TBdress Review: What You Should Know

By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff
Updated on: Feb 2, 2020

Do you crave the wardrobe of a runway model but lack the budget to buy one? TBDress promises to make it possible to own gorgeous evening gowns for a fraction of the cost.

TBDress is an online shopping platform that specializes in women’s fashion, specifically formalwear. The company claims to have more than 10 million product listings from its dedicated factory, and it sells apparel items at wholesale prices to shoppers in more than 230 countries.

This website offers steep discounts compared to other retailers with its direct-to-consumer model, but are the clothes good enough quality to justify the cost savings? Read our analysis here to determine if it’s worth the risk to shop at TBDress.

Pros: Cons:
  • Some shoppers scored great deals
  • Slow shipping time
  • Refund policy not always honored
  • Unpredictable quality
  • Not true to size

Average Cost for TBDress Apparel

The cost per item on TBDress varies considerably, but most are significantly lower than what you’d expect from other retailers. Wedding dresses are priced between $150–$300 each, while Wedding Wire states that the average cost in the US for a wedding dress is about $1,000.

Other formal dresses cost between $9.99 and $50. Most shirts, pants, bathing suits, athletic clothes, and other casual wear items are priced between $20–$35.

Also sold are a variety of men’s shirts and outerwear, priced between $20 to $150. Some products have reviews included with the listing, but most do not.

The site also sells shoes (priced between $30–$150), bags ($10–$100), wigs and extensions ($55–$225), and other accessories like jewelry, hats, scarves, watches, sunglasses and more. All items are sold under the TBDress brand without additional labeling.

What’s responsible for this lower pricing? The company isn’t overly transparent about where it sources its clothing, but the evidence online points to China. Similar to a site like Wish.com, TBDress seemingly works directly with factories to sell products directly, which cuts out the middleman and keeps costs low.

But as with Wish, this means that many of the items offered by TBDress are knockoffs of popular brands. This means you are paying for your low-cost purchase in other ways, including unpredictable quality and potentially slow shipping times.

TBDress VIP Program

It’s possible to join the TBDress VIP Program for extra saving and exclusive discounts. At present, there are three levels of membership available, determined by the amount you spend:

Bronze Silver Gold
Cumulative Amount $0.01–$300 $300–$2,000 $2,000+
Discount 1% off all orders 3% off all orders 6% off all orders
Other Benefits Monthly $5 VIP coupon Monthly $10 VIP coupon Monthly $20 VIP coupon, expedited shipping, 30 calendar days for returns

Every purchase qualifies for the VIP program, and the company will upgrade your membership based on your total spending history. You will be informed by email when you have a membership upgrade.

To stay in the program, you need to make a minimum of one purchase a year. Your membership level will be downgraded down to the next closest level if you don’t.

Return Policy

According to the company’s return policy, you can request an exchange or refund for any item you aren’t happy with within 30 days of receipt (wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, and wigs must be returned in 7 days).

You will need to return your purchase in like-new condition, and returns for the same item in multiple sizes or colors are subject to a 50% restocking fee. You should receive your refund within a few days of the successful return.

Analysis of Customer Reviews

After more than 200 reviews, TBDress is rated 1.7-stars here on HighYa, with just 18% of reviewers saying that they would recommend the brand to a friend. Trustpilot reviews have a similar sentiment, as they rated the company at 1.5-stars. Here’s our assessment on what they said.

Dresses Didn’t Look Like Pictures

A large number of customers weren’t happy with how their dresses looked. Some wrote that they were the wrong size, made from a different material than pictured, or not the expected color.

In some cases, the outfit listing didn’t show clear pictures from every angle, and shoppers were surprised what the clothes looked like from the back.

Some Shoppers Satisfied

Despite the overwhelmingly negative responses, some TBDress shoppers had only good things to say about the brand. They shared that the company came through on affordable dresses for special occasions and that they planned to be repeat customers for the longterm.

Long Delivery Times

One common complaint with TBDress is slow delivery times. Many users waited a month or more before receiving their order, and some stated that it never arrived at all.

Difficulty with Refunds

For the many customers left unsatisfied with their purchase, getting a refund was another complication. Some people wrote that the company refused to refund their full purchase and instead offered store credit or a lesser amount.

Many of these customers shared that they only got their money back after filing a fraudulent charge case with their credit card company.

Low Quality/ Knockoff Pieces

Dozens of TBDress customers report they are unhappy with how their clothes ended up looking. In a lot of cases, these reviewers wrote that the clothes they received were inferior and possibly knockoffs to what was advertised on the website.

Cheaper fabrics, unfinished hems, bad fits, and overly simple embellishments (if any) were common complaints.

Key Takeaways

Despite the gorgeous pictures online, most TBDress shoppers were left less than satisfied with their purchase. Expect that your clothes might look worse than in the promo pictures and that they might take a month or longer to arrive.

The Bottom Line

TBDress promises to save you money on gorgeous dresses, but this company might waste your time instead. A clear majority of customers are left unhappy with their orders, both because they take forever to arrive and because the quality was far below what they were expecting.

For this reason, we think TBDress might make sense for shoppers willing to take a gamble, but not for those seeking an outfit for a once in a lifetime occasion.

It might be worth risking a loss for a $20 cocktail dress, but we caution you against buying wedding dresses or other formal, time-sensitive attire from the site.

You might waste money, time, and emotional energy waiting for delayed delivery and then attempting to return an item that didn’t match your vision.

Customer Reviews

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  • 17% Recommend This Company
1.7 out of 5
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  • It Is A Scam. They Will Steal Your Money.

    • By Hanna,
    • Aug 9, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I just received my dress, and I must say that I am truly devastated. My dress looks nothing like it does in the picture. The stitches have holes and are loose. The material of the dress is not the same one as we saw online. The form of the dress is not the same. Everything about it is not the same. The material of the dress was disgusting. It was not even the satin chiffon it was supposed to be. It was true horror in my eyes. I paid more than $200 for a disaster.

    I have been waiting for the dress for more than a month, and even though I paid extra for a customized fit, it was the original dress without customization. This is unacceptable. If a company like theirs wishes to have successful products, they must abide by their words. Here is a part of their email that they sent on April 7th, 2015.

    "Please be aware that the item is custom made, so we need time to make it before shipment. Later, when it passes the quality inspection, we will ship it to you immediately."

    -Kara, Customer Service Department

    However, we see no evidence of customization or quality. TBDress has no reliability or credibility. We went to various professional tailors, and all of them, after only one look, said it is impossible to fix it. After giving TBDress this information and asking for our money back, they said that we should go to a local tailor to get it fixed. They obviously did not read our emails.

    As a response on my request to return the dress back and get the full refund according to return policy of this website, I got the following:

    "Sorry that maybe you did not realized that we are not the dress reseller; we are the dress manufacturer. We made the dress just as the website pictures. It is really a hard work to produce dresses just as one picture. We have tried our best to get this dress done".

    Do not buy from TBdress. They will just steal your money and give you garbage. It is a scam.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Do not order from this company.

    • By Annemarie,
    • New York City, NY,
    • Sep 8, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    They do NOT honor their own return policy.

    I complied perfectly with the return policy and spent a lot of money to return the item, expecting a refund which they refused. Also, when ordering multiple items, the colors and even patterns do not always match. The quality is usually shoddy. At first they said no refund, then they offered 40%, then 60% which is as high as I got.

    They claimed the dress could not be resold since it was handmade which is a load of crap.

    It was in perfect unworn condition with the tags in the original packaging and returned immediately upon receipt. This is an unethical company with horrible business practices and terrible treatment of their customers.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Don't buy ANYTHING from that website!

    • By Anonymous Reviewer,
    • USA,
    • Sep 11, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    Do not order anything from this site! I purchased a long evening dress that was supposed to be custom made for me. It came with 7 inches wider waste and 14 inches longer. I'm not even mentioning the poor quality of the materials it was made of. Even if it was fitting well, the dress would still look cheap even though I paid $180. And the worst of all is that apparently they have the right to refuse to accept back the item if you decide to return it. So I'm still fighting over emails to get at least some of my money back, but all I got from their team so far is arrogant responses like “take it to a tailor shop for altering” and “we can't refund more than 40% of the value of a custom made purchase”.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • The worst shopping experience ever

    Overall Experience:

    This company is pretty much entirely a scam. Yes, at some point, way later than promised, they will send you extremely poor quality clothes, on which there will be no sizes, no material descriptions and even sometimes stains. They will send you the wrong colors and then claim it's your fault. You will try to return them, but they will not provide you with the correct return address. They will keep telling you to send it back to where it was shipped from, but that address doesn't work. So your returns will come back to you again and they will tell you that you never sent it. They will speak to you in angry tones on the phone with such bad English that you will barely understand what they are saying, but then they will claim that it is your English that is the problem. They will never give you your money back even when it was entirely their fault (e.g. Wrong dress sent).

    They will also charge you $211 dollars for shipping $9 sandals and they will do it repeatedly. I ordered three pairs of such identical sandals for me and my daughters, and they sent each separately charging my card $211 for each shipping. So charging me $633 for shipping sandals worth $27 altogether. They simply charged my card and i had no choice but to pay for it and then they said that there is no other way they could have shipped it. This is by far the absolute worst shopping experience of my life. I should have known. There are endless websites and Facebook pages created just in the hatred of this company.

    Google TBDress review and you will be amazed and how many people hate it. I am certain that most of the good reviews are fake. If you are still skeptical, just go ahead and order something. I dare you.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Worst company ever!

    • By L Campbell,
    • Austin, Tx,
    • Sep 17, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    This is a company in a foreign country. Order at your own risk because unless you order something that fits and that you end up liking, trying to return it will not turn out well. Their end of the email chain I have going with them is in broken English and solves nothing.

    I carefully read the return policy before ordering & knew that I would have to pay return shipping. What is NOT stated in the return policy is that they consider everything "custom" and so if it doesn't fit, which it probably won't because their sizes are not true, then when you try to return it - SURPRISE! you are told that they will refund only 60% of value.

    So adding in almost $24 to ship back it basically ended up costing me about $70 to try on a dress. TBDress gets an "F" on BBB and there is a dedicated Facebook page called TBDress Fail. Check them out before wasting your money and time on an order.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Don't waste your time or money.

    • By Melissa Jones,
    • Springfield, MA,
    • Sep 18, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    The dress that I ordered was DEFINITELY not my size, the clothes are not true to size. The quality of the fabric is horrible and NOTHING like what you see in the pictures. After reading all the bad return stories I'm not even going to try. I'm just so thankful that I did not spend much money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Terrible, stay away.

    • By Erin Feeney,
    • Brisbane, Australia,
    • Sep 29, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    This company is a total scam and an example of truly DISGUSTING customer service. I made an order with TB Dress on 4th September 2015. My order number was 1366706. I received my goods on 16th of September, 2015 and was very unhappy with the goods I received. Most of the garments I received looked nothing like those pictured on the website and others did not fit properly, despite being the correct size. Even their 'small' size is absolutely MASSIVE. Also, the dresses were made from cheap material, were badly stitched and finished, and looked absolutely rubbish. You would find higher quality items on a market stall.

    At this point I sent an e-mail to TB dress's customer services department advising that I wanted to return some of the items and exchange some of the other items. I received no reply.

    I followed this up with a phone call to China, from Australia, where I live, on Friday the 18th of September 2015 and was very unhappy with the response I received. The lady I spoke with on the phone did not listen to me nor confirm for me the correct return address for which to return the goods as requested. She fobbed me off and when I repeatedly asked her to please confirm the correct address for me to return the items to she pretended she could not understand what I was saying. I am English speaking, and have worked in many call centers and office environments so I am certain that I can communicate clearly and the problem was with the language skills and/or intellect of this imbecile woman. She could only say, thank you, thank you, bye bye bye, HOW DISGUSTING!! She then hung up the phone on me. I was ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDED with such an ill-mannered and unprofessional response. I phoned a second time, FROM AUSTRALIA, and spoke with Harry. He advised me that my e-mail would be answered in due course. He was also exceptionally rude and had very little grasp of english except to say that it was my fault for purchasing the wrong size. I repeat, do not purchase anything from this company, they are disgusting. Keep your money and spend it elsewhere.

    I wrote a second e-mail, asking to exchange all the items I purchased, as I had discovered from reading these online forums, albeit too late, that TB dress only refunds 60% of the purchase price, if at all. If they can manage to drum up the language skills and the intelligence to actually READ their correspondence. I REPEATEDLY once again contacted TB dress, begging them to please confirm the correct return address. I did this both by telephone and by e-mail but could not get a civilized response from any of the idiots who work for this revolting company.

    I asked TBDress to send my new items to my address and advised that legal action would be the next step. As soon as i had returned the goods to this address in china, which i had informed TBDress, by e-mail i was going to do, they suddenly replied to me and told me they had given me the wrong address. I have now wasted an additional 66 dollars returning these ridiculous dresses to china to the incorrect address supplied to me by TBDress, this is in addition to the 300 dollars i originally paid for these worthless items.

    TB DRESS have now sent me another e-mail advising me that the whole scenario is my fault, as if it was somehow my fault that their sizing is RIDICULOUS and the idiots in their office gave me wrong address. I have no items, no exchange and NO REFUND.

    I am writing this post because i do not want others to make the mistake as me. Do not, and i repeat, do not purchase anything from tb dress. They are a total scam and you will not be treated as a customer. Disgusting

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Horrible Quality

    • By Courtney,
    • Savannah, GA,
    • Oct 5, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    Received dresses and all of them had damage. Large holes in the seam, black stains on a white dress, etc. Do not order from this company!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Run away

    • By Amie,
    • USA ,
    • Oct 11, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    This has ruined my online buying experience. Customer service is a joke, I'm still fighting with them. 2 words: don't bother.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • TB Dress are thieves

    Overall Experience:

    Don't do business with these people. What they sent me is unwearable. I ordered 3 dresses. 3 Flops. Major heavy padding and metal bars in the chest area. One dress will not zip. They say they will only offer 50% refund. I have logged a complaint and dispute with the credit card company I used for payment. I do not recommend doing business with TB Dress.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Do not buy from this site.

    • By Saturia Lake,
    • DeLand, FL,
    • Nov 12, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I purchased six dresses from this site, and not one of them was true to size or looked like the dresses on the site. They are so poorly constructed that it actually became laughable as I pulled each dress out. Another family member had the same experience. One dress was out of stock, and instead of refunding me the amount of the dress, TBdress decided to refund an arbitrary amount, justifying how much the dresses are discounted. With all the issues that others have had receiving refunds, I see this as a wash. I don't want anyone else using their money for these shoddy products.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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