Instead of losing money, use HighYa to learn detailed facts about companies and products, read reviews from real consumers and educate yourself through our articles.

What is HighYa?
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What is HighYa?

HighYa – [hahy-yuh] (noun): 
An awesome online community that’s revolutionizing how consumers research products and avoid scams. Here, you can:

  • Learn real facts about companies and their products
  • Read product reviews from real consumers just like you
  • Educate yourself through our articles

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How does sweet, sweet freedom from scams, rip-offs, and general consumer deception sound?

In all seriousness: Have you ever paid good money for a poor product? How about being taken for outrageous shipping and handling charges? Or, racked up hundreds of dollars in charges related to an autoship program? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people share your pain.

Did you know that, according to the Fraud Watch Network, “reports of consumer fraud have increased by over 60 percent since 2008, and online scams doubled from just over 20 percent of all fraud in 2007 to nearly 40 percent in 2011?” In fact, fraudsters steal more than $525 million from hardworking Americans each year. Clearly, scamming is big business.

Admittedly, there have always been scams. However, the internet has allowed them to spread across the globe at an alarming rate, with thousands of new ones coming online each day. And with the sheer number of scams that use technical sounding jargon, pseudoscience, and fake celebrity endorsements to shill their products, it’s now more difficult than ever to tell the difference between fact and fiction; between which products perform as advertised, and which ones are just plain junk.

Enter HighYa.

We’re the experts that help provide you with authoritative, fact-based editorial reviews about many of the most popular products and services available today. In other words, we help you cut through all the marketing hype by gathering information from a wide variety of sources, bringing it  together in a fun, easy to read format, and answering the ever-present question: Is this product a scam, or is it legit?

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Using HighYa: What’s In it For You?

Instead of making mistakes and losing money, HighYa’s detailed product reviews help you avoid frustration and save time right out of the gate. And after all, in today’s busy world, time is money.

On top of this, HighYa helps educate you on how to become a more savvy consumer through our regular articles, which are specifically created to contain real-world, actionable information that you can immediately put to use. Here, you’ll find scam information, common trends, life hacks, how-to guides, and many other features that complement the other content on our site.

What Makes HighYa Different?

In short: a lot.

At HighYa, we’re not interested in writing a product review and then leaving you out in the cold. Far from it. Instead, we’re focused on providing three primary benefits to our readers:

A Sense of Community
Whether you’re writing a review, asking questions from other consumers, sharing content with your friends and family, or becoming a regular trusted contributor, we provide a place where consumers’ voices can be heard.

A Trusted Source for Real Reviews
HighYa provides a neutral atmosphere where you can trust what you read, because we only post real reviews from real customers just like you. Unlike many manufacturers who will post fake customer reviews on their websites, HighYa has a unique system in place to identify these bogus reviews, which means that you can rest assured you’re receiving only valuable—not misleading—information.

On top of this, HighYa never allows companies to pay us for positive reviews, or for us to remove negative ones. Many have tried, and some have even threatened legal action, but we’re committed to providing you with the truth, not some watered down version of it.

Helping Companies Make Better Products
Not only this, but we’re also a place where companies can talk with their customers. We understand that many businesses are legit, and are just trying to share their passion with the world (much like HighYa). But sometimes they make mistakes, and we provide the perfect outlet for them to solve problems and better their products using feedback directly from their customers.

Now that you know more about HighYa and our mission, be sure to connect with us through social media. This way, you’ll never have to worry about staying up to date on the latest product reviews and articles, all aimed at one goal: helping you to avoid scams!

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