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    • Dec 18, 2017
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    Quip Toothbrush

    Barely vibrates. Does it work?

    Overall Experience:

    I bought this Quip Toothbrush for my wife. It BARELY vibrates! Is this the way its supposed to work? Because it's SEEMS that it's not strong enough to move an ant! It had great reviews, but does it work? Does not seem to clean.

    Has anyone else experienced this same problem, or is this one simply defective?

    She's not happy, and I have not bought one for myself because this does NOT appear to work as one would expect.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jan 9, 2018

      Company Response from Quip NYC Inc.

      Hi B. Kennedy,

      Quip uses sensitive vibrations to help with providing a thorough, yet, non-damaging clean. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about oral care that we are trying to correct. One of the most habit damaging is “the more power, the better the clean.” There is actually no difference in how well a toothbrush can clean your teeth between a manual, gently vibrating, vigorously vibrating or rotating toothbrush. If they are all being used correctly (and have soft bristles), it comes down to which one helps you brush better, and that is mainly down to personal preference.

      As we mention in our materials, the key to maintaining good oral health is solely based on your technique and routine. Electric brushes are recommended by dentists because they help encourage and guide better brushing. At Quip, we know that even making a small improvement to your habits will have a fundamentally larger effect on your oral health than any change in movement or power ever could.

      With that said, we certainly cannot speak to personal preference. The best brush for you is one that encourages you to brush 2 times a day for a full 2 minutes.

      We thank you for giving Quip a try!

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