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Monat is a network marketing company that sells skin, hair, and pet care products. However, negative customer reviews and numerous ongoing lawsuits should make many shoppers think twice before signing up to buy or sell Monat products.


  • Wide product selection
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Minimal clinical evidence about the product’s effectiveness
  • Customer complaints of dry hair, hair loss
  • Network distributor program likely won’t make you money

MONAT Review: What You Should Know

By Lydia Noyes

Published on: May 14, 2020

MONAT, short for “Mother Nature,” is a hair, skin, and pet care product company that claims to act as a “global leader in naturally based, anti-aging innovation.” The company sells its products through a multi-marketing platform it claims “enhances the self-confidence and financial well-being of one million families around the globe each year.”

The company got its start in 2014 and currently offers customers the opportunity to buy or sell its products by joining an exclusive VIP program. MONAT claims its haircare products can help your strands detox from years of product buildup and abuse to help you achieve the best style possible.

However, this company is not immune to bad press and has been involved in multiple lawsuits. Can you trust MONAT products to work as promised? Our analysis should help you decide.

Product Line

MONAT’s products are split into three categories: hair, skin, and pet products. Below is a sample to represent what’s available.


  • Rejuenique Oil Intensive: This blend of more than 13 plant extracts and essential oils works to improve both skin and hair, $99 ($84 VIP)
  • Inner Force Restructuring Serum: This dual treatment serum restructures hair at the base to restore damage from styling, coloring, and over forms of over-processing, $75 ($64 VIP)
  • Advanced Hydrating Shampoo: A sulfate-free shampoo and cleanses and hydrates hair for extra bounce and texture, $38 ($32 VIP)
  • MONAT Studio One Blow Out Cream: A heat-protecting cream that reduces styling time and prolongs the life of your style without loading your hair up with silicones, $34 ($29 VIP)


  • Be Gentle Creamy Cleanser: A delicate daily facial cleanser that washes away dirt while nourishing your skin, so it feels hydrated, $45 ($38 VIP)
  • Berry Refined Scrub: An exfoliator mask that brightens your skin and removes rough patches with AHAs and cranberry seeds, $58 ($49 VIP)
  • Rewind Age Control Nectar: A fast-absorbing hydrating serum that works to delay and repair signs of aging through a blend of hyaluronic acid and superfruit AHAs, $120 ($102)
  • Be Gentle Nourishing Moisturizer: A hydrating cream that contains plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid to restore skin elasticity for a younger appearance, $68 ($58 VIP)


  • Gentle Cleansing Dog Wash: A mild, pH-balanced shampoo that eliminates smells and dirt for a cleaner pet, $32 ($27 VIP)
  • Freshen Up Deodorizing Spray: A natural-based, lightweight formula to deodorize pets between baths by killing odor-causing bacteria, $22 ($19 VIP)

You can find the full ingredients list for each product on the company website.

A Closer Look at the Ingredients

MONAT makes few concrete claims about its product’s effectiveness, and we couldn’t track down much clinical evidence that indicates these products will work as described.

According to the company website, all MONAT products are naturally-based, safe, and pure. It claims its products stand out from other naturally minded companies because they include “rich formulations of ingredients designed to work in harmony with each other.”

Some of the specialty ingredients incorporated within these products include the following:

Rejuvenique: A proprietary blend of 13+ natural plant extracts and essential oils that MONAT claims are great for skin and hair care due to a high concentration of omega fatty acids and antioxidants.

Closer inspection reveals that it contains meadowfoam seed, oilseed, tomato seed, carrot seed, lemon peel, lime, bergamot, African baobab, moriche palm, coconut, gardenia, moringa, and sourari nut oil.

Capixyl: This blend of water, butylene glycol, dextran, acetyl tetrapeptide, and clover flower extract acts as an emollient to strengthen and thicken your hair while supporting the growth process.

Procataline: This natural blend of antioxidants contains pea extract and claims to fight oxidative stress. It works to promote healthy hair follicles so that you maintain your hair coloring (both natural and otherwise) and stay protected against thinning.

Crodasorb: This compound purportedly acts as a protectant for your hair to prevent UV damage, preserve your natural pigmentation, and keep each strand strong.

Many, though not all, of MONAT’s products, will contain one or more of these ingredients. However, of these four, only the Rejuvenique oil blend is unique to MONAT products. Other hair and skincare brands will also contain them.

Likewise, the company claims that its products are free of ingredients like parabens, cyclic silicones, BHT, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, plastic microbeads, and formaldehyde releasers.

Pricing and Refund Information

You can purchase MONAT products directly from the company website. When you’re ready to checkout, you’ll need to choose one of the following checkout options:

  • Retail: No fee, standard ordering. The company only specifies shipping costs once you share your credit card number.

  • VIP: $19.99 one-time signup fee, qualify for free shipping, 15% off listed prices, access to exclusive offers, referral rewards, and an annual birthday treat. To maintain your VIP status, you will need to make three orders of $84 or more. There is no time limit for achieving this.

  • Market Partner: $99 signup fee plus $19.99 annual fee, includes all benefits of VIP membership plus the opportunity to sell MONAT products, earn income, and learn to run your own business. You must then purchase one of the available Product Packs to get started: Business ($299, 35 samples) Success ($399, 56 samples) or Overachiever ($599, 70 samples).

If you choose to complete your purchase as a standard retail customer, you’ll first have to select your current Market Partner or request one be assigned to you in your geographic area.

Regarding refunds, all customers will qualify for a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee (minus return shipping) for 30-days after receiving a product. VIP customers can return unopened products after that for a slightly reduced refund.

You can message customer support for product information at MONATsupport@MONATglobal.com for help with returns or general account information at or (888) 867-9987.

Analysis of Customer Reviews

According to approximately 2,750 Trustpilot reviewers, MONAT products are rated 2.9 stars out of five. We’ve summarized some of their comments below.

Common Compliments:

  • Great for long-term use on dyed or bleached hair
  • Lets users go longer between haircuts for split ends

Common Complaints:

  • Turned fine hair dry and straw-like
  • Led to dry hair, dry scalp issues
  • Difficult return process
  • Some users experienced extreme hair breakage
  • Skincare products led to bleeding, scabs for some users

MONAT’s History of Lawsuits

MONAT has had a few run-ins with the law in recent years. The company has been involved in more than six lawsuits since its start, most of which deal with customers complaining of hair and skin issues after using the products for several months.

In one instance, MONAT sued a woman (Vickie Harrington) for $225,000 after she started a Facebook group focused on the balding, hair loss, and scalp damage the products caused her. The lawsuit was eventually settled in MONAT’s favor.

In other cases, previous distributors and MONAT employees have sued the company for false promises regarding its products and their profit potential as a business opportunity. Many of these cases were still ongoing at publication.

Should You Become a MONAT Distributor?

MONAT sells its products through a network marketing program. In other words, you can sign up to become a distributor and potentially make money from selling MONAT products.

If you sign up to become a Market Partner, you will be given a personalized e-commerce store for easy selling. As MONAT will ship all products directly to your customers, you won’t have to worry about keeping inventory on hand.

There are multiple ways to start making money, including the following:

  • Make a 30% commission on all retail sales and 15% commission on VIP sales you are directly responsible for
  • Earn product pack bonuses for every Market Partner you sponsor who purchases Product Packs
  • Earn a sales percentage for all the sales made within your network
  • Earn bonuses for all new VIP shoppers you enroll
  • Receive a bonus when you advance up a sales rank

More information can be found in the MONAT compensation plan.

Multiple income streams sound promising. Can you actually make money selling MONAT? We struggled to track down a full income disclosure statement from MONAT, like many network marketing companies release.

This brief statement from the Canadian branch of MONAT shares that most participants who make the rank of Managing Market Partner (the third tier) earn between Cdn $22 and $1,188 annually. Note that these estimates are for income, not profit, which means they don’t take into account any expenses that might have been accrued.

Suffice it to say, there’s not much evidence available that you can make substantial money selling for MONAT.

The Bottom Line: Is MONAT Worth It?

MONAT hair and skincare products have a large and passionate following, but there’s minimal evidence that they can deliver on their claims to give you your best hair and skin ever.

For one, the company is vague about its products purported benefits, and we couldn’t track down much clinical research about their effectiveness. There’s also not much information available about the brand’s specialty ingredients.

Second, the company has been involved in numerous lawsuits over its relatively short life. Customer complaints range from mere disappointment in their hair results to rage that they were losing large chunks of hair and dealing with a bloody, painful scalp.

Finally, MONAT is vague about the profit potential for its network marketing program and requires distributors to commit to spending hundreds in free samples before they can begin. For your $300–600 investment, you might make around $1,200 for the year at the high end, not counting expenses. That’s hardly a path to getting rich.

Overall, MONAT products don’t have the best reputation, and there’s growing evidence they might even damage your hair. Our suggestion is to think carefully before committing to this brand from either a buying or selling standpoint.

Customer Reviews

3.1 Stars out of 13 Reviews
5 Star:46% 4 Star:7% 3 Star:0% 2 Star:0% 1 Star:46%
54% Recommend This Company
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Posted on Dec 13, 2022

Worst company ever

By Michelle W., Florida, Verified Reviewer

This company is the worst. Order products and they charge you an outrageous amount for shipping and then an amount for handling. Overpriced products that made my hair worse.

Length of Use: 1–2 years

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

No “pros” were specified in this review

Cost of products

Shipping and handling

VIP scam multi-level marketing

Posted on Nov 14, 2022

Love MONAT products!

By Lara F., New Zealand, Verified Reviewer

Been using for nearly 2 months now — seriously awesome products! Am using the Intense Repair hair products, hair is feeling so much better after years of heat damage. Also been using some of the skincare range, which honestly leaves the skin feeling so nice and soft! Highly recommend!

Length of Use: Less than 3 months

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Quality products


Quick delivery

No “cons” were specified in this review

Posted on Nov 14, 2022

Never been more impressed...

By G B., Nottingham, United Kingdom, Verified Reviewer

Started using MONAT products just over a month ago and the results are undeniably amazing! Totally fallen in love with the berry scrub, only used twice a week for 3 weeks so far but seen a HUGE reduction in the number of blackheads I had and barely any breakouts. Love, love, love!

Length of Use: 3–6 months

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Quality of all products

Fast delivery

No “cons” were specified in this review

Posted on Nov 13, 2022

My love for MONAT

By Tiarni D., Dalwallinu, WA, Verified Reviewer

I love all my MONAT products, the REJUVABEADS have completely removed my split ends! The Eye Smooth has vanished my dark circles and the Berry Scrub has helped my acne huge amounts. This brand is insane. I will never stop loving them.

Length of Use: 3–6 months

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

The haircare products

The skincare products

The amazing chance to earn money

No “cons” were specified in this review

Posted on Oct 19, 2021

Rip off

By Valicia B., Illinois, Verified Reviewer

I ordered from Monat through a family member and was never told the process of how it works, and now years later they will not let me cancel my membership even though I completed the 2 Flexship orders. I want to cancel because I have not ordered in a couple of years because their products do not work on my hair and they are just overpriced.

Length of Use: 2+ years

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

No “pros” were specified in this review

You cannot cancel the membership without paying them

Their products are useless and didn't work for me

Overpriced products

Helpful Review? 1 Person Has Voted

Posted on Apr 21, 2021

Some great products

By Misty D., Portland, OR, Verified Reviewer

My daughter signed me up to be a distributer and paid $300 for a starter package which was actually a really good deal because it includes several of their most popular shampoos, conditioners, and other products such as leave-in oils and lash growth serum so you can try them all yourself. Can't promote to sell a product I don't have personal experience with!

Many of them were full-size bottles not just samples. If you were to buy the products separately it would cost almost twice that.

So I tried them all. One of the shampoos and conditioners totally dried my hair out which is hard to do since I have oily hair (but dry ends due to dying) but the other shampoos were fantastic! After using another shampoo just one time my hair looked thicker and shinier!

Six weeks later my hair had grown a whopping inch and a half! At 12 weeks my hair had gone from the middle of my back to my lower back!

I was excited to start selling Monat products! I was unable to sell a single bottle! I promoted on Facebook, Instagram, and had a Monat "party." I gave out all of my free samples.

Not one bottle sold.

If you don't sell a certain amount in a short period of time they drop you. There are a lot of bonuses they offer to good sellers but I don't have alot of followers.

If you are a YouTube or Instagram star then this would be a fantastic way to make money!

And for the people who used Monat and are unhappy with their hair results you just bought the wrong one for your hair! I was unhappy until I tried a 2nd shampoo and then I was blown away!

Length of Use: 2+ years

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Natural ingredients


My hair grew fast

Lots of products

No “cons” were specified in this review

Posted on Mar 6, 2021

Definitely not a good experience!

By Jennifer S., Vista, CA, Verified Reviewer

Well, I really wanted to like this product collection. A local Facebook group developed and I ordered not only to support a local, but to try a new collection for my hair.

I will say that the Super Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner were really nice. But the gel and cream did not do well with my hair...to the point where my hair broke from a few days of use. I gave an honest use effort and just didn't have good results, unfortunately.

The person who helped me, Emily, initially was super helpful and friendly, especially when signing me up for a VIP membership and selling me super expensive products. However, when I connected with her to share my experience and to find out what to do to return the products for a refund, she initially was helpful. But, then took to blaming me for my hair breaking, and telling me that she had never had that experience before with her customers. First she had 100 curly customers...then she had 350 curly customers...then all of a sudden she had 600 curly customers...and not one had this issue and that I must have misused the product. She went on and on about how she had a degree in science and knew so much about this product line and how natural it is and there was NOTHING that could cause my hair to break...except that in a previous communication she shared that these products very concentrated.

I explained that it wasn't necessary to defend her product and blame the customer. She then told me that I was toxic and had issues, and then blocked me from communicating further.

Terrible customer service from this person in particular...and the product not being right for me was the only reason why.

I am returning the product for a full refund and also notifying my credit card company, but any chance I get to let folks know just how Emily handled this situation, I certainly will.

No need to tell anyone they are toxic and have issues when they are a customer, and when you are trying hard to grow your business, which she is.

Also, found this tidbit of information about Monat:

Common Complaints:

Turned fine hair dry and straw-like.

Led to dry hair, dry scalp issues.

Difficult return process.

Some users experienced extreme hair breakage.

Skincare products led to bleeding, scabs for some users.

Length of Use: Less than 3 months

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Initial response

Super Nourish Shampoo

Super Nourish Conditioner

Representative named Emily

Flexible hold gel

Curl defining cream

Helpful Review? 1 Person Has Voted

Posted on Mar 4, 2021

Awesome company and products

By Lindsey W., Louisiana, Verified Reviewer

I have loved every product I have tried which has been a lot. I also love how much they give back to their market partners and community. I don't know why they would tell you how much their market partners make because that all depends on how much time and effort each market partner puts in. It is commission based so there is no one-size-fits-all on how much someone can make.

Length of Use: 6–12 months

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Premium products that promoted hair growth in my case

Willingness to give back

How well they treat their market partners

No “cons” were specified in this review

Posted on Jan 5, 2021

Great product

By Jamet O., North Carolina, Verified Reviewer

So far I’ve used the volume shampoo and conditioner line, the leave-in conditioner, and the dry shampoo. I love them. My hair feels so great and silky. Not flat and heavy like other systems. I know there’s a lot of controversy but it works for me. The products seem to be very high quality.

Length of Use: 3–6 months

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons


Lots of perks

Eye cream is great

No “cons” were specified in this review

Helpful Review? 1 Person Has Voted

Posted on Dec 11, 2020

Over three months using MONAT

By Yubelkis F., California, Verified Reviewer

They are totally vegan. Since the first use, I have been in love because my hair and skin looks so healthy, shiny, and strong.

I wash my hair every three days per week. Smells so delicious, not just the product, but my hair. Even after a few days or even doing the exercise, I used The Champ Dry Shampoo and just like that - back to fresh.

And even after three months the same bottles and most products overall.

But sometimes if this is not for you, doesn't mean it is bad, maybe it's just not for you. Which is totally ok.

My hair is very long and thick, looks so healthy, I love it.

Length of Use: 3–6 months

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Amazing products that actually help with hair and skin


The Rejuveniqe oil is a most

For everyone in a household, adults, kids, pets

Sometimes the delivery takes longer

They should expand and be available in more countries

Too many sales, sometimes can't resist myself

Helpful Review? 1 Person Has Voted

Posted on Nov 14, 2020

Terrible company, terrible customer service

By Bridgette W., Dallas, TX, Verified Reviewer

I contacted MONAT over 2 months ago to return my products and I have yet to get my refund. Each time I reach out they state they are working on it and it is a different person each time. I do not endorse or recommend this company.

Length of Use: Less than 3 months

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

No “pros” were specified in this review

Lack of follow through

Insufficient products

Quick to take your money but don't return it

Helpful Review? 1 Person Has Voted
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