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    • Dec 21, 2018
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    Do not order from them

    Ordering from the company is a disaster. I have ordered a handful of times and each time I have my products have come in wrong, damaged, or inconsistent sizes. This goes back to over a year ago. One pair of boots were covered in black marks, another was the same style and size just a different color, and when they were laid flat next to each other, they were two completely different sizes although labeled the same.

    The most recent order is what has me leaving this review today. I ordered brown boots and they came in "Taupe," and as a courtesy, I returned them and was promised the brown boot. Weeks later after they received the wrong ones back. THEN that order was "delayed" a couple of days for who knows what, and when my boots came in they were yet again TAUPE!

    I called them, AGAIN to then, of course, be told I need to return the item, blah blah blah. Nope, heck no, I am not wasting my time again. So they sent me another pair and expedited it and assured me they would contact the warehouse and make sure the brown boots were the on the way and I could return the others when I felt like it.

    Well, here we are today, and my third pair of TAUPE boots have come in. Heck no, I am not a JustFab employed delivery person, I am definitely not sending back yet another pair of boots before I get a refund or before I get the right pair of boots. They would not assist me unless I returned these boots. Which, may I add, are not even for sale on the website for TAUPE.

    Terrible customer service, terrible expectations you have that you think your customers should deal with and do for you. Do not order from this company, do not waste your time on the cheap crap made boots, they are not worth the time you are going to spend trying to get something you want and like.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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