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Sweat Shaper


Sweat shaper is a compression garment that purportedly enhances performance during exercise and to increase sweat production that will promote weight loss. However, much of the research available suggests the evidence of the claims is weak.


  • Sweat Shaper compression garment material may increase sweat production


  • Available studies show that compressive garment clothing did not aid or support performance during exercise
  • Information and evidence are lacking regarding the amount of pressure applied needed for a compression garment to enhance performance.

Sweat Shaper Reviews - Is It Worth It? A Detailed Look

By Rocklend Davis, Ph. D.

Published on: Sep 16, 2020

What is the Sweat Shaper?

The Sweat Shaper is a garment that offers a proprietary combination of performance compression and polymer fabrics that works together to seal in your natural body heat.

The Sweat Shaper is available for both men and women and is typically worn during your exercise sessions.

As a compression garment to seal in your body heat, it is alleged to make you sweat quicker and get weight loss results faster.

In this article, we will review the science supporting the effectiveness of the Sweat Shaper capabilities.

How Does the Sweat Shaper Work?

The Sweat Shaper requires the user to wear the garment around your waist, as leggings for females, or as a tank to promote sweating by increasing your internal body temperature.

Compression garments provide a means of applying mechanical pressure at the body surface. Segments of the body that are compressed and contain applied pressures purportedly help with performance

You can wear the Sweat Shaper during various types of exercise from beginning to end.

Proposed Benefits

In the following sections, we will review the available science to determine if the Sweat Shaper facilitates quicker rates to get you to sweat and if it enhances exercise performance.

May Increase Sweat Production

One of the proposed benefits of wearing the Sweat Shaper is to increase the rate at which you sweat. As you exercise, your heart begins to pump more blood to meet the demands of the activity.

Sweat production occurs when your internal body reaches a temperature and produces sweat to lower internal temperature. The pores of your skin open, allowing you to sweat.

A randomized study suggests that wearing a lower-body compression garment facilitated a small number of benefits relating to the cardiovascular and peripheral system by affecting venous blood flow.

However, these improvements are insignificant if you are already an athlete or have optimal levels of fitness.

Does Sweating More Lead to Weight Loss?

Because the Sweat Shaper is proposed to create a sauna-like environment, a study investigated the relationship between body mass and body mass loss when exposed to high heat in a dry sauna.

A sauna-induced method will likely increase the rate of sweating for those looking to lose weight quickly.

However, findings from the literature show no difference in the rapid weight loss methods of participants who followed a weight management plan compared to those who did not.

Sweat rate will vary considerably between individuals and is difficult to determine the required amount of sweat that is lost during an exercise session with the Sweat Shaper.

May Increase Exercise Performance

Limited data is available, which indicates a positive effect on performance for other forms of exercise.

A study of sixteen untrained participants who were 21 years of age wore an upper-body compression garment during cycling.

The study results found that wearing an upper-body compression garment did not benefit cardiovascular responses and temperature regulation during exercise.

Another study evaluated a compression garment's ability to alter hip and knee body mechanics when landing from jumping in female collegiate volleyball players.

This study found that wearing compression garments had minimal effects on lower-body mechanics during landing from a jump.

Is there a directed measure or acceptable amount of pressure required for a compression garment to alter performance?

It appears that the applied pressures are too often unreported in studies on compression garment in sport.

Information on the applied pressures is vital for comparing results among studies; research is lacking, however.

Differences in distance covered were not statistically supported when wearing full-body compression garments during 30 minutes of repeated sprinting exercise separated by lifting exercises in a study.


At best, anecdotal evidence exists that compression garments are widely used throughout sport and exercise in an attempt to improve aspects of exercise performance or recovery quality.

Evidence suggests that compression garments have limited physiological or performance effects.

Is It Safe to Wear The Sweat Shaper During Exercise?

When considering the Sweat Shaper's safety, it is important to focus on the role of sweating and its effect in alerting us that our internal temperature has begun to reach an unsafe level.

Because body tissue temperature increases, skin blood flow increases to rid the body of the heat from the core to the skin.

A study found that wearing a full-body compression garment in a warm and hot environment had adverse cardiovascular effects during short-term exercise less than or equal to one hour.

The Sweat Shaper may not be safe for adults over the age of 65 due to age-associated decline in regulating their internal body temperature.

Those who have a larger body mass may be more prone to dehydration due to increased sweating production.

Even those who have increased fitness levels and have appropriately accustomed themselves to exercising in a hot environment should consume an adequate amount of water to maintain safety while wearing the Sweat Shaper.

An Alternative Option

Performing a general warm-up using large body movements is an appropriate natural alternative to increase body temperature.

A warm-up can even be a front line option to help your body become acclimated to a hot environment.

The purpose of warm-up must include full body motions that will increase blood flow throughout your body.

As your heart rate increases, your body is efficiently supplied with blood flow enriched with nutrients and oxygen to fuel your muscles.

A general warm-up can last up to 10 minutes, depending on your current level of fitness.

Further, a general warm-up is commonly practiced and utilized in elite athletes before beginning their competition or training session.


The Sweat Shaper is available for both men and women and ships for free.

Men Sweat Shaper

  • Athletic Tank: $29.99
  • Waist Trimmer: $19.99

Women Sweat Shaper

  • Athletic Tank: $29.99
  • Waist Trimmer: $19.99
  • Leggings: $39.99

The Sweat Shaper comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee along with a price match guarantee. Sweat Shaper offers free returns or exchanges within 60 days of you receiving your order.

You will then have the option to either exchange your Sweat Shaper for a different size or receive a refund to your original payment method.

To initiate your return or exchange, you will have to log in to their online return portal on their website.

The Bottom Line: Is the Sweat Shaper Worth It?

The Sweat Shaper will undoubtedly make you sweat quicker if you are in a temperature-controlled environment.

You should take caution if you plan on wearing the Sweat Shaper on a hot and humid day, as sweating is often a sign of dehydration. Otherwise, it is generally safe.

The Sweat Shaper is nothing new and does not offer an advantage when it comes to exercise performance and weight loss.

The Sweat Shaper does not even provide education on appropriate hydration practices or the possible risks associated with sweating.

Research suggests that persons who have higher body mass are at higher risk of dehydration, and they should pay particular attention to replacing fluids.

It is recommended to maintain good practice of staying hydrated even in a temperature-controlled environment.

Evidence regarding the use of a compression garment to enhance exercise performance is lacking.

Based on the available studies, further research is needed to investigate the relationship between garment fit, the pressure exerted by the garment, training status.

There is a growing amount of research on the use of compression garments on recovery following muscle-damaging exercises.

A systematic review of studies found that compression garments were effective in enhancing recovery from muscle damage.

The Sweat Shaper may be able to offer the benefit of post-exercise muscle recovery.

It is important to remember that sweat rate will vary greatly between individuals.

By wearing the Sweat Shaper, an increase in sweat production and reduction of water weight is associated with the amount of water loss and will vary greatly amongst each individual.

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