About Curology

Curology offers tailor-made skincare products that promise to treat both acne and aging. Using prescription-only ingredients, Curology will blend a personalized formula for you based off of your medical history, photos, and skin goals.

Each personalized formula will contain three active ingredients chosen for your skin from the following treatments:

  • Acne: Curology says that drugstore products may get rid of 30 percent of your acne. However, they claim that “prescription treatments like ours can eliminate 90 percent.” This formula includes azelaic acid, clindamycin, niacinamide, tretinoin, and zinc pyrithione.
  • Clogged pores: To help relieve plugs and clogged pores, Curology blends a mix of tretinoin, a topical prescription acne treatment similar to Retin-A, azelaic acid, clindamycin, niacinamide, and zinc pyrithione
  • Dark spots: Curlology claims that, when used with sun protection, their formula containing azelaic acid, niacinamide, and tretinoin can help to fade the dark spots caused by sun exposure and acne.
  • Firmness: According to their website, an independent clinical study (meaning that it was performed by a third party), showed a 38 percent increase in firmness within eight weeks of using their custom formula that includes tretinoin and vitamin C.
  • Texture: Curology claims that their formula, which includes tretinoin, can help to regenerate skin cells, improve glow, and smooth your skin’s surface.
  • Wrinkles: Similar to their formula addressing firmness, the active ingredients in Curology’s wrinkle formula are tretinoin and vitamin C.

A custom blend of prescription-strength active ingredients sounds promising. However, how can Curology offer regulated ingredients through a website?

How Does Curology Work?

Instead of an in-office visit to describe your skin concerns, the first step to using Curology is taking a questionnaire. Because it’s in lieu of meeting with a dermatologist face-to-face, signing up isn’t a short process. We’ve broken it down into the sections below:

1. Sharing Your Skin Goals

Screenshot of curology.comImage via Curology

First, to learn about your skin goals, the questionnaire asks that you choose which aspects of your complexion you’d like to treat. You can pick as many as you’d like. However, since the formulas are blended with three active ingredients, I limited my selection to three: clogged pores, firmness, and skin texture.

Screenshot of curology.comImage via Curology

Next, you’re asked to select your skin type. While this might seem fairly straightforward, it’s slightly disconcerting that there are no descriptions to help guide your selection—similar to the previous step. As someone who has neither oily or dry skin, it’s also frustrating to see that there is no option for “normal,” which is different from “combination” as the latter suggests an oily t-zone and dry cheeks.

Screenshot of curology.comImage via Curology

After selecting your skin type, Curology gives you the opportunity to specify which areas of skin are of concern, including your face, neck, shoulders/ back/ chest, or other. You can select as many areas as apply.

How many pimples did you get in the last week? That’s one of the last questions in the skin-goals section of Curology’s questionnaire. Finally, they ask how often you wear sunscreen or other forms of SPF. What level of SPF or how often it’s applied isn’t specified—important information we’re pretty sure an in-person derm would want to double check.

2. Have Your Medical History Handy

To gain a better understanding of your health, Curology asks the following questions:

  • Are you using a product containing a non-prescription retinoid, such as retinol or retinyl palmitate?
  • Which product are you using, is it working, and does it irritate your skin?
  • Have you ever used any prescription topicals (creams, gels, etc.) for acne or skin aging? If the answer is yes, you’re allowed to select from a long list of possible products.
  • Are you currently using the product? If the answer is yes, you’ll select the specific brand and concentration of the product. For example, since I had said yes to tretinoin, a topical treatment similar to Retin-A, I was shown a list of the nine different creams and gels in that category, and asked to select what I use.
  • Next, you’re asked to describe how your skin feels when using the previously specified products. Please note that, if you have not previously used any prescription topicals for your skin, you’ll likely be able to skip this section.

After gaining a thorough understanding of your skin history, Curology gets down to some more general medical queries. These will include your gender, then, if you’re female, a bunch of additional questions relating to hormonal birth control.

Because prescription acne products shouldn’t be used while pregnant, Curology requires female customers to agree that they are not pregnant or nursing—and they’ll notify their dermatology provider if they become so in the future.

Before ending this section of the questionnaire, you are given the opportunity to tell your dermatology provider any additional information, such as your skincare routine, or make special requests for your medication.

What’s Included In Your Curology Membership?

Joining Curology’s subscription program includes the following benefits:

  • Prescription-strength skincare, which Curology claims is custom-formulated to address your specific needs.
  • Real dermatology care through what Curology calls your dermatology provider. You’re given the name of your dermatology provider and some information about their background and experience during the signup process. For example, I was assigned Rachel Rivard, a Family Nurse Practitioner with four years of primary care experience.
  • Unlimited free shipping of your custom prescription, meaning that your order will be shipped as often as needed.

Note that our dermatology provider, Rachel Rivard, did not have previous dermatology experience before joining the Curology team. While still a licensed medical professional, her bio explains that she received extensive training with Curology's board-certified dermatologists.

This is technically in line with Curology’s About section, in which they claim to pair you with a “licensed dermatology provider for personalized acne and anti-aging treatment,” we feel that some customers could be misled by that wording into believing that they’ll receive attention from a licensed dermatologist.

Will it affect the quality of dermatology care that you receive through Curology? Likely not, as long as you remember that Curology is a service focused on skincare, not to identify potential abnormal moles or explore other unrelated conditions.

Instead, plan on reaching out to your dermatology provider only with questions and concerns that relate to your Curology products, such as if your skin feels too dry. This allows your dermatology provider to give you a less irritating formula and continue customizing your skincare.

Curology Membership Pricing & Refund Policies

Curology members are charged $19.95 each month. This cost includes a 90-day supply of your custom-blended skincare formula.

What if you run out of your Curology formula before 90 days? The company states that you are always free to request an earlier shipment. Additionally, they promise to never charge extra based on the frequency of shipment, and, again, there is no extra charge for shipping and handling.

That means that the total cost of a Curology membership is slightly less than $240 per year. When compared with seeing an in-person dermatologist, which can be hundreds or thousands, that’s a great deal.

Your Curology membership also includes the above-mentioned access to your dermatology provider. They state that most new members contact their dermatology providers every 30-90 days as treatment begins to adjust your formula. However, there are no extra fees for more frequent contact. Once your formula is working well for you, Curology does require that you check in a minimum of once a year—a requirement when using any prescription-strength medication.

There is no minimum commitment when signing up for Curology, meaning that you can cancel at anytime.

If you’re not satisfied with your Curology formula, the company promises to refund 100 percent of your charge. Note that this is only valid for the first 90 days, and is not applied automatically. To request a refund, email Curology’s customer service at support@curology.com for further instructions.

Curology does not accept health insurance to cover the cost of your membership. However, if you have a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account, your consultation may qualify as a deductible expense—check with your provider to be sure.

Curology Reviews: What Are Customers Saying About It?

Curology, previously known as PocketDerm, has a devoted following of customers who have shared their positive skin changes.

Positive skin changesImage via Reddit

The Reddit user whose image is shared above stated that her acne has visibly reduced in three months. She also shared her personalized formula on the forum:

“At first, it was 4% Niacinamide 1% Clindamycin 4% Azelaic Acid. It changed to .018% Tretinoin 1 % Clindamycin 8% Azelaic Acid at the start of September.”

The PocketDerm referral thread is out of date, as the company has changed their name and promotional offers. However, it’s also full of Curology members sharing their positive experiences, many of whom say that their formula resulted in completely clear skin, including this review:

“Pocketderm has literally saved my face from painful hormonal cysts. Right now I just have some scarring/PIH/PIE to work on. Overall, very satisfied with pocketderm and Dr. Satur is both responsive warm to all my questions.

My Rx is spironolactone (75 mg daily at night) with 4% niacinamide / 1% clindamycin / 4% azelaic acid.

Background: I was a student experiencing THE WORST cystic breakouts of my life along my jaw. literally wanted to cry whenever I looked in the mirror. I tried to see a dermatologist, but my primary care physician would not refer me to one without seeing her first.. Her first available appointment was 2 months away and the cysts were starting to spread along from my jaw to the sides of my face. I figured it was hormonal cuz I never had this type of acne before and I was getting desperate. I could NOT wait 2 months so I looked to Pocketderm.

Yes, I was wary about Pocketderm actually working, but I was more desperate to get my clear skin back. After I got my order, it took about 2-3 months before the cysts all disappeared and I just have some marks left that I need to fade (using MUA lactic acid and fade peels).

Currently I still use Pocketderm as a preventative measure. I still get random tiny pimples once every couple weeks (but no more cysts) and the pimples just shrink overnight. I'm very satisfied with the results and customer service. Plus it's great that you can order more without charge.”

I found this particular review interesting as her prescription shows that Curology isn’t just prescribing one-size-fits-all topical treatments for members, but are actually evaluating your skincare needs and blending custom treatments as claimed.

Additionally, I couldn’t help but feel excited to read that their prescriptions included oral treatments, including spironolactone, as that was the only medication which worked to treat my own acne after years of trying different prescriptions, including Accutane.

Related: Got Pimples? How to Treat Adult Acne

Will Curology Work For You?

Considering the heaps of positive reviews that we were able to find for Curology’s telemedicine approach to tailor-made skin care, we feel confident suggesting that those who are struggling might find relief with their products. Further, we were unable to locate any negative reviews of Curology’s claims to provide attentive care.

What about Curology’s anti-aging treatments? While the above reviews focuse more on clogged pores, we double checked Curology’s ingredients and found evidence supporting that their anti-aging formulas are equally effective. For example, vitamin C and niacinamide are antioxidants known to fade hyperpigmentation, and tretinoin (the active ingredient in Retin-A) is known to boost cell turnover.

Considering the out-of-pocket cost of seeing a dermatologist, Curology’s low-fee membership plan is definitely appealing to those who have basic medical coverage, or aren’t covered at all. However, even when you have insurance, seeing a dermatologist can sometimes take months—whereas Curology promises that their dermatology providers will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

While telemedicine and online consultations might appear fly-by-night, it appears that Curology really does strive to offer everything that they claim: custom skincare treatments that are conveniently delivered to your door. Just remember that there are certain medications, such as Accutane, that they are unable to prescribe due to the severity of side effects.

The bottom line? If you struggle with mild to moderate acne or anti-aging concerns, the low cost of membership and satisfaction guarantee means that there’s minimal risk to trying out Curology’s custom skincare formulas.

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6 Customer Reviews for Curology

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  • 1 out 1 people found this review helpful

    Powerful personalized skincare

    I love, love Curology. You will have an on-call dermatologist in your pocket to answer questions about all your skincare concerns and build a personalized plan for you.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 2 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Relatively effective

    • Detroit, MI,
    • Feb 24, 2017

    I have had acne since age 13. I am now 32 and have tried just about everything. The only thing I have not tried is Accutane because I already live with anxiety and depression and do not want to take anything that will mess with my mental balance. I've been to several different dermatologists, but I simply do not have the time or money to go weekly to get peels, masks, etc., or to pay for the multitude of prescriptions they want me to go on. I've also been there, done that with just about everything you can imagine that is over-the-counter (including Proactiv). Nothing has worked well enough to justify me continuing to use it.

    I saw Curology through a sponsored post on Facebook, and since it offered a free trial, I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a shot. The website is really attractive and easy to use. It was basically the same old story; try it hoping for it to work, but fully expecting for it to do nothing.

    When I began using it, my skin did get worse at first. So probably for the first two weeks or so, I was tempted to quit using it. However, the website had prepared me for the fact that this could happen (they call it purging), so I decided to keep trying. After the purging phase, my skin did begin to improve. I was only supposed to be using it once a day, but I decided to try doing it twice a day. At this point, I began moisturizing twice a day as well. So I'd put on my moisturizer, then apply Curology.

    I am really impressed with Curology. I have been using it for almost three months, and I have seen a pretty noticeable improvement in my breakouts. It hasn't completely stopped my breakouts, but they are smaller and clear up more easily. I know you are not supposed to pick or squeeze pimples, but I think we all do. The major difference I notice now that I'm using Curology is that, when I squeeze a pimple, it clears out much more easily and fully, then begins healing right away. Previously, when I'd squeeze a pimple, the head would take forever to emerge, leaving the zit angry-looking and more noticeable than before, and then taking days and days to heal.

    Even though I wouldn't say I have clear skin, it's absolutely much better since beginning Curology. I plan to continue and hope to see even more improvement.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 4 out 4 people found this review helpful

    So far, so good!

    • Virginia,
    • Jan 24, 2017

    I am four days into using the prescription medication from Curology, so it hasn't been quite long enough to see any results in my skin. It did seem to be a bit brighter today but, to remain subjective, I may also just be too eager for improvements at this point.

    As far as the company is concerned, I am very impressed thus far. My assigned physician, Anna Ballard, PA-C, has been delightful and given me a ton of interesting, relevant, and helpful information. I've dealt with dermatologists and done my own personal research into acne for over 15 years now (I am 27 years old and have had bouts of cystic acne off and on since I was 11), so I am fairly well-informed. Based on my history I think the prescription combo I was given is appropriate, and I'm excited to see how my skin responds and how we can adjust the script as necessary.

    The site itself is very well-done and easy to navigate. I appreciate that I can message Anna whenever I have questions or to update her on any skin reactions. After reading thoroughly through their help section and speaking with Anna, I can honestly say that I feel the people behind Curology are here to genuinely help and not just take our money. The entire program is centered around making physician-powered skincare accessible and customizable to each of us individually, which is subsequently very empowering. I believe it will be worth every penny.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 6 out 6 people found this review helpful

    I can't say enough

    I have dry and sensitive skin (but also oily at the same time), and my acne was terrible. Everything I tried made it worse and I truly thought nothing would ever fix me. My friend has completely different skin than I do but this worked for her, so I gave it a try.

    I was BLOWN AWAY by how fast I saw results. Seriously, within three days. I've been using Curology now for two months, and I've got maybe one pimple in that entire time. I love, love, love the nurse practitioner that they set me up with, and I have no idea what I'd do without my formulation.

    Ten stars.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 5 out 6 people found this review helpful


    • Pecos, TX,
    • Jan 5, 2017

    I got my Curology within eight days. Perfect.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 2 out 22 people found this review helpful

    Where the HULK is my order.

    Just wondering when I'll get mine, it's already been a week, and I need luscious skin, like right now. I'll wait another week but if I don't get anything, one of them all is lying. I posted this today, December 17, 2016. (11:12am). Dude, I swear if I get it in a month I'm going to be mad because they're going to charge for another one, because they are holding my card info.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    Comments (1)
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    • Jan 11, 2017

      Fabian Seelbach, VP Marketing

      Hi there,

      So sorry to hear that you haven't gotten your shipment!

      We'd be more than happy to help look into this for you, and send out a replacement if necessary.

      Simply shoot our support team an email (support@curology.com) from the email associated with your account, and they'll be happy to help!

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