Tecovas Boots Review: Things to Consider Before You Buy

By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff
Published on: Apr 8, 2018

Tecovas is an Austin-based brand of handmade cowboy boots. The boots are advertised as “handmade, high-quality boots that don’t break the bank” on the company website.

At the time of writing, Tecovas doesn’t maintain a physical storefront and instead sells their shoes and luggage directly online. The company states that this keeps prices low (about half the price of traditional retail they claim) because you won’t need to pay middlemen for markups at the physical store.

In this way, Tecovas claims to manufacture and sell the “most comfortable, high-quality and honestly-priced cowboy boots on the market.” But are they really? Let’s look closer at the construction quality, pricing, and customer opinions of these boots to help you make an informed decision.

What Makes Tecovas Boots Stand Out?

According to the company website, Tecovas boots set themselves apart from the competition by providing unprecedented value, being handmade, and offering classic styles for customers to choose from.

Tecovas claims that their boots are twice the quality of other boots at their price point and half the price of similarly quality boots. Their strategy for keeping costs lower is cutting out the retailer and subsequent markups, ensuring that the cost savings are passed on to the customer.

The website also states that all Tecovas boots are handmade in León, Mexico in a traditional construction process that takes over 200 steps per shoe. Finally, the company strives to produce the boots in timeless styles that won’t go out of style when trends change.

How Did Tecovas Get Started?

The Tecovas website tells us that their brand is named after the Tecovas Formation in West Texas, a geographical feature in the Palo Duro Canyon.

Paul Hedrick, the company founder, grew tired of the inconvenience of shoe stores and spending almost $1,000 on quality cowboy boots. In 2014, he quit his job and began traveling the world to research ways to make and sell boots more affordably. After 16 months of research and numerous trips to Mexico, he sold his first pair of boots.

Today, Tecovas is headquartered in Austin Texas, though the company currently only operates online.

What Is the Pricing for Tecovas Boots?

At the time of writing, Tecovas boots ranged in price on the company website from between $195 and $455.

While the company previously maintained a showroom in Austin, the boots are currently only available from the brand’s online store. They proclaim that this makes them the first direct-to-consumer western brand. Orders can be placed online, and all questions should be directed through email to howdy@tecovas.com.

The brand states that all sizes and products listed on their website are available for immediate order, meaning that the vast majority of successful orders are shipped within one business day.

Selecting free shipping at checkout means most orders will arrive within 3-5 business days, and the company provides options to upgrade to Next Business Day or 2nd Business Day shipping as well.

The website also states that all orders are shipped with a free peel-off return label and instructions for issuing a return. If the label is lost for any reason, customers can email the company to receive a new one.

How Versatile Are Tecovas Boots?

Cowboy boots have historically been put to a variety of uses, from farm work to office fashion. Which category does Tecovas best fit in?

According to the company website, Tecovas boots are better suited to professional situations than working outdoors. Most models aren’t designed to withstand the elements or rugged outdoor use, meaning that they aren’t necessarily well-suited to riding a horse or mucking out a stall.

The company also makes it clear that Tecovas insoles aren’t designed to be removed from the shoe, meaning that some customers might find it difficult to wear them with an orthotic or special insert. To ease the process, the company suggests ordering boots a half size up to accommodate the extra room.

While it is possible to tear out the insole to accommodate larger inserts, the company notes that this will void their ability to be returned.

In summary, by shifting the shopping process online, Tevocas claims to offer an easier, more convenient shopping opportunity for cowboy boot fans. Does this fit reality? Let’s look closer at the reality of buying western boots today.

How to Buy Quality Cowboy Boots

In decades past, cowboy boots weren’t built for style; they were practical work boots designed to protect the feet of cowboys as they rode horses and herded cattle. Cowboy boots needed to be rugged to survive the realities of the frontier, and they were typically made of quality leather.

True West Magazine tells us that cowboy boots entered popular culture in the 1920s through a fascination with western life from radio shows and silent movies. Children and adults alike wanted to dress like their favorite western stars, and cowboy boots began to be marketed as much as a fashion accessory as a work shoe.

Today, cowboy boots cling to their novelty and stylish appeal. Most quality brands cost between $400 and $1,500 or more, depending on the leather quality and craftsmanship.

The Art of Manliness illustrates that buying boots is often a tricky process, as differences in brands, leather, and styling all affect their fit. For this reason, most customers have traditionally preferred to buy their boots in person so that they can try them on immediately and have greater control over the selection process since a pair of boots is often an investment.

Does Tecovas lose that experience for their customers by not allowing them to shop in person for their boots? Looking at customer reviews of the brand makes it easier to know for sure.

Customer Reviews of Tecovas Boots

What do customers think of Tecovas boots? The company website lists over a hundred reviews for almost every item in their product line, and the significant majority of these reviews are five stars.

Some of the commentaries that stood out to us were that many customers thought the boots felt high end and that the leather was buttery to touch with clean and precise detail work.

Regarding fit, many reviewers mentioned that they had bought two or more pairs because they were so impressed with how well they fit their feet- “like a glove” according to some users. One reviewer noted that she had worn different brands of cowboy boots for 35 years and never found any shoes as comfortable for long-term wearing as her two pairs of Tecovas.

In fact, dozens of reviews that we read mentioned that customers felt like their boots were custom made for their feet because of how comfortable they were.

We found a few reviews off the Tecovas website too. Raquel, the blogger at Horses and Heels, published a review of Tecova boots where she stated that the price point of $200 for her pair was almost unheard of for a quality pair of boots. She also noted that the boots were comfortable enough for long walks.

What stood out to Raquel most about her boots was that they had a strong scent of new leather, and were buttery soft to the touch, which she took as a sign that they were top quality.

Tecovas would certainly agree with all this positive feedback, and they would say the difference in quality is in their careful manufacturing process.

About the Tecova Bootmaking Process

Tecovas’s website tells us that their boots are handmade in León, Mexico by third-generation artisans. The boots are constructed through traditional methods of western cowboy boots, including ¾ Goodyear welt construction, hand-laid decorative cording, hand-stitched quarters, and hand-hammered lemonwood pegs.

The boot soles are made from a traditional 100% leather midsole and corkbed filling to ensure that the boots will mold to your feet. The company also states that they carefully construct each boot lining “inside out” to hide potentially irritating seams.

Belts, luggage, and other accessories are handcrafted at a separate factory in León that the company website states is just down the road from their bootmaking production.

You can read more about the construction process on the company website.

Does the Tecovas boot construction process stand out from other brands? Not by location. A quick Google search shows us that there are numerous cowboy boot companies with production based in Leon, including Poppy Barley, Gavel Boots, Heritage Boots, and others.

According to Tecova’s website, León’s long history of shoemaking was a critical decider for anchoring their production in the city, and their shoemakers handcraft their shoes next to brands that charge two or three times as much for their boots.

Our research into other León-based brands challenged these claims a bit. From looking online, we found that Poppy Barley sells women’s fashion boots for about $550 and men’s shoes for $425, Gavel Boots sold cowboy boots for about $200, a price point that is often lower than Tecovas.

A less location-specific boot manufacturer like Boot Barn sells cowboy boots at a broader range of prices, from less than $80 to over $500.

On the other end of the spectrum is Heritage Boots, a León-based boot manufacturer that sells boots from $500 to as much as $1500. Like Tecovas, Heritage boots can only be bought online (or from the company’s Austin-based store).

What does this research tell us? For one, Tecovas is one of many boot manufacturing companies based in León. However, the pricing and overall quality of these boots can vary considerably. If Tecovas customer reviews are to be believed, the company is succeeding at satisfying their customers on both accounts.

Our Bottom Line: Should You Try Tecovas Boots?

While we didn’t try this brand for ourselves, our research into Tecovas painted a pretty clear picture of the brand. The company website makes it clear that Tecovas boots are designed to provide a direct-to-consumer option for top quality cowboy boots.

Customer reviews for the boots are overwhelmingly positive, and the company implements an easy return policy in case you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase. However, the reviews we looked at on the company website seemed to indicate that only a small portion of customers end up returning their boots.

Those looking for a rugged work boot are likely to be disappointed with Tecovas, as the boots are designed more for walking and fashion than work. Nonetheless, reviewers consistently praised how well their boots held up after months of regular wear.

If you are looking for a pair of high-end cowboy boots that will last for longer than a season, then Tecovas boots might be a brand to begin your search.

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  • Nash Lizard Roper

    Wow! The most comfortable and best-looking boots I’ve ever owned. These lizards are “dress” boots for me. A movie star or professional athlete would love these boots; probably not as much as me. Enough of that.

    These boots serve a purpose and it ain’t running a chainsaw or taking the ATV to the Quachita National Forest to kick around. My Ariat or Justin bullhide crepe sole boots will take a beating (and I mean kicking logs around in the fire kinda beating).

    I spend a lot more time indoors with my Tecovas Nash boots on than outside with work boots. I love ‘em both.

    Bottom line is my Tecovas boots are the only footwear I don’t let my teenage sons touch. I keep shoe trees in them and polish ‘em with Bick 4 every time I put them up. I never wear them two days I’m a row. But those two or three times a week I put them on, I get compliments on them everywhere I go. And I live in Texas.

    I bought my wife a pair of Tecovas short women’s boots. I believe they’re called the “Jessie.” Very nice. All leather. Good looking and (as we say in Texan) “hell for stout.”

    As an aside, the initial pair I ordered too small. Tecovas made the exchange PAINLESS. Very easy. New boots I ordered a tad bit large and put an insert inside. I do this with all shoes.

    Forgive me for getting long-winded. I love premium footwear and love these boots.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Lessons learned (The Shane)

    • By Roger S.,
    • Texas,
    • Jun 14, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I never owned a pair of "western boots" prior to this experience. I have had a pair or two of Frye boots but, I don't consider them "western."

    Lesson 1 - I learned that there are companies that live up to their "hype." Tecovas certainly did. Speedy delivery (three days).

    Lesson 2 - quality. I have an old friend that rode the Rodeo circuit. He saw these boots and was overwhelmed with the quality and looks.

    Lesson 3 - comfort. Wow, they fit perfectly. Many would say like a glove, I say perfectly.

    Lesson 4 - I suggest when you first try on a new boot you should have on a thin pair of socks. This allows the foot to enter boot a bit more smoothly and certainly easier. Since I have a touch of arthritis, I purchased a pair of boot pulls on Amazon. ZIPPO not a singular problem thereafter.

    Next boot purchase? Tecovas. You can't go wrong.

    Closing lesson - I will be an ongoing Tecovas shopper. By the way, I neglected to state that my purchase was the "Shane."

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Excellent boots (the Earl in Bourbon Calf)!

    • By Rick W.,
    • Chicago, IL,
    • Jul 17, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I finally go around to ordering a pair of Tecovas. I've been wanting a pair for well over a year now, and my birthday was the perfect opportunity to take the plunge. I'm glad I did!

    When it comes to apparel, many companies post pictures that make their products look way better online or in a catalog than how they actually look in person. When my boots arrived, I was shocked to notice that these looked just as good in person as they do online (even better, perhaps). The quality of construction and attention to detail is top notch. I don't care if they are made in Mexico. It's obvious that the folks making Tecovas boots know what they are doing, and Leon, Mexico has a very rich tradition in fine leatherworks.

    My main concern with ordering these boots was the fit. Fortunately, Tecovas makes it very easy to exchange them for a different size, if needed. A postage-paid return address envelope is included in the box. Just make sure to ship them back in "new" condition (meaning no scuffs on the soles), and Tecovas will gladly swap them out for a new size of your choosing. You don't pay anything extra. For me, I got lucky, and my boots fit perfectly right out of the box.

    One of the details that stands out with these boots is the use of bovine leather throughout the entire interior of the boot. Most other boots use nice leather lining in the shaft, and part of the way through the vamp, but then transition to either cloth or an inferior leather as it gets towards the toe. The inclusion of high-quality leather lining throughout the entire interior sets these boots apart, and really adds to the overall comfort of the boots.

    After wearing these a few times, they are already starting to break in nicely. I can tell these are going to wear well - even though they are so soft. The calfskin leather is very high quality - I've never felt such a soft leather before. Lastly, the smell of these boots is amazing. They have such a deep, rich leather smell, even having been out of the box for a few days, the smell is still very strong. I love it!

    I will definitely look to Tecovas again if and when I decide to order another pair of boots. You really can't beat the quality they offer at the price-point. I've tried on other brands that are twice the cost, and didn't seem as well-made as these. Great boots all-around; I cannot recommend them enough.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Tecovas is my new Lucchese boot

    • By Paul S.,
    • Texas,
    • Aug 20, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I'm 64 and have six pairs of Lucchese boots that are 35-40 years old when Lucchese was hand-made in San Antonio, Texas. Being that my Lucchese boots are so old (but still beautiful) and have been resold numerous times, I got interested in researching Tecovas after seeing today's prices on Lucchese. I now have two beautiful pairs of Tecovas. The Wyatt full-quill Ostrich in pecan and The Dillon Caiman in chocolate.

    I was at a local western wear store and saw a pair of Caiman cowboy boots on display after I bought my Tecovas. My first thought after looking at them closely was that I did not know Tecovas was selling retail. I asked the salesman about them, and he explained that they were Lucchese Caiman and selling at twice the price of Tecovas. I was shocked but happy that I could not see any difference. I have only had my Tecovas two months and will not claim that they will last me 35-40 years, but only because I doubt I'll live to 100. My next pair will be the Nolan in bourbon lizard.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Customer service

    • By James W.,
    • Denham Springs, LA,
    • Sep 7, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I have worn Lucchese boots for many years. I decided to try Tecovas because of the price and the appearance of quality, as shown on their website. When I got the boots I was very pleased with the craftsmanship and the quality. They were easily comparable to the Lucchese's. I decided to exchange the boots for another pair and called customer service. They could not have been more helpful. The customer service efficiency and the quality of the boots make me highly recommend Tecovas.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Superb boots

    • By Duaine G.,
    • Fort Worth, TX,
    • Sep 26, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    As a Texan, boots have always been a part of my footwear. 30 years ago I bought a pair of Lucchese ropers which I still wear after being resoled a couple of times. During that time I've tried other brands with recurrent dissatisfaction returning always to Lucchese's, now owning three pairs of ropers.

    I saw the Tecovas' claims and decided to give them a try. I ordered a pair of full quill ostrich ropers (the Duke), which came this morning. The construction and material seem to be on a par with more expensive brands. I wore them all day today and found them comfortable and good looking. This is the first pair of boots that have felt so good day one during break-in since my Lucchese's.

    The Tecovas price was about half of the Lucchese full quill ostrich roper. If they prove to be as durable, they are a tremendous bargain. Looks like I'll be adding another pair or two of Tecovas to my boot collection in a couple of months if these hold up as well as I expect. It's a no-brainer.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Best boots ever

    • By Andrew B.,
    • Duluth, GA,
    • Dec 12, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    So I have heard great reviews of Tecovas cowboy boots online as well as YouTube. Now that I have received my very first Tecovas boots, I can give you a very honest review.

    At first, I was doubting how it was going to fit as I have had a few that I bought from other stores and never had a good experience with western boots and how they fit. They were very uncomfortable in my experience. Then I found out about Tecovas, and I followed their online sizing guide. After all, I can ship it free if I needed to change the size of it doesn't work out.

    Well, I just opened my boots out of the box that came today (btw, shipping was fast). I fitted the boots and oh boy...the fit was so comfortable as I slipped my feet in it. Then, once in it, the boots hugged my feet so nicely. I have to say that this the first ever that I wore a pair of western boots that fit so great. What a feeling walking in these boots. I am only getting boots from Tecovas! Thanks and excellent job Tecovas!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • The Nolan - Midnight Lizard 9 D Average

    • By Kenneth F.,
    • Prairie Hill, TX,
    • Jan 13, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I have been looking at Lizard skin boots for some time now. I conducted a computer search and found the Tecovas website. I liked what I saw and placed the order. Two days later the boots were on my porch.

    I am a peace officer and am on my feet for long periods. The boots fit like a glove and with a little more wear will be perfect. I will be ordering the chocolate brown and brown/tan as time goes on. Great boots, keep up the good work. I highly recommend this company. Did I mention the great price?

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Great, soft, comfortable boots

    • By Jeff F.,
    • Texas,
    • Feb 6, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    Really great boots made with the softest leather. I have two pairs of calfskin and bought my wife ostrich. I get compliments every day I wear them. I have worn each pair twice a week for a year and have no signs of destruction past normal wear.

    I think negative reviews come from folks who don't understand how the internet works and folks who don't know how to care for their boots. You don't wear them in the rain, you must condition, and you must dress the edge. If you want to work get some steel toe, rubber sole Ariats or Twisted X boots.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Amazing, incredible, the best!

    • By John J N.,
    • Beverly Hills, CA,
    • Mar 2, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    Having worn boots for most of my life as an adult my boots are generally custom made by a well-known boot maker. They range in price from $3,500.00 to $4,800.00 and I love them!

    I was cautious at first with the purchase, I have received both pairs and I am very impressed. Very comfortable and the fit and quality is impressive, for a few hundred dollars. All I can say is these are going to be my go-to for knocking around the ranch.

    Very Happy Customer!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Wow!

    • By Bob D.,
    • Houston, TX,
    • Mar 14, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    Just got my Cartwright’s and they fit perfectly, and so comfortable! I immediately ordered a pair of Earls. Can’t wait! Ordered them on a Monday night and got them Thursday afternoon...free shipping!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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