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Using only 100% all natural ingredients, Enhance Mind IQ promises to deliver a wide variety of cognitive benefits, including intense focus, greater mental clarity, boosted memory and recall, “powerful” motivation, and even improved overall health.

We’re told that as soon as you take the recommended dose, Enhance Mind IQ’s “proven scientific profile” will go to work increasing your energy levels, regardless of your age or gender. Then, these same ingredients will continue keeping you alert and focused throughout the remainder of the day.

There’s no denying that Enhance Mind IQ’s sales pitch is attention grabbing. But you’re here because you want to know if it’s worth the high price, or if you should continue looking. We’re here to help you find some answers.

How Does the Brain Work and With Enhance Mind IQ Involved?

“How the brain works” is a massive topic, and is something we couldn’t even hope to adequately cover in this review. Instead, we’re going to address Enhance Mind IQ’s claims directly, while providing some background information to help you assess exactly what we’re dealing with.

Your brain cells (called neurons) are where all the basic activity in your brain occurs, including communication, short and long-term memory storage, and more. These neurons send and receive information through short electrical bursts, and can send signals to other parts of the body as well using chemical signals known as neurotransmitters (one of the most common is acetylcholine).

With this in mind, the manufacturer claims Enhance Mind IQ’s ingredients will boost the level of neurotransmitters in your brain—presumably leading to storing information more efficiently, clearing “your mind for optimum mental absorption,” and delivering “optimal mental performance.”

Another common (and powerful) neurotransmitter is serotonin. So, if Enhance Mind IQ also increases the production in this chemical, it might be the case that you experience “powerful focus and motivation.”

Granted, all of this is based on marketing information taken from the supplement’s website. But what does science have to say about the effectiveness of Enhance Mind IQ’s ingredients?

What Ingredients Are Found In Enhance Mind IQ? Are They Effective?

There isn’t a label listed on the Enhance Mind IQ website, so we can’t be sure exactly what the supplement contains, or in what doses. In fact, the only ingredient referenced is a “100% Pure Phosphatidylserine Complex.” Can you expect this to deliver results?

In a nutshell, phosphatidylserine is a chemical mostly obtained from the foods we eat (although the body also produces a small amount). It’s responsible for numerous important functions, including acting as a “key in the maintenance of cellular function, especially in the brain.”

While phosphatidylserine is listed as “possibly effective” for addressing some aspects of age-related mental decline and Alzheimer’s disease, it’s important to point out that most of the available clinical evidence was obtained using supplements derived from cow brains.

However, most modern supplements derive their phosphatidylserine from soy or cabbage. While there’s growing evidence that plant-based phosphatidylserine might provide similar benefits (especially for age-related memory), it’s not as clinically validated.

As we outline in The Truth About Memory Supplements, other common ingredients in these supplements include:

What’s the bottom line?

First, there’s no indication that any of these ingredients are found in Enhance Mind IQ. Second, some have more clinically verified benefits than others. And third, the reality is that—even in a best-case scenario—the clinical evidence indicates that they’ll only provide very mild results.

Will Enhance Mind IQ’s Ingredients Cause Any Side Effects?

In doses under 300mg, phosphatidylserine likely won’t cause anything worse than mild digestive upset—if anything at all. Over this amount, the likelihood of upset stomach and insomnia can increase.

Again (not to sound like a broken record), we don’t know how much phosphatidylserine Enhance Mind IQ contains—or any of its other ingredients, so it’s unknown which side effects you might be likely to experience.

How Much Does Enhance Mind IQ Cost?

Your first Enhance Mind IQ order will only cost you $4.95 S&H, for which you’ll receive a 30-day supply. This will begin your 14-day trial.

On the 14th day, you’ll then be charged the full price of $89.92. At this same time, you’ll be enrolled in the company’s autoship program, which will send you a new bottle of Enhance Mind IQ once per month and charge your card $89.92 each time.

Enhance Mind IQ’s website indicates that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Although according to their terms, it doesn’t appear refunds are available outside of the trial.

To cancel your trial or your autoship enrollment, Enhance Mind IQ’s customer service department can be reached at (866) 512-0453.

Given this steep price and the lack of an ingredients list, are customers finding that Enhance Mind IQ delivers results?

Where Can You Find Legit Enhance Mind IQ Reviews?

According to Enhance Mind IQ’s website, the supplement has been featured in popular media outlets such as The NY Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and more. As a result, they claim it has become “impossible to find.”

Despite this claim, we didn’t encounter a single legitimate review for Enhance Mind IQ at the time of our research. Instead, we only found affiliate websites posing as legitimate customer reviews, which are often intended to mislead instead of inform.

Like the company, one of these affiliate sites claimed that Enhance Mind IQ has received “widespread media attention,” but as we mentioned above, there is zero third-party evidence for these claims.

Are There Other Supplements Like Enhance Mind IQ?

On a more positive note though, the HighYa team has reviewed dozens of these nootropic supplements over the years, including popular options like Geniux, Brain Storm Elite, and Neuroflexyn. Can we learn anything from customer reviews for these supplements?

Like most nutritional supplements, brain boosters like these typically come with low customer ratings (usually 2 stars or less), with common complaints citing failure to deliver results, high prices, and poor customer service. Regarding this last point, many customers complain that it’s next to impossible to cancel trials, stop recurring shipments, or process refunds.

Now, we’re fully willing to admit that Enhance Mind IQ might be the exception to the rule. But when you also factor in the fact that the supplement uses the exact same website template as other nootropic supplements—including Addex IQ, Cognizera, BrainieX, NeuroCell, and many others—many of which come with similarly low customer ratings, we think this is a good reason to be extra diligent about where you spend your money.

From a company perspective, Enhance Mind IQ is manufactured by Premium Health Products Inc. Other than the company’s Florida filing information, however, there’s no additional information available about the company online.

Now, let’s take everything we’ve learned about Enhance Mind IQ and conclude our review.

Will Enhance Mind IQ Enhance Your Mind Or IQ?

The fact of the matter is that we didn’t test Enhance Mind IQ ourselves and there’s no online customer feedback yet. Given this, we have to rely on our experience reviewing dozens of supplement websites just like it, and then use this information to help us come to a conclusion (after all, we’re consumers too!).

So, what data do we have for the supplement? The only ingredient we’re told about is phosphatidylserine, which has mixed results when it comes to fulfilling Enhance Mind IQ’s lofty claims. We also know that the supplement is only sold through a free trial (which we often recommend avoiding, since many customers complain of poor customer service) and that it comes with an exceptionally high price.

Given this, would we spend our personal money on it? In the end, we think talking with our doctor about addressing memory problems or boosting brainpower will provide more real-world benefits than placing an order for Enhance Mind IQ.

Did you sign up for Enhance Mind IQ’s “free” trial? Tell us what you experienced by writing a review below!

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