How Is the Overall Star Rating Calculated?

The star rating you see next to a product or service’s name represents the average number, as calculated based on individual reviews that have been published that meet our Review Guidelines. Each individual review contributes equally to this average.

HighYa never directly or indirectly assigns a star rating to any product or service listed on the site. Instead, if no customer reviews are present for a specific listing, no rating will be displayed.

What Do the Star Colors Represent?

When we designed our stars, our goal was to send a clear, color-based message. With this in mind, we implemented three colors into our star design, each of which is intended to signal a different meaning:

  • Orange (1–2 stars): Don't buy
  • Yellow (2.1–3.5): Proceed with caution
  • Green (3.6–5.0): Safe to buy

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