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Caboki hair powder adheres to your existing strands to fill out your hairline and give you thicker, fuller-looking hair.


  • Creates a natural appearance
  • Positive customer reviews
  • 12+ color options
  • Will last until you shampoo your hair


  • Not suitable for those with extreme hair loss or large bald patches
  • Won’t regrow your existing hair
  • Requires hair to be at least 0.5 inches long
  • Results disappear when your hair gets wet
  • Some users experienced adverse reactions

Caboki Review: Does It Really Work?

By Lydia Noyes

Updated on: Feb 29, 2020

Both a receding hairline and a slowly expanding bald spot are punishing to live with, and men and women alike are seeking quick solutions that camouflage this evidence of aging.

Caboki is a plant-based powder that works to temporarily hide the signs of thinning hair. Note that it’s not a treatment for hair loss and will not regrow your hair. Rather, it’s a short-term cover for thinning patches that thickens your existing hair until you shampoo it off.

The company claims that Caboki works for men and women with all hair types and textures, but can you trust that it will work for you? In this article, we will explore Caboki’s strengths and limitations so you can decide if it’s a haircare strategy worth adopting.

Who Is Caboki Best For?

Caboki won’t work for everyone. The company suggests that this powdered hair product is best for those with mild to moderate hair loss, as it won’t work for those who are entirely bald.

You can use Caboki alongside other topical hair treatments, such as Rogaine, so long as you ensure your scalp is completely dry before you apply the powder.

For best results, your hair should be at least half an inch long when you use Caboki. The powder won’t look as convincing on a shaved head. It’s also possible to use Caboki to cover up gray roots or root-regrowth from color-treated hair.

How Does Caboki Work?

This plant-based powder instead acts as a temporary Band-Aid to cover the trouble spots on your scalp so that your hair looks full and natural. When applied correctly, Caboki will purportedly be almost completely undetectable, even closeup or under bright lights.

Caboki consists of small colorfast fibers with a static charge that makes them cling to your existing hair. They are advertised as never staining your scalp, bedding, or clothes, though some customers disagree.

You’re meant to dry and style your hair before sprinkling a small amount of powder onto your treatment spot. You can gently comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb after to shape everything into place. The process shouldn’t take more than a minute or two, and the fibers will stay put until you wash your hair.

Note that Caboki will only work in places where you have some existing hair for the fibers to adhere to.

Caboki comes in more than twelve colors. The best way to choose one is to look at your hair root color in the thinning area and match it. If your hair is starting to grey, match the darker root color rather than the grey. The company recommends you purchase two close shades and apply them together if you can’t choose between them.

Ingredients and Side Effects

Caboki fibers contain just two ingredients: gossyplum herbaceous and iron oxide.

Also known as cotton levant, gossyplum is a type of fiber frequently used in clothing manufacturing that has a positive electric charge. As hair has a mild negative charge, these fibers cling to it like a magnet.

Iron oxide acts as a natural dying agent that doesn’t react with your skin. Caboki uses it to offer its hair restoration products in twelve plus colors.

While the company boasts about the safety of these natural ingredients, a few customers experienced adverse side effects from them. Some complained of itching and irritation on their scalp, most likely due to a cotton allergy.

In a few cases, Caboki customers complained of unpleasant side effects like painful scalp rashes, hair that thinned faster than usual, and itchy residue on their head even after shampooing.

We suggest that you try a small amount on a less sensitive part of your skin—like your arm—to see whether you react before using it over your whole scalp.

Pricing and Refund Information

What you’ll pay for Caboki depends on how much you purchase and whether you sign up for the company’s subscription program.

  • 30 Grams (50–90 day supply): $34.95, subscribe and save for $29.95 and free shipping.
  • 16 Grams (25–40 day supply): $19.95, subscribe and save for $17.95 and free shipping
  • 6 Gram Travel Size (8–14 day supply): $8.95

Shipping for non-subscription purchases is $2.99 per order.

When you sign up for Subscribe and Save, you can choose a delivery frequency that ranges from once every 15 days to once every 180.

Every Caboki order arrives in a non-marked box and a discrete bottle that keeps its intended use subtle.

Regarding returns, Caboki will refund your entire purchase price—minus shipping costs—for any order that you return within 30 days of receipt. Even empty bottles qualify for this refund policy.

You can message the company for more information at service@caboki.com or at (888)738-2226.

Analysis of Customer Reviews

On Amazon, Caboki Hair Loss Concealer Averages 4.4 stars out of five after more than 300 reviews. We’ve summarized some of their main takeaways below.

Common Compliments:

  • Excellent Hair Coverage Results: Many shared that the powder was easy to use, added lots of realistic volume to their hair and lasted throughout the day.

  • Great Customer Service Experiences: Reviewers noted that Caboki’s customer service was quick to address their issues right away.

  • Works Better Than Competitors: Many reviewers who had tried other hair care brands shared that they liked Caboki best because it was free of synthetic dyes and preservatives and because the packing provided clear dose instructions.

Common Complaints:

  • Results Don’t Last Over the Day: Some shared that their hair only looked good for a few minutes, that the powder got over their clothing and looked like dandruff, and fell apart when wet, which was a problem for exercise and when it rained.

  • Not Great for All Hair Types: The fibers didn’t create a natural look for those with textured hair.

  • Should Be Used with Topical Spray: Many Caboki reviewers were frustrated that they couldn’t get a good result from this product unless they paired it with hairspray.

  • New Formula Seems Worse: A few long-time Caboki users shared that they thought the formula had recently changed and didn’t work as well as it used to.

  • Unpleasant Side Effects: Some customers complained of scalp rashes and seemingly sped up thinning after using Caboki.

Key Takeaways

The majority of Caboki reviewers love this product for how well it covered up their hair loss. You’ll likely share this experience if your hair is thinning (not fully balding) and you don’t have curly hair or an overly sensitive scalp.

Caboki vs Toppik and Febron

For those interested in giving their hairline a boost without waiting for it to grow back naturally, there are plenty of Caboki alternatives available, including Febron and Toppik. The following chart compares some of the key details between these three brands.

Caboki Febron Toppik
Cost $19.95, plus $2.99 shipping for 25–40 day supply $32.95 plus $3.95 shipping for 60-day supply $24.95 for 30-day supply.
Estimated Cost Per Day (Assuming Daily Use) $0.57–$0.92 $0.61 $0.83
Color Options 12+ 10+ 9+
Main Ingredients Cotton fibers, minerals for coloring Cotton fibers, minerals for coloring, sodium chloride Keratin, ammonium chloride, silica, phenoxyethanol, chlorphenesin, artificial dyes
Application Instructions Spray onto dry scalp on places of mild to moderate hair loss, hair spray will help keep in place until you wash your hair. Spray onto dry scalp on places of mild to moderate hair loss, works best when followed by Febron Fiberhold Spray. Dry and style hair before spraying into place, gently patting or combing hair to disperse the fibers. For best results, follow with Toppik Fiberfold Spray.
Subscription Program Available Yes No Yes
Average Customer Rating on Amazon 4.4 (300 reviews) 4.7 (1,500 reviews) 4.6 (400 reviews)

As this chart shows, each of these hair restoration products works similarly. When applied to dry, pre-styled hair, they should cover up the signs of mild to moderate balding until you wash your hair.

Caboki and Febron contain near-identical ingredients and offer a similar range of color options. They also cost almost the same amount per application, though you have more opportunities to save money with Caboki if you sign up for the company’s auto-ship program and take advantage of the free shipping.

Toppik differs slightly in that the product contains keratin fibers, synthetic dyes, and other potentially questionable ingredients. Phenoxyethanol, for instance, is a potential skin irritant.

If you’re deciding between the three, we suggest looking at the brand’s broader product lines. You might find other products that pair well with your powdered hair treatment, and cost savings may be possible if you bundle the order to save on shipping.

The Bottom Line: Is Caboki Worth It?

Caboki claims to be a quick fix for those with less than a full head of hair, and all the evidence shows that this product delivers on that promise.

Caboki won’t restore your hair where you’ve already lost it. However, this product does a more than adequate job of hiding the signs of hair loss so that you can regain your confidence.

That’s not to say this product will work for everyone. Caboki might make sense for you if:

  • Your hair is 0.5 inches or longer
  • You have mild to moderate hair thinning, not total bald patches
  • You don’t mind keeping your hair relatively dry and sweat-free over the day
  • You are pursuing other treatment options to prevent further hair loss
  • Your scalp isn’t sensitive to cotton
  • You are comfortable spending between $0.50–$1 per application.

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Posted on Jun 4, 2018

Great product, great customer service.

By Mary M., Murrieta, CA, Verified Reviewer

I love this product, and it does everything for me (so far) that it says it will.

As to customer service, I ran into some glitches recently, and contacted customer service. I had to leave a message, which always makes me skeptical, but within one hour (and the recording had only committed to getting back to me within 24) I got a phone call from a lovely woman who absolutely took care of all my needs with no questions asked, and cheerfully. I will be staying with this company.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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