Best Artificial Christmas Trees of 2016: Top Picks for Every Budget & Style

If you want a way to enjoy the tradition of a Christmas tree without the mess or having to buy a new one every year, an artificial Christmas tree might just be the choice for you.

But, how to tell which brand and style of a tree will bring in holiday cheer right out of the box?

To help you determine which artificial Christmas tree is a great fit for your home, budget, and style, we combed through hundreds of options, comparing customer reviews and featured products, to find our top picks in different categories.

A Quick Note on Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees

There are plenty of “pros” to choosing a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. They save you time and money—at first.

However, when researching through reviews of various artificial trees, it became apparent that lighting systems are the most common reasons for customer complaints for a few reasons.

You’re paying a premium for pre-lit artificial Christmas trees—depending on the bulb density, these models often cost hundreds more than unlit versions.

Plus, Christmas lights are notorious for going dark when one bulb burns out, and finding the culprit can often take a long time. When this happens on a separate string, you can remove and replace the lights. But, that’s not the case with a pre-lit artificial tree.

When the lights go out on a pre-lit tree, you’re stuck hunting through needles for the burnt bulb or calling the whole thing a bust.

Sometimes replacement bulbs are even brand specific, which means it can take weeks—or months—to get new bulbs in the mail. (If the company is still around at all.)

We found multiple reviews by consumers who’d previously purchased pre-lit artificial suggesting that you steer clear.

David Roehr says, “I have two pre-lit trees...don’t bother! They have a short lifespan since sooner or later the lights go out.”

There are a few exceptions listed below—brands that use microchips to ensure the whole tree doesn’t go dark should one bulb go out.

However, because pre-lit artificial trees were the source of so many problems, we’ve tried to include mostly unlit versions, instead focusing on realisticness, style, shape, and cost.

1. Most Affordable: Best Choice Products 6' Premium Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

Best Choice Products 6' Premium Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

This unlit artificial Christmas tree, made by Best Choice Products tree, gets the number-one spot as most affordable because, despite using traditional shredded PVC (plastic) needles, the Best Choice Products Artificial Pine maintains a realistic appearance—and is available at the low price of $45.65.

Perhaps that’s why it’s the “#1 Best Seller” on Amazon in Christmas trees. And, the customers who purchase this tree have great things to say about it, even after multiple uses. Positive remarks include:

It’s easy to set up. “EASIEST setup I’ve ever had. My wife got it up and sturdy while I went to the kitchen to get us drinks. The tree isn't as full as it looks in the picture, but IT IS very full, especially when compared to the trees found at Walmart.” – Amazon Customer on December 12, 2015

It’s full, without taking up too much space. “We LOVE this tree. Easy to set up and the tree is beautiful when decorated. Stand is sturdy. The tree comes in three pieces, simply insert each piece and open the branches. Very full when all branches are opened. This tree is particularly useful if you do not have a lot of room for a tree with a large bottom.” – ThePrimitiveGardener on December 12, 2015

It’s inexpensive. “Trees are over priced. I feel that we got a great deal on this. I have paid $200 for other trees, and this ranks right up there with them for less than a fourth of the price.” – Amazon Customer on December 12, 2015

Additionally, at only eight pounds, this product is the lightest of the bunch, which is a potential “pro” for consumers who have difficulty lugging and lifting a heavy artificial tree up into the attic at the end of the holiday season.

Despite having overwhelmingly positive reviews, a few customers mentioned cons of the Best Choice Products artificial Christmas tree, including:

  • The branches aren’t sturdy enough to hold heavier ornaments.
  • Fluffing the branches out takes time.
  • There’s only this one type of tree available.
  • Some of the needles do shed.

Additional Information About the Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

Best Choice Products UnassembledImage via Amazon reviewer Conny

This Best Choice Products six-foot artificial Christmas tree comes with branches already attached to three different sections, so there’s no need to assemble your tree branch-by-branch. Details and specifications include:

  • Lights: No
  • Density: Contains 1000 tips
  • Girth: Tree has 55" girth
  • Base: Includes metal base
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Reviews: 3.8 out of 5-stars on Amazon (from 87 customer reviews)
  • Where to buy? Amazon for $45.65 or Walmart for $44.94
  • Warranty: No

What to take away? This tree is the most affordable, and reviewers remark on its fullness as well as that branches come down close enough to the floor to give a realistic appearance.

However, if you have a collection of heavy ornaments, this tree’s weak branches might mean it’s not the best pick.

See Also: How to Save on Holiday Decorations

Additionally, being made of shredded PVC (as opposed to mold-injected plastic) and having blunt-cut ends (as opposed to tapered), it lacks some of the touches that could allow it to pass for an authentic Christmas tree.

So, if you’re looking for a model that’s sure to fool guests into believing that your tree is off the lot, scroll down to our picks for “most realistic” options.

2. Compact & Affordable: Kurt Adler TR2326 4' Artificial Christmas Tree

Kurt Adler TR2326 4’ Artificial Christmas Tree

If a six-foot tree slightly too tall for your space, this Kurt Adler artificial pine tree is just under four feet and available on Amazon for about $108.72. Since that’s almost triple the price of our most affordable option, why does this tree deserve the number-two spot in our rankings?

The Kurt Adler brand is typically sold at Sears and Macy’s at higher prices. However, this four-foot model has been recently discontinued by the manufacturer, so it’s available at a lower price than normal.

Additionally, while this Kurt Adler artificial Christmas tree has needles made of shredded PVC, the ends of each branch (called tips), have been trimmed to tapered points. This gives the tree a more natural and realistic look. (If you scroll up to our number one pick above, which has branches with blunt ends, you can see the difference.)

A final reason why it’s in our top picks, this tree has over 140 reviews on Amazon—most of which are five-stars. Here are some of the positive things customers have to say about this artificial tree:

It’s very full, with plenty of tips per branch. “WOW! This is a very full artificial tree! Usually, when you get a budget tree, you really have to work the limbs in all directions, and sadly, you wind up taking the ‘wall’ side and pushing those limbs towards the front to make up the fullness. This tree? No way. I don't think you could even if you tried.” – A. Shepard on November 18, 2013

The branches are sturdy enough to hold heavy ornaments. The same customer updated their review to mention that the tree could hold even their heaviest ornaments. “Pretty impressive. It's at least 8oz of solid ceramic. The tree has withstood small child and a very large dog trying to go through it.”

It’s easy to use and looks great. “This tree looks really good and can be put together and ready to decorate in less than a minute. The tree itself breaks down into three pieces and the stand. All the branches remain attached to the tree during break down. Can't wait to use it next year!” – A. Laren on February 2, 2016

There are some negative reviews of this product that mention docking stars off because the box it comes in says “Noel Galvas.” This led a few customers to believe that they were duped out of a genuine Kurt Adler tree.

However, in the Customer Question & Answer section on Amazon, both a customer and the seller assure potential buyers that these are authentic artificial Kurt Adler trees as sold by an authorized reseller.

Additional Information About the Kurt Adler TR2326 Artificial Christmas Tree

Kurt Adler Unassembled

This tree comes disassembled in three different sections of hinged branches. As mentioned above, the reviews state that assembly is simple and fast, just connect the sections and fluff out branches for a fuller look.

Kurt Adler TR2326 Image via Amazon reviewer A. Shepard

Details and specifications include:

  • Lights: No
  • Density: Contains 1026 tips
  • Girth: Tree has 50" girth
  • Base: Includes metal base
  • Height: 3' 9"
  • Weight: 27.15 pounds
  • Reviews: 3.7 out of 5-stars on Amazon (from 140 customer reviews)
  • Where to buy? Amazon for $82.43
  • Warranty: No

What to take away? While there are a few artificial trees for slightly less on Amazon, we think the combination of remarkable fullness and tapered tips makes this Kurt Adler artificial Christmas tree a winner—particularly for those who are looking for a tree that’s smaller in stature.

That being said, its four-foot height means that this tree isn’t a great option for families looking for a towering artificial pine. Additionally, one reviewer mentioned that his tree had a few sparse areas near the top.

According to Amazon reviewer Benjamin Wake, “If none of those minor issues are deal breakers, this is a fantastic choice. The assembly is as simple as putting three sections of the tree on top of each other. The branches fold out to be very full. The material that makes up the branches is very durable but flexible, so you can put the branches wherever you like (always a plus for decorating).”

Bottom line, if you’re fine with a tree that isn’t trying too hard to look real, the Kurt Adler TR2326 appears to do everything that you’d want from an artificial Christmas tree at a reasonable price.

3. Best Flocked and Pre-Lit: Vickerman Artificial Christmas Trees

Vickerman Artificial Christmas Trees

If you’re searching for an artificial tree that sparkles with a holiday spirit, look no further than the range of flocked and pre-lit Christmas trees made by Vickerman.

Why this brand? Unlike many pre-lit artificial Christmas trees, Vickerman uses a unique lighting system called Dura-lit, which utilizes microchips in each socket.

With Dura-lit, bulbs stay lit even if one is broken or goes missing—meaning that you won’t have to go spend hours testing attached lights one-by-one just to get your tree back in working order.

Additionally, Amazon lists Vickerman as one of their top brands in artificial trees. This business isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau. However, their trees hold consistently positive customer reviews.

Finally, it’s our opinion that Vickerman offers the most aesthetically pleasing flocked artificial trees. Across all their models, outer branches are coated in thick flocking that gives a realistic, snow-like appearance.

In their review of Vickerman’s flocked trees, customers seemed to agree. Here’s what we’ve people say about the brand’s flocked, pre-lit trees:

  • “Love this tree it’s beautiful, and the white flocking hides all of the cords and lights!” – SeaDog on December 25, 2014
  • “Love the tree and flocking. Couldn't be happier with the construction and look of it. Beautiful. Would recommend product highly.” – Bevluvsdogs on February 26, 2013
  • “I was pleasantly surprised! The flocking was superb - didn’t fall apart; positioning of the light and electrical cords were well engineered. I highly recommend this particular tree.” – Teresita B. on November 29, 2013
  • “I am using this tree for a charity fundraiser. It is beautiful. Easy to assemble, flocking stays in place and when decorated are jaw dropping stunner.” – Millisense on October 26, 2013

The above reviews were for Vickerman’s 4.5' Flocked Utica, available on Amazon for $140.24. However, Vickerman offers over 150 flocked, pre-lit artificial Christmas trees in a range of sizes and styles—25 of which receive 4-stars or higher. Here’s a sampling of those top-reviewed models to give you an idea of pricing:

Vickerman Pre-Lit Flocked Spruce Alpine Tree

Vickerman Pre-Lit Flocked Spruce Alpine Tree: Clear lights only. Available in 4' ($101.09), 5' ($147.45), 6' ($290.52), and 7' ($446.50).

Vickerman Pre-Lit Flocked Utica Fir Tree

Vickerman Pre-Lit Flocked Utica Fir Tree:

  • 4.5': Unlit ($107.10), with Clear Dura-lit Lights ($163.89), Multicolored Dura-lit Lights ($169.99), Multicolored LED Lights ($186.26).
  • 6.5': Clear Dura-lit Lights ($338.97), Multicolored Dura-lit Lights ($320), Multicolored LED Lights ($369.94), Warm White LED Lights ($394.57).
  • 7.5': Clear Dura-lit Lights ($442.39), Multicolored Dura-lit Lights ($465.99), Multicolored LED Lights ($506.14).
  • 9': Multicolored LED Lights ($675.26)
  • 10': Warm White LED Lights ($1,210.99)
  • 14': Warm White LED Lights ($3,277.99)

Vickerman Flocked Slim Utica Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Vickerman Flocked Slim Utica Fir Artificial Christmas Tree:

  • 6.5': Clear Dura-lit Lights ($353.99), Multicolored Dura-lit Lights ($215.33), Multicolored LED Lights ($221.40), Warm White LED Lights ($369.90).
  • 7.5': Multicolored Dura-lit Lights ($290.49), Multicolored LED Lights ($359.78), Warm White LED Lights ($764.91).
  • 9': Multicolored LED Lights ($471.23)

Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Artificial Christmas Tree

Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Artificial Christmas Tree: Available in 6.5' ($446.96).

Additional Information About the Vickerman’s 4.5' Flocked Utica Christmas Tree

All Vickerman artificial Christmas trees come in three sections, plus an included tree stand. Each section is assembled from the bottom (largest section) up to the top (smallest section) by inserting the next higher section into the pole of the one below. Since these trees are pre-lit, you’ll also need to plug in each section of lights as you build up from the bottom.

As the tree is assembled the limbs will fall into place on their hinges and are ready to be shaped and fluffed. Disassembly is the opposite of the setup starting from the top down. Overall, customers report that assembly is very easy.

Details and specifications include:

  • Lights: Yes
  • Density: Contains 492 tips, but varies with size and style.
  • Girth: Tree has 41" girth, but varies with size and style.
  • Base: Includes metal base
  • Height: 4'5"
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Reviews: 5 out of 5-stars on Amazon (from 7 customer reviews)
  • Where to buy? Amazon for $140.24
  • Warranty: No

What to take away? We still have some reservations regarding pre-lit trees, since they cost so much more than the unlit versions. However, for shoppers seeking the convenience of an already-decorated artificial Christmas tree, you can’t do much better than Vickerman’s Dura-lit lights.

A final note: After close inspection, we’re not the biggest fan of their un-flocked models. So, if you’re not particularly interested in the look of a flocked tree, we suggest scrolling down to our picks for most realistic models.

4. Best Non-Traditional: Treetopia Angel Pink Flocked 7.5' Christmas Tree

Treetopia Angel Pink Flocked 7.5’ Christmas Tree

Some artificial Christmas trees strive for a realistic appearance—then there’s Treetopia’s Flocked Angel Pink Artificial Tree, which was featured on the Today Show for it’s funky, retro style.

Treetopia’s tree is constructed with a combination of pine needles and PVC needles for depth and extra fullness. They’re also adorned with pre-strung clear lights.

As we’ve mentioned, this can make decorating easier. However, Treetopia doesn’t utilize a technology that would prevent the whole tree from going out if one bulb is broken, so be aware that you might need to add your lights after several years of use.

Treetopia is not accredited with the BBB. However, the brand does hold an A+ rating with 15 complaints closed within the last three years. (As of 11/13/2016.)

Additionally, there are no reviews on this particular product’s Amazon page just yet. However, we were able to find reviews of another Treetopia product that may give you insight to pros and cons.

Because the Treetopia Angel Pink Flocked Artificial Christmas tree is, well, cotton-candy pink, positive reviews focused less on a realistic look. Instead, customers pleased with their purchase mentioned that:

  • The artificial tree met their expectations for fullness.
  • The tree was great looking.
  • Appeared well made and shed minimally.

Customers less pleased with their Treetopia purchase mentioned that:

  • The tree stopped about one and a half feet from the floor, giving it an unrealistic appearance.
  • It was shorter than the advertised height.

Additional Information About the Treetopia Angel Pink Flocked Christmas Tree

This tree comes disassembled in three different sections of hinged branches—just connect the parts and fluff out branches for a fuller look.

  • Lights: 500 clear lights
  • Density: Contains 680 tips
  • Girth: Tree has 54" girth
  • Base: Includes metal base
  • Height: 7'5"
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Reviews: No reviews yet
  • Where to buy? Treetopia for $278
  • Warranty: Covered by a 5-Year Tree and Foliage Limited Warranty and 2-Year Limited Light Warranty
  • Includes: Tree stand, extra bulbs and fuses, and on/off foot pedal

Bottom line, Treetopia’s artificial Christmas trees aren’t going to appeal to everyone. However, if you’re searching for an artificial tree with a funky style that will command any room, Treetopia’s wide variety of candy-colored artificial Christmas trees are sure to appeal.

The brand also offers artificial trees in peppermint stripe, gold tinsel, sparkling silver, and a range of other sizes, novelty shades and shapes.

5. Most Realistic: Balsam Hill Balsam Fir Premium 7' Artificial Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill Balsam Fir Premium 7’ Artificial Christmas Tree

This seven-foot tall fir from Balsam Hill features mold-injected, ultra-realistic True Needle foliage—one of three foliage types offered by Balsam Hill. (The others are are Traditional, which is shredded PVC plastic, and Realistic, which is a blend of the two.)

We’ve highlighted this specific tree since it was named Good Housekeeping’s “Best Overall Artificial Tree” due it’s natural-looking green color and the realistic fall of its branches. The editors at Good Housekeeping aren’t the only ones who are impressed with Balsam Hill’s realistic look—here’s a sampling of the positive reviews we found:

“Good Housekeeping was right when they picked this as their best artificial tree. You'd have to study it to determine that it was fake. From a foot away, you can't tell. Excellent color of the needles and the stems (which match nature in the brownish color) and excellent pliability and natural fullness (actually looks more natural than my real trees of recent years - if that's possible).” – Careful Reviewer on December 15, 2014

“The customer service from Balsam was outstanding.” – Amazon Customer on January 10, 2015

“We could not be happier with this tree! I was nervous because of the price, but stopped holding my breath when the scads of lights all worked perfectly! The shape is beautiful! We are used to a wide, full tree that took forever to put up branch by branch, and needed something easier. So easy! I still needed help from the family because the pieces are heavy, but three pieces and done! Once fluffed, it looked wide enough (not a pencil tree at all!) and full and had room for the multitudes of ornaments we have collected over the years without hiding them. I particularly love the strong branches that can hold some of our heavier ornaments.” – Mom&Librarian on January 2, 2016

Truth be told, not every review of Balsam Hill artificial trees is glowing. However, the only negative comments are concerning pre-lit models—including this one here, which is considered the “most helpful” criticism.

If you’re willing to stick to unlit artificial Christmas trees, trying to pick the “best” Balsam Hill model is darn difficult—the company offers such a wide range of styles and sizes that’s it’s hard to choose.

We’ve featured Balsam Hill’s artificial Balsam Fir, but here are some additional ultra-realistic styles sold by the brand:

Classic Blue Spruce

Classic Blue Spruce: Unlit in 6' ($179.00), 6.5' ($189.00), 7.5' ($299), and 9' ($549.00). 

Vermont White Spruce

Berkshire Mountain Fir: Unlit in 4.5' ($129.00), 6.5' ($179.00), 7.5' ($259.00), and 9' ($289.00).

In fact, that’s not even all of them! This brand offers hundreds of trees in various sizes and styles. If you’re interested in exploring additional artificial trees from Balsam Hill, we’d recommend heading over to their official website. There, you can search through hundreds of artificial Christmas trees using the following filters:

  • Height: Select from six categories of tree height, from trees under 6 feet to those 15-feet and above.
  • Light Type: Choose between standard lights (clear, multi, or color and clear combination), LED lights (clear or multi), and unlit options.
  • Tree Shape: Select between regular (full), narrow, slim, potted, and flat-backed shaped trees.
  • Level of Realism: Choose between traditional shredded PVC, mold-injected plastic, or a combination of both.

Additional Information About the Balsam Hill Balsam Fir Christmas Tree

Here are the detailed specs for the model we featured:

  • Lights: Optional. Choose between clear, multicolored, LED clear, and unlit.
  • Density: Contains 5,062 tips
  • Girth: Tree has 56" girth
  • Base: Includes metal base
  • Height: 7'
  • Weight: 48.9 pounds
  • Reviews: 4.2 out of 5-stars on Amazon (from 23 customer reviews)
  • Where to buy? Amazon for $499 (unlit), $599 (clear lights), or $699 (multicolored or LED lights)
  • Warranty: Covered by a 10-Year Tree and Foliage Limited Warranty and 3-Year Limited Light Warranty
  • Includes: Tree stand, storage bag(s), cotton gloves, extra bulbs and fuses, and on/off foot pedal

If you selected a lighted version, additional perks include an electrical connection for tree toppers and foot pedal connection to easily switch the tree’s lights on and off.

What to take away? The overall impression that we get from Balsam Hill reviews is that, while expensive, their trees are top of the line. It’s also worth noting that Balsam Hill is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and holds 148 closed complaints over three years and an A+ rating. (At the time of writing 11/13/2016.) 

6. Realistic Runner-Up: National Tree “Feel-Real” Downswept Douglas Fir 7.5' Artificial Tree

National Tree “Feel-Real” Downswept Douglas Fir 7.5’ Artificial Tree

The traditional Douglas Fir from the National Tree Company comes in eight light and height combinations, making it a good fit for almost any space.

Why did this tree make it into our top picks? The National Tree Company is another top brand listed by Amazon, and this particular model boasts a rating of 4.3 out of 5-stars from over 102 customer reviews.

Here are some of the positive things customers have to say about this artificial tree:

“It was extremely easy to put together. I had to spend about a 1/2 hour arranging the branches, but it looks terrific! The tips on the outer part look unbelievably real. Even without decorations, it's gorgeous.” – Susan Hahn on November 14, 2013

“My mom was visiting for Christmas, and when we talked about our ‘fake’ tree after a few days, I saw her confused look. She told us that she initially thought it wasn't real, but then walked up to it, touched it and concluded that it was real after all. Yes, it does ‘feel real.’” – Hans L. on January 21, 2013

Additionally, this brand also offers Bulb-Lock lighting, and claims that your tree’s lights won’t go out should one bulb fail. Depending on which option you choose, this Douglas Fir’s emerald green foliage can be unlit, or outfitted with either clear or multicolored lights.

The National Tree Company’s Downswept Douglas Fir is also available in several different sizes: 4.5' Clear Pre-lit ($95.26), 6.5' Clear Pre-lit ($438.70), 7.5' Clear Pre-lit ($344.60), 7.5' Multi-Colored Pre-lit ($288.89), 9' Clear Pre-lit ($519.86), 10' Clear Pre-lit ($1,179.74).

Note that, because this product is available through a variety of sellers on Amazon, there is a lack of continuity in the pricing making some taller trees cheaper than the shorter versions.

Additional Information About the National Tree Company Downswept Douglas Fir

As with the other trees we’ve featured, the branches on this artificial Christmas tree are attached and simply fold up for storage. To assemble, lock in the three separate sections, plugging in lights as you go.

  • Lights: 750 clear lights
  • Density: Contains 3,933 tips
  • Girth: Tree has 59" girth
  • Base: Includes metal base
  • Height: 7'5"
  • Weight: 60.3 pounds
  • Reviews: 4.3 out of 5-stars on Amazon (from 102 customer reviews)
  • Where to buy? Amazon for $272.99
  • Warranty: Covered by a 5-Year Tree and Foliage Limited Warranty and 2-Year Limited Light Warranty
  • Includes: Tree stand, storage carton, and extra bulbs and fuses.

What to take away? Overall, customers who purchased National Tree’s Downswept Douglas Fir were pleased with their purchase, with positive reviews focusing on the tree’s realistic look and feel.

Of the few negative reviews left for this product, there was only one that remarked on the fullness of its branches, and other reviewers were quick to point out that this customer hadn’t taken the time to “fluff” the tree so that it could take on a more natural shape.

While there were several other negative remarks, these centered around the tree’s pre-strung lighting. With that in mind, since you can’t purchase this tree in an unlit version, we felt the potential for lighting problems earned it second place.

7. Best to Save Space: Balsam Hill Park Avenue Corner 7' Artificial Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill Park Avenue Corner 7’ Artificial Christmas Tree

Live in a rental or squeezed for space? Consider a slim corner tree instead of a full-sized fake. We selected this model because the manufacturer, Balsam Hill, has received so many positive reviews.

Additionally, the unique corner shape of their Park Avenue artificial Christmas tree allows apartment dwellers to enjoy the feel of a full-size tree without losing precious space.

Not only does this Balsam Hill corner tree take up less space with on display, but its smaller profile also means that it’s easier to store.

The Balsam Hill corner tree only has two reviews on Amazon, one complaining that it’s sparse and narrow, while the other comments that it’s perfect for small spaces.

However, if you head over to the product’s page on Balsam Hill’s official website, we can learn a little more about its pros and cons.

Customers had mostly positive reviews of this corner tree, with many stating that it’s space-saving design allowed them to enjoy a tree in cramped spaces where it was previously impossible. Positive reviews also praise this tree for its attractive design, durable construction, and easy setup.

There are a few negatives worth noting. Namely that the unique shape of this corner tree makes it prone to toppling, particularly if placed on a carpet or if decorated with a heavy topper.

Additional Information About Balsam Hill Park Avenue Corner Tree

Because this tree has two flat sides to easy fit into a corner, it’s girth measurement is slightly skewed. However, reviews lead us to believe that it’s still full in appearance. Also, note that 300 is a relatively low number of lights for a 7-foot tree. Additional specifications include:

  • Lights: 300 clear lights
  • Density: Contains 1,151 tips
  • Girth: Tree has 25" girth (two sides are flat)
  • Base: Includes metal base
  • Height: 7'
  • Weight: 28.8 pounds
  • Reviews: 3.5 out of 5-stars on Amazon (from 2 customer reviews)
  • Where to buy? Amazon or Balsam Hill for $279
  • Warranty: Covered by a 5-Year Tree and Foliage Limited Warranty and 3-Year Limited Light Warranty
  • Includes: Tree stand, storage bag(s), cotton gloves, extra bulbs and fuses, and on/off foot pedal

What to take away? If you live in a small space, but don’t want to forgo a full-size tree, the Balsam Hill Balsam Hill Park Avenue Corner Tree might be a perfect fit, thanks to its minimal footprint.

However, remember what we mentioned about this model being slightly top heavy? Reviewers who experienced some unsteadiness were able to remedy the problem by anchoring their tree to the wall with a string. That being said, if your walls are plaster, brick, or you’d just prefer to avoid poking a hole in one, this might not be the tree for you.

Before You Buy: Important Info When Shopping for an Artificial Christmas Tree

If you’re still wondering if an artificial Christmas tree is right for you—or what to look for when buying one—we recommend reading our detailed Buying Guide: 6 Things to Consider if You’re Thinking About Buying an Artificial Christmas Tree.

There is a myriad of reason to purchase an artificial Christmas tree over a real one, including allergies, less mess, a better value over time, and the ease of being able to bring it out of storage and set one up whenever you’d like.

However, it’s important to remember that artificial trees aren’t recyclable. Disposing of one can be both expensive and a stress on the environment. To ensure the artificial tree you select fits your needs for years to come, focus on the following checklist:

  1. Shape and Size: Measure your wall height and space before you go shopping or ordering online. People typically buy too big, and once you get a fake tree, you’re stuck with it. Also, know the shape that you’d prefer. Fake trees come in the following sizes: pencil, slender/slim, medium and full.
  2. Style: Just like with live trees, you’ll have choices of trees like fir, spruce, redwood, etc. Check out different styles to see what compliments your home decor.
  3. Color: Consider the hue you want, since there are so many shades of green, metallic tinsel, and novelty colors.
  4. Density: How full or spaced out do you want your branches and needles? Pay attention to the number of tips on each artificial tree.
  5. Extras: Does a tree come with a storage bag and a stand? If there’s lighting, does it come fitted with a foot pedal to easily turn it on and off? These extras can affect your enjoyment of a tree over the years.

Finally, if you think your tree might be subjected to heavy use or knocked around by curious pets, look for one with a longer warranty as an indicator of a higher quality tree to avoid having to buy another next year.

For additional holiday tips and hacks, head over to our Holiday Shopping Guide.

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