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TestoFuel claims that you’ll build muscle with their blend of testosterone-boosting ingredients.

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TestoFuel Review: An In-Depth Look

By Anthony Dugarte, M.D., C.S.C.S

Updated on: Mar 17, 2020

TestoFuel claims that their blend of ingredients will help you naturally increase your testosterone level.

While both men and women produce testosterone (T), this hormone is produced primarily in the Leydig cells of the testes. Your T can positively affect muscle mass, body fat, bone density, heart health, and much more.

There is an age-related decline in T that often begins around the age of 40, though low T can affect both the young and old.

Deficiency can cause many unwanted effects like erectile dysfunction, fatigue, reduced muscle mass, and decreased bone density.

Testofuel claims that their T-boosting supplement can help you avoid these issues.

More specifically, they state that their anabolic support complex has been researched to ensure that you will:

  • Naturally and safely boost testosterone
  • Increase muscle size
  • Increase strength
  • Burn fat
  • Improve your mood
  • Boost self-esteem

But can this product really deliver on its claims?

In this article, we’ll help you figure out if TestoFuel can live up to the claims by highlighting any scientific support for the active ingredients.

Effectiveness of TestoFuel’s Ingredients

TestoFuel makes some pretty lofty claims. The proposed T-boosting and muscle-building benefits are possible by taking four capsules daily for at least 2-months, according to TestoFuel.

While many companies with similar products provide only the total amount of the entire proprietary blend, TestoFuel makes it a point to detail the amounts for each specific ingredient.

This is definitely a practice that works in their favor, as this makes it much easier to compare the ingredients to the available research.

In this section, we’ll share the results of our literature review to help you determine if TestoFuel lives up to the hype.

D-Aspartic Acid – 2300mg

Like other amino acids, D-aspartic acid is considered a building block of protein. It is deemed to be non-essential as the body can make D-aspartic acid on its own.

In healthy human subjects, 3.12g of D-aspartic acid daily enhanced the release of T when compared to placebo over 12-days.

These results were not confirmed in a later randomized study; 6g of D-aspartic acid daily was ineffective at increasing T in healthy, fit men over 3-months.

A recent review of 4 human studies found that doses ranging from 3ng to 6g led to inconsistent results.

D-aspartic acid’s ability to boost T is more consistent in animal studies; more long-term research with human subjects is needed to identify a possible role in dietary supplements.

As a dosing regimen that provided more than double the amount of D-aspartic acid was not effective, TestoFuel may not offer enough of this ingredient to help you get the results you want.

Vitamin D3 – 5000IU

As vitamin D deficiency is common, supplementation may be necessary for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. It may even help reduce your risk of developing cancer, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

In addition to its other vital roles, vitamin D may also help you elevate T levels.

In healthy overweight men, those that took 3,332IU of Vitamin D daily over 1-year boosted T levels 20% when compared to the placebo group.

Evidence that vitamin D is safe and effective in this long-term randomized study is promising as TestoFuel offers an even larger dose.

Zinc – 10mg

Zinc is an essential mineral that may limit the activity of 5-alpha reductase, preventing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Zinc deficiency was associated with a significant decrease in T levels in healthy, young men; zinc supplementation boosted T.

These findings were not supported in later studies, however.

Zinc did not improve muscle endurance, body composition, or T levels in healthy subjects treated with 30mg daily for 2-months.

Zinc at 30mg daily over 56 days did not increase T levels in healthy young men.

While laboratory studies have demonstrated a relationship between T and zinc, this has not been well supported in human subjects, even at doses nearly 3x larger than the recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Oyster Extract – 100mg

Thought to increase your libido, oysters may have a mechanism of action that involves Zinc.

This relationship was demonstrated when oyster extract boosted zinc levels in deficient mice. The role of oysters in boosting T in humans has not been well studied, however.

Ginseng – 100mg

This herb is native to Asia and has been used in natural medicine for many centuries.

While ginseng supplementation did increase T in human subjects, there are relatively few studies that have examined its reproductive effects.

Much more work is needed to determine a potential role.

Fenugreek – 100mg

This herb is often used in Indian cuisine and may support digestion.

Fenugreek is popular in T-boosting supplements. It is thought to block the conversion of T to DHT, though this proposed T-boosting mechanism is not well studied.

In a randomized trial, 500mg of fenugreek over 8-weeks significantly improved body fat composition and testosterone levels. In another study, 600mg of fenugreek over 6-weeks improved libido and other sexual health parameters when compared to placebo.

These results are promising, but more long-term research is needed to characterize the T-boosting effects of this herb fully.

Vitamin B6 – 5mg

Vitamin B6 is a common T-boosting supplement ingredient as it may enhance the proposed effects of zinc and also block the conversion of T to DHT.

These zinc-related effects were demonstrated in a laboratory study using human skin cells; vitamin B6 increased zinc’s ability to limit the conversion of T.

In a rat study, vitamin B6 blocked the conversion of T to DHT.

These benefits were not seen in human studies.

The addition of 11mg of vitamin B6 to 30mg of zinc did not improve muscle endurance, body composition, or T levels.

Though B6 may offer other health benefits, its potential role in boosting T is unclear, especially in human studies.

Magnesium – 200mg

Magnesium helps your body metabolize food, transmit nerve impulses, and boost calcium absorption for bone health.

It may also offer T-boosting benefits. Over one month, 10mg of magnesium daily boosted T in both sedentary adults and athletes.

Vitamin K2 – 18mcg

This rare nutrient works to improve blood clotting as well as bone and heart health.

In rats, vitamin K2 boosted T levels. Also, deficiency of this vitamin has been linked to T deficiency in rats.

Its potential role in humans has not been well studied, however.

Is TestoFuel Safe?

The ingredients included in supplements that claim to boost T naturally are generally safe for use. You should still be aware of the contents, however.

If you’re an athlete or in competition, it is a good idea to check the Controlled Substances Act for any banned substances your supplement may contain. It’s not worth missing a game over a dietary supplement.

The ingredients offered in TestoFuel are unlikely to cause you harm, especially when consumed as recommended. Excess amounts of these ingredients may be associated with digestive symptoms like stomach pain and diarrhea, however.

You may be more at risk for the unwanted side effects of elevated T, though there does not seem to be evidence that TestoFuel’s ingredients will boost T into an unsafe range.

Nonetheless, you should be mindful of the signs of elevated T:

  • Facial and body acne
  • Voice changes
  • Excess body hair/ male pattern baldness
  • Mood fluctuation

As hormone levels are tightly regulated by a variety of systems within your body, treating low levels should be done under the supervision of a medical professional.

If you think you are experiencing signs of low T, or if you feel you can benefit from a T-boosting dietary supplement, it’s safest to speak with a physician before use.

Pricing and Guarantee

You can purchase TestoFuel directly from their website; there are several options depending on your needs and budget.

When reviewing the table below, keep in mind that each box of TestoFuel contains 120 capsules - the equivalent of a 1-month supply.

Quantity Price Shipping Promotions
1 Box $65 $7.95 No
2 Boxes $130 Free No
3 Boxes $195 Free 1 Extra Box for Free
4 Boxes $260 Free 2 Extra Boxes for Free

While this supplement is relatively expensive, TestoFuel does offer the opportunity to save when you purchase more. For example, they’ll add two free boxes to your 4-box purchase, driving the price down to about $43/box.

They also try to ease any hesitation to purchase based on your budget by offering a 90-day guarantee on all purchases.


There is a wide array of T-boosting supplements available, and some even offer blends similar to TestoFuel.

Mega Men from GNC is a reasonably comprehensive supplement with 30 ingredients, some of which overlap with TestoFuel’s ingredients label.

In addition to vitamins D3 and B6, zinc, and fenugreek, you’ll get a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and extracts that work to offer support for your prostate, T levels, circulation, and brain. A 30-day supply is $79.99.

Lean Nutraceuticals offers a 1-month supply of their Natural Testosterone Booster for $23.75 on Amazon. Like TestoFuel, you’ll get zinc, fenugreek, and aspartic acid.

Another less convenient option would be searching the internet for TestoFuel’s ingredients to purchase individually. You’re less likely to save money, however.

The Bottom Line

TestoFuel includes several ingredients that are commonly found in T-boosting supplements. Unfortunately, many have limited or mixed support in human subjects.

Though these ingredients are likely safe when used as directed, excess T can cause a variety of unwanted effects. When you couple this risk with the fact that levels should be managed by a medical professional, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor before use.

Also, these supplements tend to be pricey. A better starting point may be opting for natural means of boosting T like diet and exercise (we can link my other article once it is published).

Customer Reviews

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48% Recommend This Product
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Posted on Sep 30, 2019

Less than useless

By Jay L., Bridgeport, CT, Verified Reviewer

I feel like I'm part of a case study and I'm part of the "placebo group", except placebo would undoubtedly be more effective. I am totally unimpressed by this product. Been taking it for about a month now and have seen ZERO effect. I hate to say it but this just seems like a clever money-grab. They tell you there's a money-back guarantee but that's only after you've used the product for 3 months and spent $195. So basically, if you spend anywhere from $65-$130 and are unhappy, it's too bad so sad. They also have the nerve to tell you not to expect results until after 90 days - I MIGHT buy that BS if regular use was 1 or 2 small tablets per day, but that's not the case. You're asked to take 4 big pills each day - FOUR. EVERY. DAY! Yet I shouldn't expect results until after I've consumed a total of 360 horse pills?! Are you kidding me?! This is clever money-making by the makers of TestoFuel, I give them credit for that but unless you have a habit of flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet I strongly suggest you pass on this garbage.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 3 People Have Voted

Posted on Mar 21, 2019


By John M., Kent, United Kingdom, Verified Reviewer

I would like to start by saying I am no way being paid to write this review, I am totally doing it of my own back, and I'm not affiliated with TestoFuel what so ever.

I am 41 years of age and go to the gym on a regular basis. I started going September 2016 and I was 18 stone, after a good 9-10 months got down to my ideal weight at 15.5 stone. Anyway, November 2018 and I lost all interest in going, then got Christmas out the way and noticed the weight going back on, so tried to get back into it January, still wasn't enjoying it, only going a couple of times a week, not pushing myself as hard as I should. So I did some research and found my Testosterone could be low, so on 04/03/19 I purchased some TestoFuel, started taking the pill in the morning and went to the gym after work, which is totally out of character for me as I only go to the gym on my 4 days off, and hey, presto, I feel like a new man. My energy levels are up, lifting heavier, doing more reps, and spending longer in the gym and going 5 days whether it's a work day or not. And the gains I've achieved in a small amount of time is unreal.

I would 100% recommend TestoFuel, at £42 delivered in the UK I thought it was expensive at first, but now I think it's great value for money. One bottle has 120 pills, to my calculation, that is one month's supply, as you have to take 4 pills a day every 2-3 hours. But me personally, I take them every three hours with food or a snack. I would also like to add that you will get them in 2 days of ordering. I ordered some more on Thursday, the 14th of March 2019 and they came today, the 16th of March 2019, so a speedy delivery I would say.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 2 People Have Voted

Posted on Feb 20, 2019

What a scam

By Mike R., Antioch, CA, Verified Reviewer

I thought I was just getting just a free sample to try it out. It wasn't clear that just like many free offers you are signed up for an expensive subscription. You can cancel but you won't get your money back if don't cancel within 14 days which was not clear in the offer on the website.

The product does not work. I noticed no difference in energy level, strength, muscle building or libido. Experienced loss of appetite, nausea, and nervousness after taking. Don't waste your money here. None of these products do what they claim, and this is just another of many that don't live up to the hype.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 5 People Have Voted

Posted on Jan 15, 2019

Been using this for 3 years

By Alex P., Cumbria, England, Verified Reviewer

I've been using TestoFuel for a long time, for me, it works well.

I'm 36, and I found out when I was 30 that I have lower test levels than average, they were not low enough for synthetic testosterone, so I went the natural root.

I've tried most of the test boosters, my preferred choice is TestoFuel. It's not just that it works well but it sits well with my body, I don't have any stomach issues or any other problems.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 5 People Have Voted

Posted on Dec 14, 2018


By Pierre B., Montréal, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I ordered four boxes. I was really surprised that I had to pay #61 CAD when I received my order after 1.5 months.

First, there was nothing about extra fees on their page explaining international shipping conditions neither on the one where we are doing the order.

Second, fees were charged on a value 65% more than what I paid in reality with the exchange rate.

I contacted customer service in this regard, but they are arguing that it is not their responsibility even if they are the ones that are giving the value.

On top on it, after just a few days, I start having huge pimples, so I just stopped using it.

I clearly don’t recommend buying their products.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 7 People Have Voted

Posted on Oct 21, 2018

Definitely a scam

By Ion A., Devon, England, Verified Reviewer

I've been taking these for the last two months and there's no effect whatsoever. I had loads of more improvement in libido and muscle growth when I had previously taken some cheap ZMA. What's worse is that there is no 90-day money back guarantee as they pretend: "The risk is on us." I have contacted them to try to return and recover some of the money, but I have obviously been rejected straight away. Somewhere in the small reading Terms and Conditions they say there is no money back for orders smaller than 3 months, although they advertise everywhere they do.

The only thing that they're good at is fake advertising, because the tablets, in my opinion, aren't worth a penny.


Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 13 People Have Voted

Posted on Oct 9, 2018

Waste of money

By Graham P., Scotland, Verified Reviewer

I bought this after reading what I now believe to be false reviews and pics! I am onto my 5th month as I wanted to give it a fair shot. Anyone who thinks that this works after 7-14 days must just be genetically gifted! I have been working out hard 4 days a week, eating high protein, carb and good fat diet, calorie surplus, and the results are what I expect to have seen without this product! The reason I know? I worked out a few years ago with no supplements, and now that I have been back again, I am no better looking with the help of TestoFuel than I was before. I think what most professionals say is that most supplements are a waste of money, exceptions of maybe creatine and a protein blend or whey post workout. I actually felt better without it! No side effects though, apart from being a few hundred quid down!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 10 People Have Voted

Posted on Oct 8, 2018

Marketing scam, no refunds

By Richard R., Florida, Verified Reviewer

I saw a link and clicked on it (trytestofuel.com) and ordered the free trial where you only pay shipping. Then I find out that I've been charged $170 a month for two months and when I call the company they said they can give me a 35% refund, so I've paid $340 in two months and I'm getting about $60 returned to me because I'm only getting 35% one month because it's a 30-day guarantee. It's a scam. They get your credit card supposedly for shipping, but then they charge you the full price every month until you catch on.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 9 People Have Voted

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

Doesn't work!

By Mike R., Glen Allen, VA, Verified Reviewer

I tried it for a month with no benefits or results that I noticed. I didn't read the fine print on the refund policy, so had to have the 1-month purchase. There were no results at all, and they have a crappy refund policy, seems like a scam to me. Don't buy it!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 10 People Have Voted

Posted on Aug 1, 2018

TestoFuel is weak

By Jon A., Denver, CO, Verified Reviewer

TestoFuel should be called "TestoFool" as anyone who buys this stuff will know that it is not worth your hard earned money and it does not work! I tried this for three months with no gains. I then switched to another brand and saw bigger gains in strength and size. Especially strength. Sorry, I hope this helps people who are putting their money out for a product that does not work.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 6 People Have Voted

Posted on May 25, 2018

One month in

By James M., Boston, MA, Verified Reviewer

I have been taking TestoFuel for a little over a month...no noticeable difference. I have been eating extremely healthy and working out 5-6 days a week. While I'm losing weight, I cannot say it is because of the TestoFuel. I have not noticed any increase in energy or muscle gains other then what's expected from working out regularly. I will continue to take for the next two months. I'll update in 30 days.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 7 People Have Voted
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