and depression. I live in severe chronic pain, with other parts of my body, but, our hands represent our ability to manage our lives. I was in the medical machine, dealing with surgeons and even had a date set for surgery to my hand. So, it was serious.

    After I received Arthrozene, I took it faithfully and was told by my primary doctor to allow a window of, say, 6 hours...if you take morning meds, as the supplement can bind to your med and this would impact the effect of the Arthozene. He's a wonderful and enlightened doctor and supports alternative wellness programs. With me, it took about 6 weeks before I realized my pain level had dropped by a good 30% in my hand. I was doing things without the jolt of pain running up my arm. I hadn't even noticed when exactly it happened but it did.

    My doctor felt the cock's comb and sternum in the formula was a major component of the success of the supplement. Also, I was taking Boswellia before Arthrozene, along with my regimen of supplements...but the dosage for the "therapeutic" need is key in any medicine or supplement/mineral use. Facing hand surgery, with tendon's removed and rolled up into an Anchovy roll, inserted into my joint would be a long recovery. I was worried about permanent "numbness" in the joint area as I need my thumb. Imagine doing anything without your thumb! Since I live alone, it was a huge worry for me, and I have had numerous surgeries and still have pain.

    Well, that's my story. I stopped the surgery and believe firmly that there are other ways to get that joint regenerated. Important to know - everybody is different, anyone who has arthritis has to keep mobile, our diet is key to our health (I'm a vegetarian) and only eat organic foods. Certain foods wreck our ligaments. Long-term use of NSAID's will not help, but certainly, hurt you. Learn about Fibrin and how it works when we are injured. Knowledge is power. Do not put your precious body into the hands of a doctor...just because he is a doctor. I've met surgeon's I wouldn't let peel an apple!

    Lastly, there are many, many remedies from other parts of the world that have been used for longer than this country has been a country! Learn about them because once you have gone under the knife, you can't go back. Offered in Health and Peace!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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