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    • Jan 11, 2019
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    Worst experience ever!

    I order a car. The site states see photos in 12 days and it will be ready with dates November 29th - December 6th. Estimated dates repeated 100 times as the days go on and no car. Agents are trained to be super nice and lie as well. I researched every VIN site with the car I had hoped to be receiving. I chose parchment interior, which the site stated. I advised Carvana over two weeks ago that I found a VIN report and the interior under this V is black. I asked to please make sure then. Did they? NO! I spent over grand in rental car fees! I advised how I felt about their 360 pics and I need a car now! Nope, I get an email telling me it’s about to be photographed. Are you kidding me?

    Another two days go by and guess what? Yesterday the car was ready to view, nonsense, the INTERIOR IS BLACK. One month, three weeks and lies, no replies to emails, and no compensation, well 250 after RCV car and 7 days up. Slap my face and have zero regard what not having a car over Thanksgiving and Christmas did to me, as well as the credit card maxed in rental fees and employees BS me to death. Not one call update from Carvana during the whole process...excuse me, the one today - we’re so sorry, good feedback to know, but no discount is going to be given, anything else we can do for you?

    Please people, be honest, review this company. They are trained robots with the same sweet sentences to appease you and claim transparency...their dictionary blows on definition and is clearly not what their business truly gives! Take a situation in your life - you counted on and looked FWD two and then someone blows it for you with nothing but a sweet-voiced "I’m so sorry, I understand." 10/1 all under 30 playing car sales games feeling in charge with zero understanding or care on what your feeling!

    I've cried enough, which may seem nonsense to most, but that’s a great idea for me to do to avoid what anger would otherwise render me crazy and usually gets me nowhere! Well looks like getting angry is exactly what needs to be played with them! Before this business shows some true apologies and compensates me for stealing almost two months of my life and truly give the customer service they oh so valiantly proclaim they give! Stress-free my butt!

    I left out so much. Hopefully, this sums it up enough to understand and others see enough to avoid doing business with them, or if you have money get a lawyer on them and hold them accountable. I sure wish I had my money back! I would get one. They would say their sorry by compensating me with another car that comes close to the car I believed took two months to "refurbish" even with 2000-$3000 difference. Instead, we’re so sorry. NO, they're NOT. On to the next case to them! Click! Now I’m ticked, lol. Seriously, just what I needed to vent! Thank you.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jan 17, 2019

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you for the detailed feedback of your Carvana experience. We are so sorry that the On Demand process has taken as long as it did in your case. We try to provide an estimated window for our reconditioning process, although depending on the work needed, parts being ordered, etc. we can take longer than those estimates. This is a flaw in this process and we agree that it sets the wrong expectations. It is disappointing that the color is wrong as the information on the OnDemand page should be accurate even before the photos arrive. This is part of the reason why we give our customers the 48-hour window to decide on the car once the photos go live. However, this was first an error on our part we would like to sincerely apologize for. We're thankful for your feedback, as we are continuously improving our OnDemand process.

      We would certainly love to still work with you, so please let us know if you are still in the market for a vehicle. One of our Specialists will be reaching out within 24-48 hours or if you prefer you can call in at (800) 333-4554 at your earliest convenience.

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