Persona Review: Is It the Right Option for You?

By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff
Updated on: Nov 20, 2019

What Is Persona?

Persona Nutrition is a personalized vitamin subscription service that promises to help you achieve better health for your unique stage in life.

Based on your answers in the company’s online assessment, Persona Nutrition will recommend a variety of vitamins, minerals and other supplements for you to take each day and provide you with a convenient way to purchase them.

Persona Nutrition promises to take the guesswork out of buying supplements by integrating “science, data and technology” to deliver you personalized products that are packaged for daily consumption.

But can you really trust a supplement company to take your health seriously? We’ll look at the details behind Persona Nutrition below to help you decide.

How Does Persona Nutrition Work?

Persona Nutrition specializes in delivering personalized daily vitamin packs. The company website states that each shipment will come with a 28-day supply of vitamins as well as an information card with details about everything you receive. This includes instructions, supplement fact sheets, and other relevant health information.

Depending on your health specifics, you might receive between one and three vitamin packs (labeled AM, PM, and Night) to take each day.

This is so morning-only supplements can deliver a boost of energy without keeping you up in the evening, and so that you can better absorb all ingredients in case the combination they prescribe for you might interfere with each other if you were to take them all at once.

To provide accurate supplement recommendations to every subscriber, Persona Nutrition relies on a “proprietary, science-based algorithm” that was created by an advisory board of doctors and nutritionists after years of research. You get to put the power of that algorithm to work by taking Persona Nutrition’s three-minute online assessment before you order.

All Persona supplements are offered on a subscription basis, meaning that you will receive a new order every 28 days unless you choose to opt-out before the next shipping date.

The company states that you can pause or cancel at any time by signing into your online account, but that you need to make changes at least five to seven days before your next processing date to stop the upcoming shipment.

If you have further questions about the cancelation policy, you can direct them to Persona Nutrition by phone at (800) 983-3887 or through their online contact page.

How Does Persona Customize Your Vitamins?

Persona’s short questionnaire for new customers includes questions about your gender, age, dietary preferences/restrictions, allergy information, your fruit, veggie, dairy and fish intake, whether you have low iron, and other details about your overall health.

It also includes lifestyle questions about your exercise levels, alcoholic consumption, whether you smoke or are exposed to secondhand smoke, your overall energy, happiness, and stress levels, how well you sleep, and your past and current medication use.

The assessment also takes into consideration the interactions of medications you might already be taking with supplements.

According to the company, Persona Nutrition is the only personalized nutrition company that cross-references more than 850 prescription medications (including birth control pills, blood pressure medications, etc.) to ensure you’re avoiding drug-nutrient interactions (DNIs).

The company claims to eliminate all supplements from your recommendations that contain ingredients that could potentially interact with your medications.

They also state that they provide you with recommendations for nutrients that replenish losses from medications you are taking. As an example, many statin medications can deplete the body of CoQ10, an essential nutrient for energy production.

If you are taking a drug that doesn’t show up in their assessment, they suggest contacting one of their on-staff nutritionists for guidance.

At the end of the questionnaire, you will receive a customized vitamin guide that’s priced out at your cost per day. When I took the test, my total recommended purchase came to $66.08 per month ($2.36 per day), but your price will vary depending on your personal health metrics.

Below is the complete list of supplements that Persona Nutrition recommended I take:

The Essentials: Recommended to cover nutrition gaps ($15.68)

  • Foundation Multi: Fills nutrient gaps, supports overall health.
  • Omega 3: Supports brain and heart health and healthy inflammatory responses.

Hair Skin and Nails Formula: Recommended to promote growth and maintenance ($14.84)

  • Hair Skin & Nails Formula: Supports and maintains healthy growth.

Energy Support: Recommended to reduce energy slumps ($4.20)

  • Green Tea Extract: Supports healthy energy and inflammatory response while fighting oxidative stress

Liver Support: Recommended for counteracting the effects of alcohol ($10.92)

  • Milk Thistle: Supports liver function and bile production and fights free radicals.

Fitness Formula: Recommended to support cardio training ($20.44)

  • Astaxanthin: Supports the cardio system and healthy inflammatory response and promotes joint health.
  • CoQ10 100 mg: Supports energy production and a healthy cardiovascular system.

It’s possible to reject any Persona Nutrition recommendation you don’t want to buy or add any supplement to your pack that isn’t suggested. This gives customers final control over what they receive and the cost of their order.

Regarding quality, Persona states that all their supplements are manufactured in the United States and using FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. They claim to undergo extensive quality control and testing at every level of production to ensure you receive what they promise.

Analysis of Customer Reviews

Do customers like Persona Nutrition once they’ve tried it? We chose to look at reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot to get a better idea.

Overall, the subscription service averages four stars out of five on both sites. Many people reported that they appreciated the convenience and presentation of the packs and that they noticed positive differences in their health from the supplements they took.

A few people seemed to struggle with the subscription side of Persona Nutrition and had complaints that they were billed after they thought they canceled their account. Some also reported that the fish oil supplement gave them “fishy burps” for several hours after they took it.

By far the most significant negative comments we saw for Persona Nutrition were in regards to price. Many people noted that they could find the supplements cheaper through other retailers like Amazon and that they had to cancel their subscription after their new customer discounts ran out.

Persona vs. Care/of and Ritual

Several companies today are redefining the meaning of personal health care through supplement subscriptions, but how do they compare to Persona? We’ll take a closer look at two contenders, Care/of and Ritual, so you get a better idea.

Persona vs. Care/of

Care/of is a monthly subscription service that gives you personalized items each month in single-serving containers. Like with Persona Nutrition, you’ll need to take a five-minute assessment about your health and habits on the site to get your recommendations.

Research-wise, the company classifies each ingredient they sell based on the existing research to give customers a sense of what the scientific consensus is for their benefits.

Beyond this assessment, Care/of also allows customers to build their own packs from a selection of 30 different vitamins, herbs, and probiotics. You can manage your account online or through the company’s iOS app for extra convenience.

Like with Persona Nutrition, the monthly price of Care/of depends on what you order, but the company prices out each ingredient on their site so you can see the pricing breakdown.

Also similarly to Nutrition, the biggest complaint that we saw customers had was that the service cost a lot more than buying similar vitamins from a standard retailer.

Persona vs. Ritual

Designed for women, Ritual is another subscription vitamin service. The company states that their supplements are vegan-friendly, and gluten- and allergen-free, non-GMO, and free of synthetic fillers.

Unlike the other two companies, you won’t receive a variety of pills to take each day. Rather, each clear capsule contains everything the company thinks you need. The pills you are shipped change depending on how many months you have been taking them (there are no options for customization). Each monthly order costs $30.

What Makes Persona Different

How does Persona stand out from these two companies? One fundamental way is that the company completes a more in-depth assessment of your health history that looks both at DNA test results and your current prescription medications. The company states that this process helps you avoid potentially dangerous interactions between them.

Likewise, Persona has licensed nutritionists and registered dieticians on staff so that you can chat with experts over any questions that you have.

For those who are already on a lot of medication, this could potentially be a deciding factor for choosing Persona (or a visit with your doctor) to get supplement recommendations.

The Bottom Line: Are Persona Vitamins Worth It?

When it comes to researching personalized supplements, a key question you need to ask is whether you need them in the first place. Here at HighYa, we’ve written about hundreds of supplements over the years, and the biggest takeaway we’ve learned during that time is that you probably need to take them less than you think.

Put another way, unless you have a deficiency in a specific nutrient, the reputable research we’ve read indicates there’s not much clinical evidence to show that taking the majority of dietary supplements will provide you with real benefits.

There’s some evidence that taking supplements tailored to your specific health and lifestyle situation can make a difference for your health. Persona’s in-depth assessment and transparent recommendation process lets you see exactly what they are suggesting to you and why they think you need it, which allows you more say over what you take.

In our opinion, you might want to skip the multivitamin if you’re trying to save money and instead focus on the supplements that offer more precise benefits for your health.

There’s also a good chance you can source the products Persona recommends to you more cheaply than through the company, though you’ll sacrifice the convenience of pre-portioned vitamin packs for day and night. Saying that, the company is clear that they use proprietary ingredients that they claim are difficult to find elsewhere at a similar quality and absorbency.

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