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    • Jun 19, 2018
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    Wish is definitely STGTBT (sounds too good to be true)!

    Overall Experience:

    When a friend told me about, I was doubtful about its credibility. Wish ads kept popping up on my phone while I was playing certain games (Dice with Ellen) and as time went by another friend told me about Wish, saying I ought to give it a try.

    The introductory special deal was to get something free, all I had to do was pay the shipping which was only $2 for the free item I chose.

    It took weeks for my free item to arrive, and when it did I could see right away it was not the item as advertised. The ring I ordered was definitely not 925 sterling silver and the genuine opal (as it stated in the item description) was actually a simulated opal, although very pretty, I was misled into believing I was getting something that "sounds too good to be true," and you know what our moms told us about STGTBT! "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" Well, Mom was right again, as always.

    Even so, I gave Wish another try, and another, and another. Here's what I ordered, just so you know that Wish is consistently full of human excrement, without a doubt...

    Magnetic Eyelashes - sounds good but not even a magician would be able to make these even GET on my eyelashes, and staying there was completely a mystery.

    8 Sterling Silver and Turquoise Rings - I received two bags of 8 rings in each bag. None of the rings were turquoise or Sterling silver. They were very similar to the first ring I received from Wish (see above) which, by the way, the "stone" fell out of after wearing it only a few minutes.

    Here's the final and last order I placed...

    It was for 50 oysters with pearls inside. Wouldn't you have wanted to see what you'd actually end up with? I ordered this just for kicks and giggles to see what I'd actually get in the mail. For weeks I've been imaging a package from China that smelled really bad, or maybe a refrigerated container, but as it only cost me the price of shipping (again), I figured my first guess would be the correct one if they really did send me 50 oysters as I was promised.

    Yesterday I received a little plastic bag from China (from Wish) that oysters, thankfully, and no pearls. It had 50 very obviously simulated beads that are pretty, but definitely not what I was led to believe I was getting.

    So, let my experiences be your lesson to not even give Wish a whirl. I think they are preying on people who are ignorant (I didn't say dumb!) about the poor standards that China has in customer satisfaction, honesty, and quality of products they sell.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jun 19, 2018
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    Flawless by Finishing Touch

    It really IS flawless!

    Overall Experience:

    I purchased one of these from a neighbor who sells them on OfferUp. I thought it was a gag gift kind of thing, so I only got one of them.

    The Flawless shaver comes beautifully wrapped in a package worthy of gift-giving. It has very good instructions for use and even came with batteries to get me started (who does that anymore?).

    My menopausal facial hair (ugh!) came off right away, and I only have to use this once a week, if that, to keep my face very smooth.

    Besides shaving off unwanted facial hair, it exfoliates at the same time (makes a lot of sense).

    Remember girls, Marylin Monroe shaved her face - she once said, "It makes my makeup go on smoother."

    As far as hair growing back in thicker, this is a myth. The hair on my face is neither thicker or darker, as we were led to believe when we were younger.

    I want to find this person I purchased my Flawless from and buy more to give as free gifts for my Avon customers who purchase over $100 of beauty products from me!

    I love it!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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