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    • Jan 15, 2019
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    Never again!

    The only reason I gave it a two, which is being nice by the way, is because their prices are decent, in my opinion. Screw what they said about it NOT being a hassle. The agents keep saying that the "instructions" on how they work were on the website. NO, they weren't. In fact, if they were, I wouldn't be on the second WEEK trying to buy this darn car! Seriously, two weeks?!

    When I first did this, I was using a referral code to take $500 off of my amount. I was interested in getting a different car, and I saw the car I want. Now, since the car I want is technically what they call an "on-demand" car, I had to place a $100 refundable amount to reserve the car for just VIEWING. It took a few days to just get this accomplished.

    In the meantime, I was planning on trading in my car, so I went through the process to set up the trade to see what I could get for the car. However, after speaking the first person, I had literally NO idea the submitted appraisal of my car would only last seven days. So do the math, you submit an appraisal, and it is only good for seven days and it takes until day three to see the car. That means you have four days left to make the car yours because of something as "secretive" as photos.

    Financing: So, when I first made an account, it linked to my account with a different credit union. I figured that was fine, as I can change it later. They advertised they were partners with them, but my car loan wasn't with them. I was trying to stay with my other credit union account where my car loan is with. So after scheduling with the person on a chat that I will be picking up the car, they say all I need is my license and a picture of the front and back of the check from my credit union for the car. Ok. I call my credit union to start the process, but she doesn't give me a check nor picture as I'm trying to pick up the car the next day. This is day five, mind you.

    Day six, my credit union send me the tracking number of the check she is overnighting to them so I can get the car the next day as scheduled. They get the tracking number, and I thought we were good. It's Friday evening, and they tell me "oh, we need a 10-day payoff." WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I tell them someone from their camp told me I only needed to bring a check or its picture and my license. They offer to call me the next day to three-way my bank, and I'm like ok, but it is Saturday tomorrow and limited time. They call me on Saturday, 1 HOUR after my credit union is closed. This is day seven, by the way.

    They put the car on hold for me and told me they would schedule me to pick up the car on Monday at 7 PM. This was already bad as traffic is worse around that time here. I say ok, and they go ahead and schedule it...SO I THOUGHT. Here comes Monday and I call to be sure as I drive there about to be late. They say, "oh we never got your 10-day payoff." When were you going to tell me?! They never called.

    Then they tell me I need to resubmit my appraisal because it's seven days old. WHAT?! I do, and my value goes down by $200! So, my bank already put the car in my account for the loan and I'm just trying to get the darn thing! I resubmit and then I three-way my bank on Tuesday or Wednesday with Carvana. My loan officer was telling them they already paid themselves and she sent the check for the car. She told them they didn't need a 10-day payoff. Then Carvana tells us that, "oh, actually, then we need lien holder release form and you need to mail the title to us." EXCUSE ME?!

    So they harass me for a 10-day payoff to then say actually we need something else from you. So I think we settled this as today, Friday, they were now going to deliver the car to me. I call to be sure, again, as I got off early to go receive this car at my place. They say they tried calling me on Wednesday and Thursday but they never did and there was zero VOICEMAIL! The others had left one. They tried emailing me, and I had no time to check it due to my job, and they SAID they'd call me this week! So now I'm playing the 24 hours game on if I get the car I worked so hard to get or someone else get the car! I still don't know if or when I will be getting this car! Forget them!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jan 23, 2019

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you for providing this detailed feedback about your Carvana experience. We truly do believe that we provide a better way to buy a car for customers. However, it looks like we fell short in your case and we would like to apologize for this. We could have provided clearer expectations that would have led to a smoother process altogether. We understand that a timeline for the 7-Day trade value and the OnDemand process can take up to a few weeks. This proves frustrating for you as a customer and we are working on this communication piece. If we had communicated to you right away, the potential for your trade value to expire could have come up with a potential solution. Such as choosing a vehicle that was ready to deliver or holding off on getting a trade value. The same applies for the loan issues with your bank. While we need certain documents before we can deliver a car, we should have done a better job clarifying with you and the bank what documents to provide. Some very simple opportunities to keep this sale running smoothly were missed and we sincerely apologize that this was the case. Please call us with any questions at (800) 333-4554 and if we can further assist. We appreciate you being part of the Carvana family.

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