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    • Jan 15, 2019
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    The tools for success that will change your world

    I was on another program for three years and change. It's a popular program. I was extremely successful and lost quite a lot of weight over those three years. The way I decided I was done was when the scale "would.not.budge.at.all." As I was finished, I got a cute charm and a couple of pamphlets. There was no support. Guess what happened? All I could think about was dieting; I was obsessing about my food ALL THE TIME. In my heart, I didn't think I was done. Even one of my doctors agreed with me. I'm not sure how I decided to do it, but I was looking up some research and came across Noom somehow. I thought, why the heck not? Keep in mind, I'm a librarian, so I like FACTS. You know, SCIENCE. None of that was in view in the other program.

    The first 10 days passed uneventfully, but I learned so much that I didn't previously know! I started implementing little changes - TINY CHANGES - as I learned them. At the end of the second week, my brain started to change. I suddenly was able to set down diet brain and connect to what I needed and wanted, and what happens when diet brain is in charge of me.

    Yes. I've lost weight. I'm not going to lie - I'm over the moon about it. It's a very decent amount of weight. I'm very close to the goal I gave up on. But (and I hate it when people say this) it's so much deeper than that. There is science in hand to help me understand the science behind what happens in and around this weight loss circus. These are the things that make things happen, and these are the things you can do to mitigate those things. Why? Science. This is the SCIENCE.

    I also realized that weight loss is terrible if all you think about after your reach "your goal" is, well, weight loss. I realized one of my goals was to get out from under the tyranny of dieting.

    When you add the group that you have for focused reporting, and the Goal Coach, Noom is a winner. I'm a HUGE fan. I am no longer at the mercy of my diet. Who can argue with THAT?

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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