Breethe App Review: Important Things You Need to Know

By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff
Published on: Sep 21, 2019

What Is Breethe?

Breethe is a meditation app designed to help you destress and establish a regular meditation practice. The app emphasizes short meditations and claims that you can de-stress and sleep better after just a five-minute session with a personal mindfulness meditation session.

Lynne Goldberg founded Breethe because of her experience with the benefits that meditation had on her own life. After dealing with multiple deaths in the family as well as a divorce and job loss, Goldberg eventually made it to a yoga retreat that introduced her to meditation.

This transformative experience caused her to course-correct, and she soon earned certifications as a meditation coach and yoga instructor.

Breethe came as a way to bring this same breakthrough to other people. The app is designed to introduce users to a wide variety of meditation and mindfulness content designed to help you get more in touch with yourself.

Is Breethe worth downloading? How does it stack up against other available meditation apps? We’ll look at the details here.

How Does Breethe Work?

When you open the Breethe app for the first time, it prompts you to choose the topics you most want help with.

Options include learning how to meditate, getting more sleep, dealing with less stress and anxiety, experiencing better performance at work, losing weight, learning how to meditate, and more.

The app takes your selections and prompts you to enroll in a free 14-day trial, at the end of which you’ll automatically be signed up for monthly membership unless you opt-out beforehand.

If you choose not to enroll in a subscription, you will still have access to about 90 free meditations. This limited version of the app won’t ever expire.

Once committed to the trial, you need to create an account with a username and password. From there, you can choose from hundreds of meditations. Most range in length from three or four minutes to over twenty.

Each meditation on the app is sorted into categories. These include “anytime, anywhere,” “life situations,” “learn to meditate,” “themed weeks,” “kids and family,” and “less guidance.” Meditative music is also available.

Many meditations give you the option of adjusting their timing so that you can customize each session length to your preferences. The app allows you to adjust the sound of the instructor and the background music separately from each other.

An entire section of the app is devoted to improving your sleep, which includes a variety of meditations, bedtime stories, sleep visualizations, and sleep-inducing music and nighttime sounds.

About Breethe Meditation Courses

Breethe also offers mediation courses and seven-day themed weeks to help you hone your practice. The app suggests you begin with its twelve-week “Learn to Meditate” course to develop a foundation for your practice through daily 20-minute sessions.

Other themed week courses include “Better Sleep,” “Feeling Happier,” “Stress Less,” “Weight Loss,” “Generating Joy,” “Mindful Sex and Intimacy,” “Effortless Sleep,” “Getting What You Want,” “Mindful Parenting” and more.

Beyond guided meditations, you also can follow different mindfulness classes designed to guide you through different mental exercises, such as thinking about what it would feel like to be a baby and feeling the way that stress manifests itself in your body.

Finally, the app offers inspirational talks and masterclasses that touch on different topics related to meditation. These courses are fully audible and touch on topics like managing pain, understanding the purpose of your soul, finding inner peace, and setting yourself up for love.

You can use the Breethe app on your phone, tablet, or computer, and your progress will be synced across each platform.

What Does Breethe Cost?

At the time of writing, the only way to access all of Breethe’s content is to sign up for a subscription.

After your two-week trial expires, you will be automatically enrolled in a reoccurring monthly subscription that costs $12.95 per month. You can also choose to pre-pay for a full year for $89 ($7.42 per month) or two years for $142 ($5.92 per month).

For more information, message the company at

A Look at Customer Reviews of Breethe

Google Play was our go-to resource for looking at online reviews of Breethe. At the time of writing, the app averaged 2.9 stars out of five. It seems to us that the app earned a slew of one-star reviews in the weeks before publication that brought the average score down significantly.

Most of these negative reviews mentioned that the app crashed almost constantly when they used it and that it was difficult to make it through a meditation without it freezing.

One reviewer noted that the app always made it to the thirteen-minute mark before crashing so that she had to restart the app and start the meditation over.

Others wrote that they thought the pricing was a bait and switch because they expected to be able to access more content without paying for a subscription.

However, older reviews about Breethe paint a more positive picture, which seems to show that the crashing is a recent problem.

The five-star reviewers wrote that they loved all the mediation teachers on Breethe and enjoyed using a platform that let them access all of them at once.

Others noted that the app’s meditations helped them get through hard times in their lives because the guided sessions were spot on at addressing the emotions behind what they were going through.

We also noticed reviews from people who said they had several meditation apps on their phones but only ever turned to Breethe because they liked it best. These users appreciated the app’s layout, music selection, and soothing voices of instructors.

A large number of reviewers seemed to use the app exclusively to improve their sleep and still found it worth the price for that use.

What Are Popular Breethe Alternatives?

We’ve written at length about other meditation apps. How do they compare to Breethe? Two popular options are Insight Timer and Meditation and Relaxation PRO.

Insight Timer is a less a meditation app and more of a social platform for meditation teachers to upload their own content for meditators to follow.

At the time of writing the app claimed to log more meditation hours than any other app and hosted almost 25,000 meditations. You can follow specific instructors, search for guided meditations by length or style, or meditate to background music or with the app’s customizable timer.

Many people love Insight Timer because all of the platform’s standalone meditations are available for free. If you want to follow a multi-day course, you’ll need to sign up for a $59.99 annual membership.

However, the app has less of a sense of cohesion than its competitors because of the range of people guiding meditations. This means that small details like production quality can differ dramatically, which might make it take you longer to find meditations you like.

Meditation and Relaxation Pro can be considered a stripped-down version of Breethe. The app costs $5 a month or $20 for a lifetime membership, and it offers meditations and multiday courses in about a dozen categories.

These include improving focus, getting more sleep, adding happiness to your life, and more. It’s possible to adjust the length and background music of each meditation, though many reviewers have reported that the sessions started to feel repetitive after they had used the app for three months.

Saying that, Meditation and Relaxation Pro costs just a fraction of what you’ll pay for Breethe, which makes it a relatively low-risk way to commit to a meditation app if you’re a beginner and want more guidance than you will receive in the free version of Insight Timer.

The Bottom Line: Is Breethe Worth Trying?

Let’s pull all of this together and decide whether Breethe is worth it. To start, there’s little question that regular meditation is good for you.

Says Trish Tutton, a speaker and mindfulness expert, “There are so many benefits to meditation, [including] feeling a greater sense of well-being, calm and happiness and of course managing day to day stress with more ease.”

“In my experience,” she told us, “meditation has helped me in many areas of my life, from managing stress to being more focused and productive. It's also really benefited my students and me when it comes to relationships.”

But is Breethe actually a better meditation app than other options? Compared to other meditation apps, we like the amount of content that Breethe offers through its free version and the fact that some meditations are three minutes or shorter.

Beginning meditators often feel overwhelmed by the thought of sitting quietly for too long, but a short session usually seems doable enough to commit to.

In other parameters, such as price and content range, Breethe seems to be pretty middle of the pack. You’ll pay more than you would for a Meditation and Relaxation Pro subscription, though it’s the same price per month as Headspace.

However, this app has received the lowest reviews of any we have looked at. Most of these negative reviews seem to deal with buggy software that causes the app to crash, so it may only be a temporary issue.

If you’re interested in starting a meditation habit, a mediation app is a stellar place to start. We don’t see much reason to recommend Breethe more than any other brand, though we think it’s a solid option worth considering.

Our suggestion? Download several meditation apps and take advantage of their free trials. It shouldn’t take much experimentation to learn what platform is the best fit for you.

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