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LA Fitness sets itself apart from competing gyms by offering pools in nearly every location as well as child-care facilities that watch your kids while you work out.


  • Most locations have a pool and sauna
  • Childcare provided at nearly all locations
  • Signature Clubs offer a premium experience
  • You can negotiate your membership fee
  • Group classes are included in membership fees


  • The cancellation process is cumbersome
  • You have to pay for racquetball court reservations
  • Expensive if you just need weights and cardio equipment

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Posted on Sep 10, 2019

Overall value vs cost.

By Bill H., Cape Coral, FL, Verified Reviewer

My first impression of LA Fitness was so-so.

But the big "+" was the short drive from my house.

I joined with myself and my two girls. At first was the tour. It went well but was met by a salesperson that didn’t show much enthusiasm and sounded very routine.

The initial cost ended up being around $350.00. That included the first month's dues and a registration fee. I don’t have the original breakdown but sounded high.

I feel that their goal is to constantly pound you for more money. A trainer wanted to coach me for an additional $160.00 a month.

There is also a yearly fee they charge that was collected after my first month there!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 9, 2019

I hate this place

By Jorge L., Trumbull, CT, Verified Reviewer

Well, I stopped by just to find out about membership and I was brainwashed by two guys and almost forced to sign up. Well, I did, and one of the suckers was suggesting for me to get a membership for me and two guests for an extra 20 bucks and really I didn't pay attention, but a couple of days later I realized I don’t need the two guest memberships so I went back to LA Fitness to just cancel the two guest memberships and the crook manager Elisa told me I can’t do that. So the advertising says no contract but the smart manager is telling me I can’t cancel. These people are crooks and don’t care for people, they only care for money. Everybody, don’t sign up for this gym, there are too many other places better than this crap.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Apr 18, 2019

5 year member

By Laurie S., Georgia, Verified Reviewer

I've been a member of LA Fitness for 5 years. We got a great deal when our former gym closed and LA bought up their contracts keeping the original terms. They have great amenities. This is the only gym I've belonged to that have a lap pool, courts, and dedicated rooms for group classes. BUT, I'm pretty angry with them right now over their personal training policies. I've been paying for and using sessions for over 2 years. Then my trainer left and a very close family member was diagnosed with cancer. So I decided to stop the sessions for a while until I knew what the family's new normal was going to be. Apparently, when you cancel training sessions, you don't get to keep any remaining sessions you have already paid for. So basically, they get to steal 2 months worth of training, i.e. $320.00, from me. I won't be making that mistake with this gym again. The monthly fee is too good to quit the gym, but I'll hire a non-employee PT when I start back up.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Apr 1, 2019


By Wilson B., Florida, Verified Reviewer

I give one star but would like to give a negative one. If you are thinking of joining this gym, please find another gym.

They charge for things that never tell you in front. I open an account for my son and three months later a charge for an annual membership, which they never say to begin with.

Second, his account was frozen for a while, and we were paying $10, however, when he went to the gym the account was unfrozen and they charge the $10, and $20 more when he returned to the gym. So crazy, these guys are a ripoff.

Give yourself a favor and go to another place! Avoid surprises.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Feb 16, 2019

LA Fitness personal training scams the client and the trainer!

By John d., Georgia, Verified Reviewer

DO NOT sign up for personal training from LA Fitness!

LA Fitness facilities are OK, but their personal training is a major ripoff. They charge major bucks for training and then pay the trainers next to nothing. As a result, trainers leave with high regularity. In 6 months we had 4 different trainers with large gaps in between while LA Fitness searched for replacements. We ended up receiving only half of the promised training and LA Fitness refused to issue any refund.

LA Fitness personal training scams the client and the trainer!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Feb 6, 2019

BBB complaint filed

By Maryann W., Connecticut, Verified Reviewer

Do not trust LA Fitness with your bank information! I canceled the membership back in September, charges to my account supposed to end in December. Charges are still being made to my account in January. I asked management at LA Fitness Hamden why? Was told I had to go to my bank to stop charges.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jan 16, 2019

The sales manager lied to me.

By Yasaman S., California, Verified Reviewer

Be so careful. Do not go to this gym if you do not really have to. I got there and the manager told me there is no termination fee and I can cancel it at any time. He offered me $29.99 for all club and $0 initiation fee. It was not true, they charged me $60 extra at the first month and called it "the last month" and $30 after three months and called it "the fee after three months," so it is a $90 initiation fee. To my greatest surprise, I had to pay a $149 termination fee.

The verbal was totally something different than the contract. And the funny thing is that he did not let me see the contract at the time of signing. They ask you to initial the electronic pad multiple times. I did not know that it is like a car dealership, if I knew, I would never even get into that fitness center. They lie, put something else in the contract, and give you five days to review the contract and come back with a complaint.

Please look at the contract after leaving the club. It is totally different from what was verbally explained. Do count on what is said by the sales manager read the whole thing. It is a systematic fraud and everyone in the company knows about it and it is so acceptable among them.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 17, 2018


By Anna-Maria U., Verified Reviewer

I bought personal training. The first training nobody showed up. Reason - snow. For the next two months, I had four! Different coaches. None of them knew my goals. None of them were interested in doing a great job, they were boring, did everything mechanical. Reason - two of them told me straight "I earn $10 an hour so why do I need to do any effort..."

I also had problems with the agreement - without details, management was changing like a few times during the year, for a few months, there wasn't a manager, only someone who was responsible. They couldn't help me, worse, they lied to me every time I asked them.

I wrote a few letters about this situation to the head office - NO RESPONSE!

This is the worst place ever! Don't even start with them. There are so many other gyms - much better.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 16, 2018

Do not sign a contract!

By Glenda D., 8505 cooper Creek, Verified Reviewer

Do not sign a contract with them! Make sure you get it printed out and take it home, review every single paragraph. Cody A, the salesperson who sign me into a YEAR contract for a personal trainer for an additional cost of $360 monthly, when it was supposed to be for a month ONLY! And right after, he moved to the Bradenton location (conveniently). Additionally, he signed me paying a monthly membership for a year to make it clear.

I call the manager several times, he’s always at lunch, he’s never at the location. They don’t face you. And nobody knows anything!

In my opinion, they are well train to scam you and walk away. The worst experience ever! Do not sign with them!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 4, 2018

Worst and aggressive customer services from manager Skye!

By Maria Z., Miami Gardens, FL, Verified Reviewer

I canceled my membership. I have been a customer for two years, but one day at this gym crossed everything. I was recording myself for a personal vlog, suddenly the "manager" Skye, came to me and in an aggressive manner started to yell at me for my video. I told her that I recorded myself, but still she forced me to delete the video. I tried to cancel my membership with another representative, but she started shouting again and told me that only she can do a cancellation here. Then she proudly stated that she has been a manager there for the last 20 years and started to ask me for how long do I live in the country (I have a record of this discrimination). Worst customer service I had ever see.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 9, 2018

Less value going forward

By Fred S., Roswell, GA, Verified Reviewer

I have been a member for about 15 years and have generally been a satisfied customer. But I think the company is changing its business strategy for the worst. A fairly new club that opened near me about two years ago offers no racquetball, no sauna, no jacuzzi, and a very narrow pool. I was told that will be typical for new clubs going forward. Thus, the amenities mentioned in the article cannot be taken for granted.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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