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    • Feb 15, 2016
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    To me it is about brain rejuvenation. Over the years I have undergone a substantial amount of brain injury and recently felt like part of my neural pathways that made me "me" had deteriorated. Adderall took away a degree of free-form in creativity. I became very rigid in art and dialogue, almost robotic. The great thing about what is in this pill is I feel natural brain chemistry being restored. I don't feel high or hyper-focused or really anything synthetic/manufactured. After one week, I feel this does more than what Adderall intended. I feel more self-aware, calmer and more in control of emotion. This is, for me, what Big Pharma has tried to manufacture and market through various one-trick-pony drugs to aid in ADHD, depression, bi-polar, anxiety, paranoia, OCD, rage, and whatever else. It feels like me, an enhancement of myself. I wouldn't use the term "limitless". If you are expecting Matthew McConaughey to roll up in a Cadillac and destroy De Niro's stock empire, this is not the drug for you. You aren't going to find that drug online. You are going to find it locked away in governments' research facilities miles underground. However, I feel mentally faster and more aware on a level like before head concussions, car accidents, drugs, alcohol, you name it. Oh yeah, memory enhancement. My short-term memory can retain more information longer; and my mind is starting to re-attach pathways, making new connections, to once forgotten long-term memories. I am looking forward to experiencing the continual development.

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