Crepe Erase Advanced Review: A Detailed Look at How It Works, Ingredients, Cost, and More

By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff
Updated on: Apr 10, 2019

What Is Crepe Erase?

Crepe Erase, a treatment system for crepey skin, promises to keep you looking younger by targeting the thinning skin on your face, arms, and chest and re-plumping it to give you a more youthful glow.

Crepe Erase is endorsed by actresses Jane Seymour and Courtney Thorne Smith, and it claims to rely on a revolutionary two-step anti-aging system that works after the first treatment.

But will Crepe Erase really improve your appearance or are you better choosing a different approach to keep your skin looking its best? Our detailed review will help you decide.

Crepe Erase Products

At the time of writing, we found that Crepe Erase offered six products that are available in different combinations depending on what package deal you order. They are the following:

Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment

This gentle exfoliator is designed for daily use and preps your skin for the Advanced Body Repair Treatment. With consistent use, the company states that you will “uncover visibly smoother, softer skin from the neck down.”

To use, you’ll need to apply the cream to wettened crepey skin, and massage with gentle circular motions for several minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Top-five ingredients: Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, hydrogenated castor oil, comaidopropyl betaine, glycerin, propanediol.

Advanced Body Repair Treatment

Containing Crepe Erase’s proprietary TruFirm® Complex and 9 Super Hydrators™, this fast-absorbing formula is designed to improve the tone, texture, and elasticity of your skin to give you a more youthful appearance on your arm, knees, chest, and neck. After exfoliating your skin, you can apply the treatment to the problem area in gentle circular motions until it is absorbed.

Top-five ingredients: Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, stearic acid, hydroxystearic/linolenic/oleic polyglycerides, dimethicone, glycerin.

Anti-Aging Hand Repair Treatment

Specifically formulated for your hands because they tend to be one of the first places to show signs of aging, this cream is meant to be applied liberally and used as needed to keep your hands feeling healthy and hydrated.

Top-five ingredients: Caprylic/capric triglyceride, coco-caprylate/caprate, cetearyl alcohol, dimethicone, squalane.

Overnight Facial Plumping Treatment

Designed to boost your skin as you sleep, this plumping treatment will purportedly smooth wrinkles and restore elasticity to help you wake up with a fresher looking face. You’ll apply a thin layer to your face and neck each night for an effect that builds over time.

Top-five ingredients: Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, hydroxystearic/linolenic/oleic polyglycerides, dimethicone, glycerin, palmitic acid.

Flaw Fix Eye Cream

If you can’t get a good night’s sleep, this eye cream is designed to fake it by absorbing into the skin around your eyes to soothe puffiness and reduce fine lines so that you look awake and refreshed. You can apply the cream mornings and evenings for the best results.

Top-five ingredients: adipic acid/neopentyl glycol crosspolymer, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, pentaerythrityl tetracaprylate/tetracaprate, cetyl alcohol.

4-in-1 Eye Renewal Capsules

Offered as a free bonus purchase, this serum contains a concentrated formula meant to reduce the signs of fine lines from your face. The company states that you’ll get the best results from using one capsule a day. To use, twist a capsule open and gently apply the serum where your face needs the nourishment.

Top-five ingredients: isododecane, neopentyl glycol diheptanoate, dimethicone crosspolymer, phenylpropyldimethylsiloxysilicate.

Does Crepe Erase Work?

Aging is inevitable, and it can take a toll on your skin. Due to sun damage and diminishing amounts of elastin and collagen, it’s natural for your skin to start becoming thinner and lose its ability to retain moisture as you get older.

This creates the right conditions for developing a crepey appearance, and dry, scaly skin that doesn’t bounce back to shape like it used to.

In the words of esthetician Allison Tray from Tres Belle Spa, “most of us begin to see crepey skin as we age due to loss of collagen and elasticity. Dryness can also play a factor, as well as weight loss.”

While crepey skin can appear anywhere on the body, it tends to form in the places where the skin is naturally thinner and most exposed to the sun, like the hands, arms, chest, and face. This process can start as early as your mid-30s, but it’s usually most pronounced by around 45.

There’s not much you can do to prevent crepey skin altogether, but can skincare products like Crepe Erase restore your skin? Adina Mahalli from Maple Holistics thinks so.

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“Any skincare products that increase your collagen production are likely to improve crepey skin. Skincare products that include vitamin A or E, as well as those rich in fats like omega-6 stimulate collagen production and regenerate skin,” she said. “Additionally, skincare products that promise to reduce crepey skin should also include antioxidants to fight free radicals and renew the skin.”

According to the product website, Crepe Erase promises to restore your aging skin through a product range that acts as gentle exfoliators and “super hydrators” filled with antioxidants from natural ingredients like apple, dill, and sage that drench the skin to boost its moisture content.

The company claims that their internal evaluation of 54 participants showed that 80% of women saw an immediate reduction in the look of their crepey skin after just one use. This matches what we learned from Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, a board-certified dermatologist in Los Angeles.

“Topicals can help plump the appearance of the skin, strengthen the skin barrier and encourage new collagen growth. Use these regularly to notice improvement in about three months,” she told us. “Applying topical antioxidants in the morning can help prevent oxidative UV damage before it happens. Applying it at night can help undo it before it creates permanent collagen breakdown. This helps maintain skin firmness.”

Depending on the Crepe Erase package deal you order, the company offers a range of skincare products designed for both day and night use, which Shainhouse tells us can help stave off crepey skin in the long run.

Crepe Erase Side Effects

Because its standard practice to sort ingredients list by greatest concentration, we chose to look at just the Top-five ingredients in every Crepe Erase product to see whether they stood out to us. To aid the research process, we looked at each of these ingredients in the EWG (Environmental Working Group) Cosmetics Database. Here are the results that stood out to us.

Generally, these ingredients fall under the categories of skin conditioning agents, cleansing agents, solvents, binding agents, and fragrance ingredients.

This makes sense, as these kinds of ingredients are standard in many skincare products. But are there any you should be aware of? Two caught our attention—dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane—for having potentially troubling side effects.

According to WebMD, dimethicone can typically be used topically without side effects, though some people experience burning, stinging and redness from using it.

Cyclopentasiloxane is also a substance to be aware of, Truth in Aging reports it can cause mild skin and eye irritation and potentially impact marine life when released into the water system.

Analysis of Crepe Erase Reviews and Complaints

Crepe Erase customers don’t always have a positive experience with the product line. After 140 reviews on our site, the company averaged 1.8 out of five stars.

The most common complaints we noticed were that the products didn’t work as advertised and that customers struggled to cancel their memberships and continued to be billed for and receive products that they didn’t want.

Many people reported that they didn’t like having to pay return shipping fees for products they didn’t know they were going to receive, and that customer service seemed to make the cancellation process as hard as possible.

We also looked through some reviews for the individual Crepe Erase products on Amazon, and these tended to be more positive. Many people still reported that they thought the Treatments were too expensive for the results they experienced, but some did state that they saw noticeable improvements in their skin’s texture and appearance.

Crepe Erase Cost

At the time of writing, Crepe Erase products were available for purchase from the company website in two bundles.

The first includes all the products listed above—the 4-in-1 Eye Renewal Capsules are considered a free bonus—for $59.95 and free shipping.

It’s also possible to get just the Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment and Advanced Body Repair Treatment (with the free Eye Renewal Capsules) for $39.95 and free shipping.

Crucially, either of these purchases will automatically enroll you in a subscription program. This means that after one month and then every three months after you will be sent the new product and auto-charged the full purchase price (either $59.95 or $39.95) plus $3.99 for shipping and handling. The only way to opt out of this program is to contact customer service at (888)708-2042.

We advise you to be cautious when signing up for your first order. In our professional experience, auto-ship programs are often more about roping you into recurring charges than they are about providing any kind of convenience, so we’d recommend proceeding with caution.

The company terms and conditions state all Crepe Erase products are covered by a 60-day, money-back guarantee (minus shipping and handling) so you can request a refund for any product you aren’t happy with.

The Bottom Line: Is Crepe Erase the Right Treatment for You?

Aging isn’t always an easy reality to accept, so it makes sense that you might be looking for ways to stave off the signs of crepey skin. Will Crepe Erase help restore the youth you’ve lost? To be honest, this line of skincare products will have to work hard to live up to its promises.

While the experts we spoke with told us that skincare products could make a significant short-term difference in your skin’s appearance, a moisturizing cream can’t do enough to restore the hydration that it loses over time.

Topicals like Crepe Erase and Crepe Erase Advanced can temporarily plump up the of the skin and even boost collagen production, but the customer reviews for Crepe Erase show us that the overall effect is often subtle or even unnoticeable.

We’ve written about this before – creams can help crepey skin, but they don’t match the effects of a medical procedure. If you choose to go that route instead, Shainhouse suggests microneedling (Dermapen), radiofrequency, ultrasound or laser treatments.

However, the best way to avoid crepey skin is to prevent it in the first place. Stay moisturized, keep out of the sun if you aren’t wearing SPF, and follow a healthy diet. These lifestyle choices can help you keep your skin at its best for as long as possible.

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  • 53 out 54 people found this review helpful

    I wasted my money on Crepe Erase

    • Windsor, NC,
    • Apr 9, 2015

    I have been using Crepe erase for a month and I have seen no results. I use it on my neck, knees and arms. NOTHING! I am so sad that it did nothing they said it would do. I truly wasted my money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 50 out 53 people found this review helpful

    I'm using Crepe Erase and nothing's changed

    • Huntsville, AL,
    • Apr 24, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer

    I'm in my second week of using Crepe Erase and have noticed ZERO change on my neck, arms, and knees. I'm really sad because I really wanted it to work. It does make me itch, so I guess there's something I'm allergic to in it. I don't know how long you have to wait to see improvements, but I don't want to spend a ton of money either. Anyone know?

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 77 out 79 people found this review helpful

    Read the Fine Print

    • Virginia,
    • May 6, 2015

    This product smells great and makes your skin feel silky smooth. It does not repair the crepe skin, it just exfoliates and moisturizes it, making the appearance like it's working at the time. I can exfoliate and moisturize with much cheaper products or even make at home products.

    The billing is my biggest problem. The payments they tell you on TV is not what ends up being the case. They charge you for three months and the original order is suppose to last 3 months. The amount of product is not a 3 month supply. I think this whole thing is a scam and now I know.

    If you want to do the 60 day money back, make sure you get in done within the first 30 days if you don't want to get charged.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 69 out 71 people found this review helpful


    • May 16, 2015

    In my opinion this product is a scam and didn't work for me.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    yes no

  • 85 out 87 people found this review helpful

    So much for not getting sucked in

    It is a scam. I was hoping it wasn't, but I got sucked in once again especially since Jane Seymour is one of my favorite actresses. Shame, shame! I guess if you are young and already have descent skin, it is great for moisturizing. It smells great also, but it hasn't done anything for the slight crepiness in my neck area. And if you compare the ingredients of the Introductory Exfoliating Body Polish to the Maximum Refining Facial Scrub, you will realize they are the same. The same goes for the Introductory Intensive Body Repair Treatment and the Maximum Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion. They just switched up the reading of the ingredients and thought we wouldn't notice. Hey, isn't that false advertising? I'm going to give them hell right now when I call and ask for a full refund.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 51 out 56 people found this review helpful

    My order by phone

    • Miami, FL,
    • Jun 2, 2015

    Today, after watching your product on TV I tried to place an order. I could not understand the lady that took my call. I had to repeat to her several times that I only wanted to try the offer on TV, and she (I think) kept talking and talking. When I told her, lady I just want to try the offer on TV and I do not understand what you are saying, she said, then we have to cancel your order. She had taken all my information credit card number etc and I have no idea if she canceled or not. My order that was for Agustina Dearmas. Please let me know the status or results of that. I understood that the special offer was for $39.95 plus delivery. I we'll be waiting for your response.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 123 out 123 people found this review helpful

    Auto Pay

    • Saint Augustine, FF,
    • Jun 12, 2015

    I just received my kit only to discover that it is for 30 days instead 60 day supply as advertised. Then I find out that I am going to charged another $49.99 again in 30 days for the same product. What a scam. Why not tell us that the 60 day "trial" period was going to cost $91.98 from the start? I feel sorry for those who go with the $59.99 offer because it is going to cost $179.97 when it is all said and done.

    Just go to you favorite local store and see the sales clerk in the make up department. Stay away.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 129 out 129 people found this review helpful


    • Newport MN,
    • Jun 14, 2015

    Big mistake, I ordered, they were very convincing and used trigger words to get you to order. It said it was for 59.95, turns out they are deducting 59.95 for 3 months because they claim I ordered the Deluxe package. I never did such I thing. I was surprise when I received it because it had more products than I anticipated. Little did I know I was being ripped off big time.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 118 out 120 people found this review helpful

    Far too little product for the money.

    • Los Angeles, CA,
    • Jun 22, 2015

    The product is very effective but the amount that you get for the money is absurd!

    The initial shipment of 3.3 oz is supposed to last for 30 days. Really? Maybe if you want to do only a small body part. However, if you're looking to moisturize, say your arms and legs, it will last about a week, and that's using it sparingly.

    Then of course you get hooked into the automatic payments while this company is making money hand over fist on something that probably cost less than $5 to manufacture.

    I say skip it. Not worth the money!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 150 out 151 people found this review helpful

    Product not for me.

    • Winter Park, FL,
    • Jun 22, 2015

    I ordered this cream wanting to give it a try. However, it is as usual a scam. Once this company gets your info, they put you on an automatic system where they send you a new box of everything in 30 days and that's way too soon for me. When I called to cancel my now obvious subscription, I first of all get someone who is from another country and can't speak enough good English for me to understand. Then I'm told I owe $80.00. What? For a body cream? I've already paid $80.00, which is way too much money, then to find out I still owe them money. I'm never going to buy a product from this company.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 147 out 147 people found this review helpful

    Terrible Scam

    • NC,
    • Jun 26, 2015

    I wish I had never, ever placed an order. I have email verification of only the original order. Yet within 3 days of this order 3 holds have been on my account - all for different amounts, all saying I have various orders. I spoke with supervisor Sunday, she said she would cancel and release holds, but today a new hold appeared. This is ridiculous, and they just give you the run around. Please don't get suckered in like I did. I am reporting this and if holds aren't released I will go through my bank with this.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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