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    • May 22, 2018
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    Their customer service SUCKS!

    Overall Experience:

    Do NOT do business with this company! I happened to see an advertisement for Cosmedique boasting about their anti-aging skin product that takes 10 years off your appearance. They were offering a free 15-day trial and you only had to pay for the postage. I fell, hook, line and sinker. It wasn't until AFTER I placed my order that I was able to read that at the end of the 15-day trial period, $187.50 is DUE UNLESS I call PRIOR to that date. The deal was supposed to be 3-5 days.

    5/14: I ordered the product and tried to cancel that same day. It's impossible to contact them via phone. It rings and rings, finally a soft sweet foreign female voice tells you all representative are "busy" and puts you on "HOLD." AFTER 15 minutes, the rep tells you they are still busy and to go to their website for information.

    5/15: Yesterday, I see the product has been mailed via USPS.

    5/16: The product has been SITTING in Juniper, Florida since 3:06 yesterday and is STILL there today (5/16).

    Meanwhile, I have a flight scheduled for 5/23 and unless this product comes BEFORE then, I won't be able to MAIL it back.

    I'm going to post a Tweet and include the Florida Attorney General and Consumer Advocate. This is a BIG RIP-OFF and I feel VIOLATED! Oh, I even sent them an email which they acknowledge receipt of, but have not contacted me.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jul 26, 2019

      Company Response from Cosmedique Cosmetics

      Here at Cosmedique we offer both regular purchases as well as 15 & 30 day trial offers for those that wish to partake in a try before you buy option.

      For those that opt to order a trial offer, all of the terms of our promotion are available on our website check out page for the customer's review prior to placing their order. They are also reiterated on the customer's order confirmation email. We encourage and hope that a customer will read the terms of their order prior to placing it.

      First orders with our company on the trial offer, come with both the trial time as well as a concurrent 100-day money-back guarantee.

      This reviewer in particular did not read the terms of her order until after she placed the order. She reached out to us to cancel it which was absolutely fine however, her order had already shipped. We instructed her to refuse it.

      On May 21, 2018 (the day prior to her review) she contacted us to let us know she refused the shipment. We verified this with USPS and closed her account that day having never charged her for the product itself.

      After seeing this review posted the day after, we tried to reach the customer to find out why she was still upset and how we could help, however, she never returned our phone call nor responded to our email.

      Again, we encourage all potential customers to read what they are ordering from any company. This is why we offer both regular purchases as well as trial offers. And again, a first order with our company comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee whether you opt for the trial offer or purchase the product outright.

    • May 22, 2018
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    Nucific BIO X4

    Great product, but it did not work for me.

    Overall Experience:

    I purchased Nucific BIO X4 more than a year ago. Although the ingredients are superior, it did not work for me. My doctor has me taking Magnesium Complex 400mg, one in the AM and one in the PM. My blood tests showed I was low in Vit. D-3 and I'm anemic. So I take D-3 (do NOT take with Magnesium) and Sublingual Vit. B-12.

    Always go to and click on "Interactions Checker."

    You can list all your vitamins and supplement and make sure there are no interactions, some of which can be dangerous.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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    • Nov 2, 2018
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    ActivatedYou Morning Complete

    Happy with product, it works!

    Overall Experience:

    I've had digestive problems all my adult life and suffered with constipation from time to time.

    I have taken supplements and occasional laxatives that help with elimination, but they always contained harmful ingredients. My primary care doctor recommended MiraLAX. I purchased it, but when I read that it contained Polyethylene, all I could think of was the anti-freeze in my car. I stopped it immediately. I went to a Gastroenterologist and she recommended Align. I examined the ingredients and many of them didn't appear to be fit for human digestion.

    I did not give up my quest to find a product that was 100% natural and contained both prebiotics and probiotics. I believe there was a link somewhere on the internet and I found Morning Complete by ActivatedYou. It is 100% natural, every ingredient is pure and beneficial and of high quality, it contains prebiotics and probiotics and IT WORKS!

    My only disappointment is the price, $134.00 for three 8 oz. packets. I know there was a lot of R&D that went into this product and then to get it FDA approved and marketed was expensive. I'm sure this is a great price if one is employed. I'm retired and my social security only covers 50% of my monthly rent. I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of the product.

    Nonetheless, even if I can't afford Morning Complete, I have to give you high marks, as it truly is a wholesome product. In fact, I have NEVER come across a product this pure and beneficial.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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