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    • Jan 21, 2019
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    Thrive Experience

    If you don't have 8 weeks, don't try it!

    Overall Experience:

    I was given a four-day trial from a friend and two months later I gave it a shot by ordering a full month.

    That first week was brutal. I transitioned from an unsuccessful 12-week "weight loss" program that started my day with 200mg synthetic caffeine to Thrive that had 65mg plant derived caffeine. The headaches and body aches were almost unbearable. The shake gave me stomach aches, and I was calling up my friend complaining every day. "Just stick with it, you've got to trust me," she said.

    I was stubborn enough to just take the remainder of the product so I wouldn't waste money.

    By the middle of the second week, I realized that I had only been down-in-the-dumps two times. This was a new record for me. I had progressively been in a downward spiral for five years and was feeling like I was in a rut every other day.

    After two weeks the digestive issues were gone. I tripled my water intake and the patches stopped irritating my skin.

    Three weeks later, my good moods were consistent and I felt like a fog had lifted. I hadn't seen this side of me in years. I decided to order a second month and continue to see what it could do for me.

    12+ months later, my knees haven't ached all winter, my appetites have reduced, and I've dropped 29 lbs. My road rage and mood swings are totally gone.

    This isn't a one-all, cure-all...but my doctor told me to stick with it. All the ingredients are fulfilling my body's needs on a daily basis, and my overall mental and physical health has improved drastically.

    The only way to know if it's for you is to take it as directed for eight weeks. Then come back and write a review.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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