About Quip Toothbrush

Quip Toothbrush is an online subscription service that promises to help you simplify your oral health. How?

First, Quip’s attractively designed electric toothbrushes include only the features you need and exclude those you don’t. You’ll have just one mode (a 2-minute timer with 30 second intervals), gentle vibrations with no harsh rotations, a slim design that’s travel-ready, and replaceable heads with soft, round tip bristles.

Second, Quip’s subscription plans (more about this soon) come with anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste that includes “only the ingredients your teeth need.” And since you’ll only need a pea-sized portion, the company claims one tube can last you up to 3 months.

Finally, Quip claims they’ve partnered with dentists to provide proper oral care advice, which can help improve your routine, technique, upkeep, and more.

Although Quip Toothbrushes are the result of “years of research and design,” does this mean they’re worth the price? Should you opt for a single purchase, or for monthly refills? What are customers saying? In this Quip Toothbrush review, we’ll take an in-depth look at what you might expect, so you can make a more informed decision.

What Features Does a Quip Toothbrush Provide?

The “Why” Behind Quip

According to their website, Quip is out to simply the process of caring for your teeth. Instead of focusing their research and development on bristle angles or other features that might provide 0.25% better performance, Quip claims they wanted to address the core factors that lead to teeth problems; namely:

  • Brushing too hard
  • Not brushing long enough
  • Not brushing twice a day
  • Not replacing your brush often enough

As a result, they “set about creating a more honest, accessible and simple oral care line that would cut out the excess to help focus on the basics that really matter.”

Quip Toothbrush Features

Powered by a single AAA battery that will last up to 3 months, Quip’s motor features the same vibration frequency (15,000 RPM) that you’ll find with most standard vibrating toothbrushes. Quip also uses a single pulse every 30 seconds to remind you to change quadrants (upper left, bottom left, upper right, bottom right), although this isn’t necessarily unique among electric toothbrushes. It also features a 2-minute timer to remind you to stop brushing, so you don’t damage your teeth or gums.

The base/handle of each Quip Toothbrush is available in either durable matte-finished ABS plastic or precision CNC'd aluminum. Quip’s soft brush head (there are no medium or firm options, which the company claims can damage your teeth and gums) attaches to each base and features 1,200 DuPont nylon bristles inserted into 34 tufts.

All Quip Toothbrushes also come with a travel cover that mounts to any glossy surface via a reusable suction strip, which also doubles as a storage container.

What’s the price for all these features?

How Much Do Quip Toothbrushes Cost?

Quip Toothbrushes are available in 6 colors: Silver Metal, Slate Metal, Copper Metal, Gold Metal, Green Plastic, and Blue Plastic. Each purchase includes the option to sign up for automatic brush and toothpaste refills, or just the toothbrush itself at a slightly higher price.

Starter Sets

Includes Quip Toothbrush, 1 replacement head, regular and travel size toothpaste:

  • Plastic Handle: $25 ($40 without refills)
  • Metal Handle: $40 ($55 without refills)

Brush and toothpaste refills cost $10 refill and are shipped once every 3 months. Alternately, you can pay for a year in advance, with free refills for a year: $65.

Brush Sets

Includes Quip Toothbrush only (no toothpaste):

  • Plastic Handle: $30 ($35 without refills)
  • Metal Handle: $45 ($50 without refills)

Brush refills are sent every 3 months and priced at $5. Prepaying for refills a year in advance will cost you $55.

Group Sets

Electric Couple Set – Includes 2 quip electric brushes, 2 refill heads, and small and large toothpastes: $75 ($100 without refills)

Electric Family Set – Includes 4 quip electric brushes, 4 refill heads, and small and large toothpastes: $150 ($200 without refills)

Additional Items

  • Toothbrush Head: $5 (same price, with or without refills)
  • Toothpaste 4.7oz: $5 (same price, with or without refills)
  • Travel Cover Mount: $5
  • White Plastic Manual Toothbrush: $10 ($5 refills every 3 months)

Keep in mind that refill plans are optional, ship free, and can be canceled at any time, although they cannot be paused. Without a refill plan, shipping will cost you $5.

The company provides a lifetime guarantee on all Quip Toothbrushes that are associated with an active refill plan, along with a 30-day refund policy.

Pro tip: According to Quip’s website: “We charge shipping ($5 for a single brush plan, $10 for a couple plan and $15 for a family plan) to cover the return shipping cost and deduct it from your credit card refund unless you ship using your own means.”

In order to request a refund, customer service can be reached at help@getquip.com or via online chat.

Although Quip isn’t the lowest priced electric toothbrush on the market, it’s certainly near the bottom. Outside of price though, what are customers saying about its performance?

Quip Toothbrush Reviews

Quip had been on the market for well over a year at the time of our research, and featured on many high-profile websites, including TechCrunch, Engadget, Popular Mechanics, and more. In most of these instances, they were high-level overviews or only provided insight into the company’s business model.

However, the author of this Fast Company article (and her husband) had a chance to try out a Quip Toothbrush and found: “As a user of one of the fancier models of the Sonicare electric toothbrushes, the Quip brush didn't feel as powerful or as satisfying to me. However, my husband, who uses a manual toothbrush, found the brush to be a step up from his everyday routine.”

Stephen Pulvirent over at Bloomberg had an opportunity to use a Quip Toothbrush for a while, and claimed that it looked great and that he “genuinely enjoyed” using it. He didn’t love the taste of the toothpaste though, and noted that the plastic model “felt hollow and a little too lightweight.”

In the end, the author felt that Quip’s toothbrush is “practical, reasonably priced, and still gives you that much-needed dose of mild, self-satisfied futurism.”

Finally, Dave Lee provides us with a quick but informative video review of his experience with Quip’s subscription service. He noted that he didn’t like Quip’s first generation toothbrushes, but that these second gen versions seemed to be a big upgrade.

Overall, he felt that the metal handle was nicely weighted, the head felt secure when attached, it has a stronger head vibration, and that they did a “really good job” on the aesthetics. In the end, he claimed to have had a “really solid brushing experience.”

Who Founded Quip?

Quip was founded by industrial designer Simon Enever and product designer Bill May, who wanted to help people take better care of their teeth by simplifying the process. Simon came from NY-based design agency ECCO, whereas Bill previously worked for Lifetime Brands.

Prior to launching as Quip, it appears the company initially attempted to raise funding through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign under the brand name byDefault, which didn’t meet its goal of $60K.

Is Quip a Serious Electric Toothbrush Contender?

When it comes down to it, Quip is upfront and honest about the results you might expect: “The truth is, a correctly used, soft bristle $5 manual toothbrush is just as effective as a $25 quip electric toothbrush which is just as effective as a $250 electric one! The issue is, us humans aren't the best at using them!”

And this is where the company seems to shine. Based on what we learned during our research and from customer reviews, they seem to offer a quality product at a reasonable price, along with a convenient refill program that can be easily canceled at any time. They also come with mostly positive online customer feedback.

To top everything off, Quip’ toothbrushes come with a 30-day refund policy, so you’ll only be out of few dollars in S&H for giving them a try.

Tell us about your Quip experience by writing a review below!

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  • 3 out 4 people found this review helpful

    Ineffective and cheaply made

    I had high hopes of getting fresh heads every 3 months and enjoying an Oral B type experience which I was used to.

    The brush vibrates but does little else; the cleaning is still done manually with no real sonic benefits. The plastic version (which was still pricey comparatively) is cheaply made and stopped working after 3 months.

    The marketing is great, the execution not so much.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 3 out 4 people found this review helpful

    About the same as a $5 battery powered toothbrush

    • Salt Lake City, UT,
    • Sep 2, 2016

    At a premium price, you'd expect to get something "more". Higher quality. At the very least, better. I found Quip to be none of these. It was about on par with the cheap battery powered toothbrushes that you'd find at the supermarket.

    There is nothing extraordinary about this product that justifies a premium price. Nothing.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 4 out 8 people found this review helpful

    Nice looking but not effective,

    • New York,
    • Aug 16, 2016

    I was really happy with my toothbrush for the first three months after which it stopped working as well as it had been. I emailed the company to inform them of my issues and they were apologetic but unhelpful. It's a great website and idea but sadly the product still needs a lot of work.

    I waited foe over two months to receive my tooth brush (the company emailed me to apologize for the delay, apparently they were in the process of improving the heads) that then only lasted three months. Total waste of time and money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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