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Bye Bye Foundation from IT Cosmetics is a full coverage moisturizer intended to replace your traditional foundation and provide skin benefits. Learn what customers are saying.

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Posted on Sep 2, 2016

I love this company!

By Tracey Traver, Novato, CA, Verified Reviewer

Hi, I have purchased several products from IT, but from ULTA. They are pricey but it is the only product I have ever purchased that totally corrects my redness and evens out my skin tone without looking like a clown. It does last all day for me. Actually it works too well in that regard, I have a very difficult time removing it all at night. Even after washing twice I find some on the cotton ball with the toner.

I too am concerned about the autoship. But once you try it you will probably want it to keep coming in anyway. Its nice to not have to travel across town to get it at another store. I am sure UTLA has some mark up on the products. Try it. It does everything it says.

I use the IT BB crème, and the Bye Bye redness... love this stuff. Use a brush to put it on the $35 jar will last over 2 months with daily use.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 29, 2016

Total Scam

By Sandra Hagwood, Fieldale, VA, Verified Reviewer

I had a few sunspots that I was trying to cover. It didn't even cover those, not to mention the ability to cover tattoos. I don't really have terrible skin. A product I bought at the dollar store worked better than this. Totally overrated. Waste of time.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 28, 2016

Wonderful for older skin!

By Kimberlee Marshall-Coleman, Riverside, CA, Verified Reviewer

I was stuck on stupid for years using only Bare Escentuals/ RareMinerals from my early 40's until now at age 61. When the makeup wasn't helping but making my fine lines more noticeable, it was time to change it up. Ordering the first kit of Bye Bye Foundation was amazing. Sure, it took a few times to figure out the right amount (not as much as I thought to begin with), letting the heat from my own face do it's work with the foundation and concealer. I live in a very hot climate, in Southern California desert area and this is the best for moisture and coverage, without looking too made up. I love the foundation/ moisturizer, the Bye Bye Pores and the Bronzer. The last kit, I ordered the Hello Lashes mascara and No Tug gel eyeliner. They work and I'm thrilled. I will continue to be on the customize kit plan. I only need the three piece kit, but most likely I will move ahead to add more to my collection. My skin loves the extra moisture. IT Cosmetics is not lying about how this works. I would highly recommend these products. Not 100% thrilled with the concealer. It is too difficult to remove, but then one only needs a dab.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 13, 2016

I really like this stuff

By Brenda Taylor, Brighton, CO, Verified Reviewer

I am 59 years old and have old acne scars and red areas on my face. The foundation does a nice job of covering with just a small amount and doesn't settle in my wrinkles. I recommend at least trying it. I think it's great and I've tried a million things.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 31, 2016


By E Love, Wisconsin, Verified Reviewer

I carefully examined the website for hidden fees to make sure I would get what they made it sound like i would. I realized that it's an automatic renewal which was inconvenient but somewhat common. So I got to the part where it said trial size or full size (pick which one you want). So I further checked out what the options were and NOWHERE did it say sizes or amounts of product. That was super annoying. But it was clear that the trial size would be sample size (whatever that means, it varies from one company to the next).

Then I realized that the full size was $150. So that was my deciding factor. NO, I don't want to pay over $50. So I selected the trial size. Placed the order. Read my confirmation. It stated that order total was $50. Called after my item shipped to cancel my automatic renewals. They canceled it. Then he said that it looks like I've ordered the full size, so I will still be getting two more charges of $50. So I went back and forth with a supervisor (Christine, #132670).

She reduced my future payment to $25 that I can pay whenever I choose to. She claims no more charges will come to my card. Bottom line: I regret this purchase. I don't recommend it to anyone. I strongly doubt I will purchase another IT cosmetics item again. Solely for this incident. I hold grudges with companies. Burn me once shame on you. Won't happen again.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 31, 2016

Beware! Do Not Buy. Will only cause you headaches.

By Kelly, MD, Verified Reviewer

I originally ordered this product from the infomercial. I returned the product because I have dry skin and it didn't work for me. I was billed for 2 payments by the time my return was processed. However, I returned my items to the address on the invoice which was incorrect if you purchased from the infomercial. I was able to give them a tracking number that showed they were in receipt of the product and they processed the refund.

I also stated that there product did not work for me and that I did not want anymore products from them. I stated this during every call I made to them (3 in total at this point). Then about 2 months after I get this straightened out I receive another charge. I make a phone call and they state that it was my auto shipment. I was really frustrated at this point. I said I made 3 different calls to your customer service because your products didn't work for me. Returned the original shipment and filled out the return reason. Stated to multiple customer service employees that I didn't want anymore product and you still ship me items that at this point I did not order.

That is fraud at this point. I called my bank, cancelled my card, got a new card with a new number and they somehow got my new banking information without me giving it to them. I called again and asked how they got this card number. They stated that I had to give them the card information. I replied that I just got this card within the last couple weeks and I haven't talked to anyone there in over a month. When I asked how they got card information and charged a card I never gave them, she couldn't answer this question.

Dealing with this customer service has been one headache after another. I've had to close my account since this happened. I feel when I said that I didn't want the product and returned and filled out the original return that they should've taken care of making sure they didn't ship anymore product and that is on them. I've filled out 1 fraud case for the 1 charge and am now onto number 2. I will continue to do this until they stop billing me for items I did not order. I wish I would've read the other reviews prior to even trying the product. It took me less than a week to try and return.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 30, 2016

Not happy all around.

By Deana Mathias, Lilburn, GA, Verified Reviewer

Cancelled shipments because it doesn't do anything different for me than any other store bought foundation. I called and cancelled and even got the email confirmation and the lady spoken to told me that I would never be charged again nor would I receive any shipments. And now my bank account has another charge coming thru. The lady that I just spoke with is saying I can just send it all back and receive a refund, minus shipping and handling. Uh no, I'm not suppose to receive it, so why are you still charging me and sending it? If my bills bounce because of this, I will speak to my attorney and the Better Business Bureau.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 28, 2016

5 Star Rating from Breast Cancer Person (Stage 3C)

By Marie, TX, Verified Reviewer

I have sensitive skin--very sensitive. I have tried cheaper products and more expensive. This makeup is the best in all areas it claims. My skin is more softer, less pores to be seen, makeup is more natural than Bare Minerals, and it's quicker to use with those amazing brushes. Oh, forgot, my lines have almost disappeared over the months I have been using IT. Old age spots are not as dark. I did recommend and gave my friend the makeup that was wrong for me and great for her, who has bad rosacea, and she is hooked.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 27, 2016

Poor customer service and horrendous UPS service

By Manashi Lim, North Corolina, Verified Reviewer

I've yet to try the product that I was excited about. I didn't even get to try it, as UPS, as their protocol, and believe me I had similar experiences with them, just placed them over my gate, leaving my dogs to tear the package to bits!

I had specifically told this IT person NOT to send by UPS, but by USPS, and if that was not possible, I'll order it some other time. I was going off for a vacation and didn't want anything delivered while I was gone. The customer service after consulting the Supervisor, told me that it'll come before I left, and With USPS!

So when it didn't arrive, I was disappointed, but ok, as USPS was going to 'hold mail' for me. I came back, and several days later saw an email on 7/19, that IT was delivered. I saw no sign of the package, and my mail I collected from the Post Office did not have them. When I got home, I saw my dog chewing on something, and on closer inspection, it was part of a parcel from UPS. I went over my yard, and scattered all over in bits and pieces we're the items of the IT.

I was livid, as I had paid for it, it wasn't delivered on time, delivered by the UPS that I Did Not want, and this was the result. Of course I called, and it was refunded, canceled, and so forth. Customer service informed me that they'll only use UPS. Really!

I'll never order from Any company using UPS!

I took pictures, of the UPS package right with the USPS packages. I had requested the other 2 companies who also use UPS to send by USPS and it arrived in one piece in hold mail service. So my perception of this company, IT is that it's not customer friendly at all. I'll never attempt again to try this product, a shame I think.

And UPS, it's a DISGRACE!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 20, 2016

Don't buy, not even 1 time.

By Jan Gessling, Seymour, Indiana, Verified Reviewer

I chose 1 time only, they chose to put me on their automatic monthly order without my permission. Can't find return phone number or way to discontinue this makeup that I don't need every month. It is too dark. I'm so upset & disappointed with Jamie Kern Lima. I resent how she had scammed me and many other women. I will get this stopped, never again will I order anything from "Guthy-Renker." I will tell all my women friends to not order this makeup.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 18, 2016

Not everything it claims

By Teri, Tallahassee, FL, Verified Reviewer

After a long and exhausting decision I decided to purchase the IT Cosmetic line at Ulta, as the return policy is great and no gimmicky sales are involved.

I'm very disappointed in the Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+. Reasons: it goes on heavy thick and feels just as heavy, it's shiny to. It does not cover as well as what the pitch says, it highlights wrinkles and does not cover small dark freckles, etc.

Superhero Mascara: This goes on clumpy, the wand would be better if curves and smaller bristles were on it. I had to use my other curved fine bristle wand to apply the Superhero. It flaked too.

Lipstick: it doesn't stay on but 5 minutes, leaves my lips feeling dry.

The IT You Sculpted: This is okay if you're looking for slight definition. Beware it's a pain to brush out if you've messed up.

Bye Bye Under Eye Waterproof Concealer: A pin sized amount goes a long way, which is great but removing it is a pain.

Confidence in a Cream Moisturizing Super Cream: A dab of this very, very small product goes a long way. The smell is nice, however I'm not impressed.

Vitality Cheek Flush: Not bad, this is like the rest of the blushes on the market. My recommendation is good for this, but save your money and purchase one that's not so pricey.

Build a Brow: It seems to do okay, it's thick and goes a long way. It stays on and so far no issues with this.

Your Skin But Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder SPF: This comes with the sponge in it, nicely laid out design of this product. I like the option of applying with a brush or sponge. It does come off on clothes, etc., when it comes in contact with anything, and this is not a pain to wash off. It doesn't cover everything like its counterpart foundation cream. And it's not as bad with wrinkles to.

Both the liquid and powder instruct you to apply after two hours of being outside in any type of situation where you get wet, sweat etc. Sorry, but I'm not doing that, what a pain right.

IT Brushes: They are fantastic.

The Your Contour Must Haves Airbrush Sculpting and Highlighting 2 Piece Brush Set: Don't purchase this if you get the IT Brushes from Ulta, the brushes in the large kit are better. So to purchasing the contour kit brushes is a waste of money in my opinion.

This product line might be for someone that is younger than me, I'm 50, and who doesn't have a large pore problem, or wrinkles and for a non-outdoor woman, or better for someone that stays inside a majority of the time.

I'm taking a majority of everything back to Ulta today, I have my receipt, the boxes that everything came in and I'm still within the 60 day return policy window, about one week left actually. This is the first time I've left any review anywhere.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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