SlimQuick Pure Review: A Detailed Look

By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff
Updated on: Feb 29, 2020

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Sometimes it feels like eating well and getting exercise isn’t enough to lose weight. In these cases, it’s tempting to look for a shortcut that promises you results beyond what you could achieve otherwise.

SlimQuick sells weight loss products designed for women. Claiming that it’s physically more difficult for women to lose weight, the company promises that its products are designed to help female bodies combat the six ways they put on unwanted fat.

The idea is that if you take SlimQuick products regularly and follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can lose weight up to three times faster than you would through exercise alone. Do these claims hold up to scientific scrutiny? We investigated this brand to help you decide.

  • Research shows that green tea can boost metabolism and reduce fat retention
  • SlimQuick refund policy lets you return used products
  • The study referenced by SlimQuick doesn’t involve the brand
  • Available research involved small sample sizes
  • Lots of potential negative side effects due to the excessive caffeine content

Claimed Benefits

Though SlimQuick sells a variety of diet aides, each product is designed to accomplish similar goals:

  • Addresses and fixes the six reasons why women struggle to lose weight by increasing metabolism, reducing appetite, boosting energy, reducing excess water, supporting hormones, and reducing stress.

  • Help you lose up to three times the weight possible from dieting alone.

  • Lose up to 25 pounds in 13 weeks.

The critical ingredient considered responsible for these benefits is a proprietary blend of green tea extract called AlloPure Green Tea™.

As evidence of its products’ effectiveness, the company highlights a 2009 study in Alternative Medicine Review, where 50 overweight women followed a 1,350-calorie diet and took a bio-available green tea extract called GreenSelect™ (note: not the same extract included in SlimQuick).

Participants in this study lost an average of 25 pounds over 13 weeks, compared to the eight pounds lost by the 50 control women who followed the same restricted-calorie diet but didn’t take the extract.

SlimQuick extrapolates from this research to claim that its own trademarked green tea blend allows for three times faster weight loss than dieting alone.

That conclusion is potentially problematic, as this study was small (approximately 100 people total), only looked at the effects of taking the extract for three months, and was designed to study a different brand’s product.

All these problems compounded together means that this is far from robust evidence for the effectiveness of SlimQuick’s product line.

Product Line

SlimQuick currently offers five weight loss products:

SlimQuick Pure Regular Strength

This classic SlimQuick supplement contains antioxidants, calcium, vitamin D, and AlloPure Green Tea. Each serving contains the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee.

Instructions: Take three capsules with breakfast and three with an afternoon meal six hours later. Don’t exceed six capsules within 24 hours.

Price: $24.99 per 60ct.

SlimQuick Pure Caffeine Free

These stimulant-free capsules contain antioxidants, calcium, vitamin D, and AlloPure Green Tea.

Instructions: Take three capsules with breakfast and three with an afternoon meal six hours later. Don’t exceed six within 24 hours.

Listed Price: $24.99 per 60ct.

SlimQuick Pure Keto Extra Strength

Formulated with MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil powder and KetoGreenGreen Tea to assist you with following the ketogenic diet. Each serving contains the caffeine equivalent of 2.5 cups of coffee.

Instructions: Take three capsules with breakfast and three with an afternoon meal six hours later. Don’t exceed six within 24 hours.

Listed Price: $24.99 per 60ct.

SlimQuick Pure Extra Strength Mixed Berry

This powdered drink mix can be dissolved in your water bottle and drunk whenever you need a weight loss boost. Each serving is zero calories and contains antioxidants, calcium, vitamin D, and AlloPure Green Tea. One serving contains the caffeine equivalent of one cup of coffee.

Instructions: Dissolve one packet in 500ml (17oz) cold water and stir until dissolved. Take one serving in the morning and one in the afternoon the first day, two servings in the morning and one in the afternoon the second day, and two servings in the morning and two in the afternoon the third day and beyond. Do not take more than four servings in 24 hours.

Listed Price: $24.99 per 24 drink packets.

SlimQuick Pure Extra Strength Gummies

For those who prefer their supplements to taste like candy, SlimQuick Gummies contain the same active ingredients to encourage weight loss when paired with a healthy diet. They are caffeine-free.

Instructions: Take three gummies with breakfast and three with an afternoon snack. Don’t exceed six in 24 hours.

Listed Price: $24.99 per 60ct.

Possible Side Effects

According to our analysis of customer reviews, common SlimQuick side effects include nausea, feeling jittery, an increased appetite, headaches, dizziness, constipation, and more.

These reactions may be related to a caffeine overdose, as three out of five SlimQuick products contain between one and 2.5 coffee cup’s worth of caffeine per serving. If you take the two recommended daily doses of SlimQuicK Pure Keto Extra Strength, you’ll have consumed 500mg of caffeine, or 100mg more than the Mayo Clinic’s daily recommended dose.

While this level of caffeine likely isn’t dangerous, the side effects associated with it can make life unpleasant for many people.

Partly for these reasons, pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, and anyone under 18 shouldn’t take SlimQuick products. The company suggests that all customers with pre-existing health conditions talk to their doctor before taking any of its products.

Shipping and Refund Information

It’s possible to buy SlimQuick products online or instore at retail locations like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, RiteAid, and more.

SlimQuick advertises free shipping on all orders on the site. Each purchase qualifies for a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. You can return the product—no matter how much you used—to the company with the original receipt to receive a full refund.

You can contact the customer service team at or (877) 221-7546 to start the refund process or answer any further questions you have.

Purchases made from other retailers will be subject to their return policy.

SlimQuick Pure

Buy SlimQuick Pure from Amazon:

SlimQuick Pure products are available on Amazon. Shipping is free on orders over $25.00.

$23.99 (Regular Strength, 72ct)

$15.00 (Keto Extra Strength, 60ct)

$15.99 (Extra Strength Gummies, 60ct)

Analysis of Customer Reviews

Here at HighYa, there are 17 customer reviews of SlimQuick that average 2.6 stars overall. On Amazon, different SlimQuick products average between 3.5-4 stars each. Here’s a brief analysis of the consumer feedback.

Common Compliments:

  • Successfully decreased appetite and increased energy
  • Even taking lower doses than recommended led to weight loss over 2-3 months
  • Led to consistent weight loss, especially when paired with exercise

Common Complaints:

  • Bad side effects like dizziness, constipation, shortness of breath, etc.
  • Some users gained weight
  • Increased appetite for some
  • Some found it cheaper and just as effective to drink more caffeine
  • Messed with some user’s sleep

Key Takeaways:

Reviews are mixed for SlimQuick, but many customers successfully lost weight when taking these supplements. Others found the side effects to be too much to handle and stopped taking them before they could experience any benefits.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, you might be in the latter category.

The Bottom Line: Is SlimQuick Worth It for Weight Loss?

SlimQuick makes bold claims about its benefits for your health, but the evidence doesn’t fully back them up. Though there is evidence that green tea can have powerful effects on your metabolism, much of this benefit comes from its ability to give you more energy to work harder while you exercise.

We are concerned that the only study SlimQuick highlights for its highly-specific health claims wasn’t even looking at this product line, and that it doesn’t take any of SlimQuick’s other ingredients into account.

Likewise, this evidence doesn’t support the idea that caffeine-free versions of SlimQuick products could be as effective as those with caffeine.

And, because Slimquick recommends you take up to six supplements per day, that comes to approximately $2.50 per day or about $227.50 for the 13 weeks the company suggests you take them.

You’ll save a lot of money if you increase your intake of green tea instead, and there’s a good chance you’ll experience similar health benefits.

Read 17 SlimQuick Pure Customer Reviews and Complaints

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  • Not a good experience

    • By Christine M.,
    • Minnesota,
    • Mar 11, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I purchased the Slimquick Pure Extra Strength to kick start a weight loss program. I started with the recommended dosage of 3 pills the first dose and bad dizziness occurred lasting a few minutes. I decided to go one tablet per serving for a few days, move to 2 for a few, then to the recommended 3.

    I started the 2 pills 3 days ago and stopped taking all together yesterday. I have been having terrible shortness of breath, anxiety/panic attacks, uncomfortable constipation, headaches, and even some slight heart palpitations and after actually reading reviews I now know why.

    This product was definitely not meant for me to use. Please read reviews, and if you suffer from any of the problems listed above in even the slightest form, the symptoms will get worse - guaranteed.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Great!

    • By I Z.,
    • Spring Hill, FL,
    • Jan 18, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    A few years ago I was taking this. Two in the morning and one later in the afternoon. I never did the full dose because it made me jittery. It did help curb my appetite. But any pill alone will not work 100%. You need to move people. I stopped drinking soda and went to only water. I did the elliptical for 10 minutes twice a day and some weight training. In about 2-3 months, I lost 25 lbs AND I felt amazing! Now that I’m a bit older and not as active, I’m going to try the same routine once again...and I’m sure I’ll have positive feedback yet again. Good luck to all! Keep ya posted!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Weight gain

    • By William T.,
    • California,
    • Jan 5, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    We have been taking this product for two weeks already. By the advertisement, this product provides significant weight, appetite loss, and healthier sleep patterns. We have witnessed neither.

    We were under the assumption that what we read from the advertisement that we would be set. This is not the case. Our appetite has not decreased, and we have gained weight.

    I would not recommend this product to anyone.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Hmmmm...

    • By Tiffany M.,
    • Houston, TX,
    • Dec 2, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    Although nothing is as good as real diet pills from the doctor, I am unable to obtain them. So I look around for natural remedies at the chain drug stores. They all have caffeine in them.

    Sometimes these pills make me more hungry, but then I have an energy spout after eating. Also, if I’m constipated sometimes, these work, if you know what I mean.

    These are just caffeine pills because phen phen went off the market and we are willing to try anything. It’s cheaper to just down caffeine all day long.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • My experience

    • By Jelisa H.,
    • Sep 10, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I tried this product because of the reviews and because it’s specifically designed for women. I don’t like the hot flashes that it causes. It has nothing to do with age; I’m only 27, and it affects me too. It did help me to lose a pound and half after two days of taking them. Hopefully, it helps me to lose more. I am lightly active, I walk a mile every day and go to the gym a few times a month.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Doesn't work

    I bought this in hopes that it would curb my appetite and boost my metabolism. It did neither. All it did was mess with my sleep. I took it as directed for about a week and go no results at all. If anything, it made me want to eat more. It also has a 100% back money guarantee, and that's not true either. I took it to the pharmacy where I purchased it with my receipt, and they would not honor it.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Hidden label under Slimquick Pure label, beware

    • By Michelle,
    • Massachusetts,
    • Aug 29, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    So I had been taking Slimquick Pure. I bought a new bottle, and I feel like I'm high on drugs. Well, that's because there is a hidden black and gold label under the original label. This is misleading and also I will not be buying again.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Love it!

    I've lost ten pounds in the last month and a half! After a small breakfast and the three extra strength pills, I have no hunger all day. I have to force a little lunch! I can only eat a small portion of dinner then two more pills. It does not give me energy though, but I'm wondering if it's giving me hot flashes! I'm 38.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Good and bad.

    I started taking Slimquick Pure yesterday, and it has both good and bad side effects. The good is I've never had so much energy in my entire life, and it does reduce my hunger. The bad is it's so much caffeine that it's causing insomnia, and it gives me a headache and stomach pain. So if I can live through the bad side effects, I'll continue to take the pills because I need energy and to lose weight.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Great so far!

    • By Patricia,
    • Cleveland, Ohio,
    • Apr 27, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    This is my second day of taking this product. It has decreased my appetite. I brought a piece of cheesecake to eat I don't want it or anything else. I have more energy. It does make me a little light headed, but nothing I can't deal with. So far so good!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • One PIll

    • By Leisa,
    • Ringgold, LA,
    • Feb 22, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    I would not recommend this for anyone that could be near menopause! I have not had any hot flashes or headaches, until I took my first pill. I only took one at breakfast, to see what effect it would have on me, before moving up to the dose recommended.

    Now I have a full bottle (that I wasted $30.00 on at CVS) sitting on my desk, so I have just been sharing my story for the past two weeks, since taking the ONE pill! I read reviews stating that it made people start a period, and I thought that won't be me (since I have no ovaries), but I guess it still gave me a side effect, and threw me into hot flashes and headaches every night, since taking that ONE pill. I wonder how long that will last. I'm 55 years old, and just wanted to lose 12 pounds, but having the weight is better than what I'm going through now.

    DON'T take it! Maybe they need to market it towards women that do not have periods.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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