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    • Dec 7, 2018
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    Peloton Bike

    Instant gratification

    Overall Experience:

    My wife is a regular Spin Class attendee, who also does Barre and Pilates. She is 50. I am an avid cyclist and workout at the gym three times a week. I am 59. Both of us enjoy pushing ourselves.

    It was my wife's idea to get the bike. As for the cost, my most expensive bicycle costs almost three times the Peloton, so not a big deal. I believe any money put towards making you healthier is well spent.

    The delivery guys were absolutely great. We got the bike the same week we bought it. Initially, we had some connectivity problems, which turned out to be my Spectrum cable modem. All of Peloton's customer service folks were excellent.

    The bike itself is well built. It is stable even on our carpeted floor (with a mat), complaints about it squeaking after multiple weeks of usage are understandable. With any machine, there is some type of maintenance required...lube the pedals, maybe some silicone on the belt. Spin bikes at gyms are constantly taken care of.

    There are a wide variety of workouts. I stick to the cycling. HIIT rides, climbing, low impact, Tabata...you name it. They even have some former Tour De France riders doing classes that are freaking INSANE! Music types...ditto...I just did a Metal ride, my wife a Southern Rock ride.

    I love the fact there is absolutely no excuse for not riding...it's raining...too cold...too much traffic to get to the gym.

    I am the type who likes to "leave it all on the road" so to speak. As they say, "Pain is just weakness leaving your body." My wife and I were already in good shape. We are now in great shape, heading towards "animal." We have an acquaintance who bought a Peloton and lost 50 lbs.

    If you are a January 1 to March 1 gym type or have a collection of fitness stuff gathering dust, the Peloton my not be the best choice for you. It would make an expensive piece of furniture.

    If you want a great workout, check out Peloton.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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