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    • Jan 15, 2019
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    Filthy, will not pass inspection!

    I am retired from the auto industry with over 24 years experience. That being said, I believe I know how a vehicle should be sold and what condition it should be in when received. The buying process was really painless and I liked the fact that I had a good choice of vehicles to choose from. But that is where it also stops! After the purchase, I get a phone call on the delivery day asking me if it is okay for them to drive my newly purchased vehicle to me because it was raining and the "delivery truck is slippery and not safe when the floor of the bed is wet!" Okay, I am an easy guy, and I said of course not a problem.

    My vehicle shows up and the rep, Eddie, is a really nice guy. Remind you, it's raining, and to be honest I should have asked them to deliver my vehicle the following day but I needed to replace my current vehicle and I had a doctors appointment, so I really needed my vehicle. So I look at the outside of the vehicle and I am thinking that I really cannot see much, but I did notice heavy brake dust on the wheels that should not be there! I open the doors and begin to notice that it is not that clean, but Eddie assures me it has been detailed! Guys/ladies, I do not like saying this, but that was a blatant lie! But Eddie says that I can get it detailed and they would reimburse me when I submit the invoice.

    I say okay and begin to look through the car and notice that what is stated on the website is not in the vehicle. Eddie steps in and says no worries, I will order the items. Remind you, this is after he checks the website. Actually no, he could not find it, so I had to pull it up on my laptop. So he says no problem, done! He calls Uber, I offer to run him back, but Uber was already at my home by that time.

    So the following day I am excited and I am getting in my car to head out of town when I notice a loud noise when I roll the windows down! For some reason, the rear defrosters are not working! The noise, when I roll the windows down, is because when Carvana removed the window tint, they left the adhesive on the glass! Now that is also why the rear defrosters are not working! Carvana damaged the defrosters on all three windows! So if they inspect the vehicles, why is all of this going on?

    There is of the rear vent register does not work, the wiper blades are torn, so this vehicle would not even pass state inspection! How can someone sell a car that would not pass state inspection? So now I am wondering what else has been overlooked or not check? I begin to look, and I pull the air filter and it's filthy!

    So here is what I have concluded, if it was really detailed then someone has children and allowed them to color on the headliner and allowed the passenger to spill hot sauce or soda as well without a care in the world! I figured I better check the spare tire and sure enough, it is totally deflated! I considered trading it back in but would the next be the same? Their seven-day return is not truly seven days, by the way! The delivery day, no matter what time it is, is considered one full and is your first day!

    Carvana has offered a allowance reimbursement for detail and to remove the adhesive of $250.00. But as of this morning, they lowered it to only $150.00 and that will not cover it! Carvana Repair Team has told me to take my vehicle to a repair facility to have the filter and wipers taken care of but they did not mention the defrosters or the removal of the window tint adhesive, and they are the ones that lowered the allowance by $100.00! It seems to me as if this car just came from the auction and they are leaving it up to me to look it over!

    The buying process was great, and everyone is really nice, but that does not make up for lying to me to my face and thinking I must be some kind of idiot! And delivering a vehicle to me that is filthy and unsafe! The first gentleman I spoke to said that they only check safety items and the defroster is not part of that "but he said should tell the owner!" Really! Guys/ladies, I will say this, "shame on me for accepting this vehicle," and if you decide to purchase a vehicle from Carvana, expect to pay money out of your pocket and spend time at a repair facility. I am disabled and that is one of the reason why I chose Carvana. Thinking that I would not have to get out and try to walk the lot of a dealership and haggle. To have a safe reliable clean car delivered to me at my home was going to be a true blessing and I was so excited to the point that I was telling my family how easy it was and how kind everyone is that I spoke with. My true blessing turned into a broken halo!

    Deceiving people is not a cool thing. I feel as if I have been taken advantage of and now they are wanting me to do the leg work in making this automobile safe for my family and self. You know, I began to wonder if they coach the employees to be so kind and cheerful on the phone? By the looks of my automobile, it seems as if they are all smoking gonga or something? LOL, trying to find humor in it all.

    Last thing...the not perfect four. Whatever it says on their website must just be advertising because there is no possible way it can be true! I have worked hard all my life and I am now disabled and I really thought that Carvana was the great way to go and would be a great option for someone in my shoes, but instead, Carvana is going to make my life a bit harder. I truly pray that this vehicle lasts me. I will repost if they make things right! Guys/ladies, safe travels and Godspeed!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jan 21, 2019

      Company Response from Carvana

      We’re always happy when the purchase process goes smoothly, but your experience with car quality is not acceptable and we would like to apologize for this. We do see that repairs are underway. We regret there was confusion in regards to the $250 amount being $150. This was a miscommunication on our end and we’re happy to have resolved this with you. Thank you for your patience, time, and efforts as you go through the repair process. The extra effort was not what we intended, but we’re glad to be moving forward in resolving these issues. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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