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    • Feb 2, 2019
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    January 25, 2019 - I reported Focallure to PayPal and requested a chargeback, but now PayPal refunded my money today. I had to pay to return the counterfeit items last week and now received confirmation that the money is back in my account.

    My advice is to be patient with the chargeback process and don't take Focallure's half-hearted yet offensive offers to "resolve" the issue. Their replies on this page are copy/pasted because they don't actually care that they screwed you. The only way to even get a response from Focallure is to complain to anyone NOT in their customer service. Complain to websites like HighYa. Do your chargeback, take pictures of everything, stay on top of replies to your email, and you will get your money back.

    Focallure CANNOT be trusted with your money! The only way to get justice is for them to be FORCED. DO NOT shop with them!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jan 17, 2019

      Tina P,


      I am from customer happiness team. I see you have left a negative review about Focallure. Our company values put customer satisfaction as a top priority, and we are committed to our customers.

      I would be thankful to you if you can please share your order number so I can look into the matter.


    • Jan 18, 2019

      G M.

      Everyone, take note of this response. They don't care about complaints, only metaphorically stealing your money. The order number was already in the post, but then again, so is the explanation of how they can't even get my name right. I asked for return instructions and they ignored everything. I had to get the address from PayPal because they just approved today my chargeback. Even PayPal got sick of their crap. To be clear, PayPal is refunding my money because they agree that I got screwed by Focallure. The only thing these amoral money-grubbers at Focallure understand is a chargeback. They can't do the right thing on their own. They have to be forced by others (like I did with PayPal) to actually do anything other than take your money. Can I change my rating to zero stars, please?

    • Jan 22, 2019

      G M.

      I could send you the order number, or you could actually read my review where the order number was posted. You can't get my name right, aren't actually reading the complaints, clearly care more about perception than resolving customer issues, and can't even communicate with other departments in your company (or you would know PayPal has already approved my refund without your approval because your actions are so awful). "Customer service" isn't your top priority. You have delayed at every opportunity, sent counterfeit items, lied about shipping dates/times, and tried to screw me at every opportunity. The last time I got "serviced" like this, at least she bought me dinner first.

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    • Jan 15, 2019


    January 11, 2019 - I told them I was going to do a chargeback because they sent me the wrong or counterfeit item and finally that got their attention. They began with "Dear NOT EVEN CLOSE TO MY NAME" and offered me a discount on my next order. Not to apologize for their error and then offer me a refund with instructions on how to mail back their wrong/counterfeit item. Not to apologize and then offer to send the correct/authentic item. If you order from this subjectively scam company, contact your bank in advance that you are going to need to do a chargeback. Or just NEVER ORDER from shopfocallure.com. Like ever. If it came between ordering from them and a long, agonizing death in front of my loved ones, I would say "What kind of cancer?" Because that's what they are; a cancer on the internet.

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    • Dec 31, 2018

    Fraud and counterfeit items

    From my perspective, this company is awful because of this interaction. Without my approval on order #1001288219 they signed me up for some subscription box. The item I actually ordered was supposed to ship in 3-5 days. Two weeks later and it still didn't ship. Customer service is available by a form on their website only (should have been my 10th red flag on this awful company). They said they would respond within 8 hours. When contacted to cancel the item, they took 2 days in responding and just said it was about to ship.

    Two more weeks later, they said the order was in the process of shipping and couldn't be canceled. A week later and I demanded they cancel their order, but they gave me a tracking number and said it had already shipped! The shipping company said they didn't receive it until 2 days after Focallure said it had already shipped.

    Well, a week after that, it turns out all that shipped was that subscription box I didn't order in the first place. So I told them again to cancel the item and they said it was about to ship and refused to cancel it. Here's the kicker - what they sent was obviously counterfeit and not even close to what I ordered. I have sent multiple requests to cancel the order and all they have done is demand I send pictures. I sent the pictures and asked them where to return the fraudulent item and received no response. I'm going to do a chargeback with my credit card and toss the knock-off item in the trash. I believe they are trying to run out the clock until the chargeback deadline has passed.

    In my opinion, they lie about shipping times, lie about customer service response, lie about items ordered, send counterfeit items, and have no sense of customer service. Their address is a very methy looking run-down strip mall in Vegas. I wish I had read these reviews and avoided them like the plague. If you do business with them after reading this, you deserve what you get. Bring lots of lube.

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