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  • Love it

    • By Cary C.,
    • Beebe, AR,
    • Apr 8, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer

    Best car purchase I’ve ever had. Researched the vehicle, read the Carfax, viewed the original window sticker and made my purchase. Best car buying experience I’ve ever had. Definitely recommend.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Great overall

    My experience with Vroom was overall great. The customer service reps were great, the delivery guy was great and I love my car.

    Con: they provide an estimated delivery time but that could change at the last minute and they could come earlier so you have to be flexible. Also the process of having to wait for the contact to come in the mail and wait for them to get it back instead of an electric signature. But other than that, it was great and I would refer anyone to them.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Inconvenient - the exact opposite of what it should be

    • By Zak B.,
    • Bozeman, MT,
    • Apr 7, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer

    I'll break my review into three parts:


    - Great! Everything was smooth, my online salesman was helpful without being overbearing.

    - Contract signing is done via overnight FedEx - wish this was digitized.


    - Didn't get regular updates on prep status - the status of the car before it's picked up to be delivered.

    - It took them 4 weeks to deliver the car - communication was poor, had to call in requesting updates - even escalated to a supervisor that promised me regular updates, never happened.

    Post- Delivery:

    - Car was dirty (expected on an open carrier, not a big deal).

    - Check Engine light on.

    - Tire Pressure Monitoring System Error light on.

    - Vroom expects you to chase down shops, quotes, facilitate all legwork for diagnostic and repair work.

    - Approvals and Payments for repairs were timely - IF you call and make sure they take care of it immediately.

    - Generally unresponsive to email responses on "support tickets."

    - Put a lot of work on you to get the car registered in your state.

    Over-all not sure the convenience factor they hype is worth it. I was shipped a broken car - incredibly disappointing. Took four weeks and daily calls for updates to receive the car. I have to call multiple times a day to be sure work is actually progressing on my support tickets (car is still not fixed presently).

    One day of inconvenience at a local dealership ends up being way less of a burden then this hassle has been (and still is).

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • I wish I went to a dealer

    • By Jacob S.,
    • Arkansas,
    • Apr 7, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer

    Sent me a car that wouldn't turn on. Delivery driver had to jump it to put it on and take it off the truck. Getting it repaired was a hassle. Multiple reps telling me different things. Customer service was rude and didn’t seems to care. I wish I would have gone to a dealer. Also, they push their insurance packages hard. They say they don’t make a commission on the sale of the car, but you can telI based on how hard they push the supplement insurance that the commission comes from the add-ons. I wouldn’t recommend Vroom.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Vroom Vroom!

    • By Diego P.,
    • Michigan,
    • Apr 7, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer

    Vroom was excellent to deal with! Better and fairer than local dealers everywhere. Would definitely work with them. Great customer service, even during the COVID-19 crisis! Amazing.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Exceptional customer service

    • By Danielle M.,
    • Patchogue, NY,
    • Mar 18, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer

    I've had an amazing experience with Vroom and I especially appreciated the customer service Lamarah Thibedeaux provided throughout the process. So first, as a young female professional, I wanted to purchase a new car but I didn't want to go through the hassle of being pressured into a sale by a dealership. With the digit market growing nowadays, we have access to information online that we've never had before. I like to do my research and it paid off this time. Initially, I read the negative reviews of Vroom and I was skeptical but when I came across my dream car, I decided to call Vroom to gather further information and it was all seamless from there. The initial sales representative provided me with the total rundown of the company, how they operate, and what my sale would look like. As a New Yorker, I recognized I would be open to a larger market by purchasing my car online and was receiving a cheaper price than my local dealer. I especially appreciated the convenience of having my new vehicle shipped to my house. When I decided to move forward with the sale, paperwork was overnighted to me. I spent one day reviewing and then sent back. Once the wire cleared for the remaining deposit, Vroom moved forward with having my vehicle shipped. Expected delivery is between 10-14 days and I received mine in 10! After I received my delivery I had a few questions and concerns. That's when Lamarah stepped in as my CS Representative. She was able to efficiently resolve my concerns and provided superior CS. I'm so happy and thankful I decided to purchase my new car through Vroom. Their service is impeccable throughout the whole process. The company's business model is effective in today's digital world and has great potential for further growth! Job well done!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Worst than a regular dealer!

    • By Bokar D.,
    • Jersey City, NJ,
    • Mar 12, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer

    Had to call countless times to find out why I haven’t received my plates and registration yet.

    Took delivery of the vehicle on January 1st, 2020, today is March 10th, 2020 and I still don’t have plates.

    I received a call back from an employee who had an attitude and hung up on me.


    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Worst car buying experience ever!

    • By Mike S.,
    • Laurel, MD,
    • Mar 11, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer

    Ok, this is the worst company I have ever bought a car from.

    First off, they will take forever to get you the car and they do tell you that upfront. So, if you need a car ASAP, go to a local dealer. Plan for 10-14 days before the car will be delivered.

    Delivery was another crap show. Delivery company called me at 3 pm and told me the truck was 30 minutes away. I left work early and made it to the meeting spot in 20 minutes. I waited and waited. After several calls with the dispatcher and 5/12 hours later, my car finally showed up on a tractor-trailer transport. (Instead of traveling the most direct route to my home, the driver apparently decided to take a tour of the Washington DC Beltway, at 4 PM).

    I had initially requested to have the car delivered in the enclosed transport option and they charged me the $300 additional, but still sent it on an open carrier.

    Lastly, the car arrived with fresh new damage from the idiot who incorrectly strapped it down and let one of the straps flap in the wind and beat the side of the car for 2000 miles.

    Furthermore, the car was filthy dirty due to the several days of on the road transport. (Main reason why I asked for a enclosed trailer. It was winter.)

    I have now been trying to get a refund for the $300 for over two months. Vroom claims the money was used for "Negative Equity." Not sure what that really means, but there is nowhere in my contract/bill of sale which reflects the $300 was credited to my account. I am now in a dispute with the credit card company over this.

    Anyone who uses this company to purchase a car online is asking for trouble. Stay far away from this place. They do have a large selection to choose from and that is the only benefit of using them. I purchased a Shelby Mustang and using Vroom allowed me to search a larger inventory rather than going to a bunch of dealers. Other than that, my experience with them was absolutely not what I was expecting. If you do choose this company, good luck, you have been warned!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Updated review


    • By Brett F.,
    • Mar 9, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer

    After being on perpetual standby for 48 hours - with every 6 hours being told it will arrive in the next 6 hours - it finally arrived. It was loaded on a Car Hauler and covered in road grime - I expected this, no way around having a dirty car delivered straight off a transport. This did not bother me.

    What did bother me was that once I got it home and cleaned it up there was significant damage to the paint. Several areas had "rub" marks that rubbed all the way through the paint to the bare metal. None of this damage had been disclosed in the sales description or photos.

    I called Vroom and they told me to go get an estimate and take pictures. Damage estimates were about $2K in damages.

    If Vroom repairs the vehicle I will keep it as I think it is a good vehicle for the price paid. If not, then I will get to experience their 7-day "love it or return it" policy.

    Will update this at a later date.

    As of now - I would say "maybe" buy a car from Vroom if you love what you see and have a very flexible schedule, and are very patient. If they repair the damages then I would recommend...will update as the situation develops.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Previous review
    • Mar 5, 2020

    Buyer beware - no transparency on delivery delays.

    What started out as a delightful foray into car shopping has my nerves rattled. The sales process - smooth as silk, couldn't be easier; they put their A team on the job. That's about where it all goes to heck. They email, call, and tell you your vehicle will be arriving on X date. Then X date arrives and they don't call, you have to call them and all they can say is that "Something happened with the transport and it has been delayed." They REFUSE to give any specific details on what happened, where it is, etc. etc. They REFUSE to give you any details on the car you just paid for, and they could care less that you had to spend your week's schedule to take delivery on the date they said it would show. I'm highly suspect of any organization that does not offer total and complete transparency on property you paid for.

    After reading several reviews, the "delayed delivery" tactic is a common technique used by this company to keep their customers in the dark while they attempt to fix things that went wrong either in the final inspection, or during transit (broken windows, body damage, etc). Rather than being honest, there is an attempt to cover and hope that you do not notice. I'm not saying that is the case with my vehicle (I haven't received it yet), but when any organization REFUSES to give specific begs the question of integrity and intent.

    I only went with Vroom due to my bank, USAA endorsing them on their "Online Car Buying" site. USAA has (maybe "had" is a better word) a reputation for excellent customer service, only recommending those services that have been vetted and hold up to scrutiny. In my discussion with USAA, they stated that they will NO LONGER BE OFFERING VROOM in the future due to the many complaints they have had to intervene in - TOO MANY COMPLAINTS.

    I'll update this review once I take possession and look it over.

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  • Updated review

    No thanks

    • By Cody J.,
    • Show Low, AZ,
    • Mar 2, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer

    I'll stick to buying cars in person.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Previous review
    • Feb 15, 2020


    Absolutely atrocious! Vehicle arrived days late, damaged, and with additional mileage on it than signed for; if I had to guess, the transportation driver took the car for a joy ride. I found mud and feathers in the passenger rear floorboard. Customer service is non-existent, and continually shows you to slip through the cracks. No resolutions, after taking two days off work to accept the delivery they scheduled that never arrived, they offer no solution for my time or wages lost. Avoid this place, you'll be happy you did.

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  • Horrible customer service, terribly slow every step of the way, so many headaches

    • By Mason D.,
    • Orlando, FL,
    • Feb 21, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer

    Terrible overall experience. I purchased a Lincoln Navigator from Vroom instead of Carvana, because Vroom's pricing was better. I now wish I had just paid the higher price and gotten better customer service from Carvana.

    The customer service is just slow and only gets worse after they have your money. They missed every single deadline by a significant margin. Submitted for financing and to buy the vehicle. Was supposed to be contacted within 24 hours. This did not happen so I had to call them and wait on hold for an extended period to actually get the car reserved. They told me they would overnight documents to sign and assured me that even though it was later in the day the documents would be there the following day. Turns out they didn’t even get dropped in the mail until the following day.

    I signed the documents and overnighted them back with payment. Was told I would receive a congratulatory confirmation email within 24 hours of the docs being delivered. This never happened. In fact, I had to call multiple times over the course of the next 5 days to get confirmation.

    The salesperson had told me we would have the car in 10-14 days and Vroom burned 5 days just sitting on the docs. From the point of confirmation, it was another week and a bunch more phone calls before the car shipped. They claimed it was in "inspection" and could not give an ETA on when it would be out. Once the car was delivered to the local hub they were supposed to call and set up delivery. This did not happen and again I had to call and track down the car again and was again told it would be a couple more days even though the hub where it was sitting was 15 minutes from my house.

    The salesperson on the phone told me the process would take 2 weeks, it ended up being over a month.

    And the headache isn’t over, the car came with a temporary tag which is now 2 weeks from expiration and I have not received a new tag. Called Vroom again and was told they were still processing the docs and could not give me a timeline for their completion, other than that it would take a month to receive the new tag once they were complete.

    I am now left with either being without a car for at least 2 weeks or going to the local DMV to get another temporary tag.

    This has been a poor experience all the way around. Vroom does not stick to any of the timelines references in their marketing material or by their sales or customer service teams. Sure you might get a decent car for a good price, but it comes at the cost of a massive headache and hours and hours spent on the phone following up with them.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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