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    • Oct 2, 2018
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    Noom Diet

    It works!

    Overall Experience:

    Ok, first, notice that all the bad reviews are from people who quit the program after less than two weeks. YES - you DO need to read the fine print when you sign up, and if you decide to quit, then you must go to your profile and change the settings so that your subscription will not auto-renew. Do this before your trial expires, or you will get charged.

    After the two week trial, you will be charged based on the amount of weight you want to lose and how long it will take you. This is AGREED at the onset of getting started. Can you get a refund? Yes, you can, but it will take a few days. Simply put, know what you're getting into before you hit the join button. Anytime you put your credit card number in, be prepared to be charged - REPEAT, read the fine print BEFORE signing up!

    Now, that being said, this app is great. The concept is simple. It helps you change your eating habits, retrain your brain, be accountable to yourself and you watch the weight drop off sensibly. You do not have to buy special foods. You decide what you eat. Nothing is off limits and in fact, they encourage you to indulge here and there, rather than deprive yourself.

    Do you drop dramatic amounts of weight in a short time? No. It took you a while to pack on the pounds, and that's how you should lose them.

    There's a private support group, one-on-one weekly (sometimes more often) coaching sessions. They use psychology, science, tips, tricks, and hacks to keep you motivated. I have lost an average of 1.75 lbs per week so far.

    My current subscription is due to expire in the middle of December. Because I suspect that four months is ample time to retrain my brain and my body to a more healthy eating style, I went ahead and TURNED OFF AUTO-RENEW. I still have all the bells and whistles, the coaching, the support, the tips, tricks, hacks - everything - I just decided to take control of IF and WHEN I renew. Heck, with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, I just may need to re-up, but I will make that decision when the time comes.

    It's a great app and works if you do your part.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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